"Wait, how can Master Chang be so clear about this matter?" Lin Sheng didn’t care about what the master said, but he became very interested in the identity of the master.

"Because I am an alchemist who lives in Aoki," I often know that I can’t hide my cool sex, and I have said everything. Lin Sheng has actually guessed 70% of the times in his heart. I often don’t hesitate to take out the nourishing soul Dan’ medicine’ to the Oriental Phoenix Lin Sheng, but I have become suspicious. At this time, I often say it myself. Lin Sheng is not surprised.
"An alchemist has a long history. I don’t think you Lins also know something. Before that, an alchemist was just living in a small’ door’, but no one looked up to us. But in the past hundred years, it was because of the lack of aura in the fairy mainland that many big powers were turned over. The younger generations condescended to practice with me. For hundreds of years, an alchemist’s geomantic omen has been faintly beyond many’ doors’. Which of the remaining forces has been sent out?
There is no doubt that the status of an alchemist is beyond doubt, but I can’t figure out why the Wangs are such an outside door. I don’t think so. Although the alchemist is strong, the two Duan Lin families have inherited the Millennium family after all. Now the two Duan Lin families are obviously in the same boat, and everything is going forward and backward together. Although I dare not say that the two Duan Lin families have the capital to compete with the alchemist, they have to spend a certain price to really get my Lins or Duan family. Lin Sheng took the frequent discourse analysis way
"As you said, if you want to take your two families’ flowers’, it will cost you a certain price. It’s certainly not worth it, but you’ve neglected a problem, that is, the Wangs leave their industries and run three generations of industries all over the fairy mainland. This is a lot of income, plus an alchemist’s’ female’. Qi Mei insisted on forgetting to tell you. Wang Ping, although the abdomen was destroyed, it was a mistake. In the process of escape, she met Mei Er. That girl is now playing hot and the patriarch is the only female.
"I didn’t expect Wang Ping to have such an opportunity. This is what I expected. Master Chang came here to be a lobbyist. Do you want me to hand over the royal family property?" Lin Sheng is frowned at this time. I didn’t expect it to be such a big man who also provoked an alchemist.
"Who do you think I am?" Chang Fa tone slightly angry show dissatisfaction Lin Sheng words just now and then said
"I’m watching you go through life and death to give you a wake-up call. I didn’t know anything at that time, but I also persuaded you many times, but it’s still your business. What to do is your business. I came in a hurry and didn’t bring any gift. This Dan medicine was given to me by the patriarch who escorted the goods this time. Now I’ll give you a gift. Goodbye!"
"Just to wake you up, this time it is very likely that two strong men will come out!" Chang Fa has turned around and is ready to leave. He took two steps, then woke up and left.
Lin Sheng didn’t try to stop it. It seems that the words just now really hurt Chang Fa Lin Sheng’s heart. It’s very unpleasant for others to kindly inform themselves that they are dogs biting Lu’ hole’ guests and misunderstood others.
"Master Chang’s kindness this time Lin Sheng remembers that he will repay you in the future!" ; Lin Sheng blunt is already reached the’ door’ mouth often fuels often stopped one is out of the big’ door’ I don’t know the trace.
Lin Sheng was lost in thought after Chang Fa’s departure. If it’s true as usual, it will be in big trouble again this time. Just now, the Liu family’s trouble has not been solved. He didn’t expect that the bigger trouble is coming. This alchemist Sect is a hermit Sect, but there are bound to be many experts who have their own refining Dan. Lin Sheng has long speculated that the alchemist Sect is a warrior in the period of Wu Wang, and that there is more than one person who adds some connections. Lin Sheng is always in front of the mountain, and he never asks you not to provoke the alchemist Sect and the refiner Sect. This time, it really got to his head. It seems that I have to discuss this with Duan’s family before. This kind of thing has to be prevented early. It’s really a "wave" … Lin Sheng’s head is big.
A jade bottle is often thrown over. An ancient seal character of Dan is impressively printed on the surface of the bottle, and the seal paint is sealed on the surface to prevent the leakage of Dan gas. The cork has just played a strong fragrance of Dan medicine, which just emerged. Lin Sheng’s mind has been awake for a while. It seems that everything must not turn over the bottle. A longan-sized green Dan medicine just falls on Lin Sheng’s palm, and filar silk brilliance is slowly overflowing from this Dan medicine.
"This is? Wu Lingdan? " Lin Sheng was surprised that he had seen the image and description of this kind of Dan medicine in the ancient times of the family. At this time, this kind of Dan medicine is exactly the same as that depicting the general two martial arts elixirs and two Dan medicines, which have the effect of promoting the late fighters of the martial arts division to the Wu Ling period. Many martial arts division-level martial arts divisions are stopped by this’ door’ threshold, and sometimes it is difficult to break through all their lives, and this martial arts elixir just has the effect of promoting the late fighters to the Wu Ling period! It’s really difficult for anyone who believes that it is now that an alchemist wants to refine this kind of Dan medicine. Second, most of the Dan medicines are refined by fighters with the level of King Wu. Of course, it is not necessary to reach the King Wu period, or it is necessary to have a talent for refining this medicine. Otherwise, it is not necessary to find a King Wu period casually to refine this alchemist. The more the Dan medicine is upgraded, the more difficult it is to find his materials. Fortunately, the mainland is rich in these rare materials. Faster, but now it’s hard to find. On the one hand, because of the lack of aura, these medicinal herbs grow slowly. On the other hand, alchemy keeps consuming some medicinal herbs, and the growth rate of these medicinal materials can’t keep up with that. This medicinal material is bound to be less and less.
In fact, this martial arts magic pill is not refined by alchemists at present, and some of these Dan medicines are extremely precious. Otherwise, this alchemist is not a strong martial arts spirit, and there are a lot more than cabbage and radish. This can be seen from the wax paint on the surface of the jade bottle that it has been some years. Generally, Dan medicines don’t need to be sealed with wax paint, even if Dan gas leaks out, it will not leak much. It is necessary to protect Dan medicines for a long time. That is, it will lose its efficacy, and the alchemist left Wu Lingdan with a total of seven pieces. When he was a child, the alchemist patriarch lost two pieces of his own’ female’ children, and each of them got only three pieces. In fact, if he was not ashamed of Chang Fa and Dongfang Bai, he would not be willing to give them such precious Dan’ medicine’ and often found himself alone. He had already broken through this Dan’ medicine’ in Wu Ling period. Lin Shengsuo gave this Dan’ medicine’ to Lin Shengchang. However, it has a great talent, Duan Xin, but it has never broken through. Lin Sheng has always been worried about her safety. He can’t always stay with Duan Xin to protect her. It’s not peaceful to add this Dan’ medicine’ to Duan Xin. Once it breaks through to Wu Lingqi, this doubt is to make Lin Sheng feel at ease and make up his mind. Once the marriage is over, Lin Sheng will benefit from this Dan’ medicine to help Duan Xin rise.
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Chapter 6 Wedding Candles
? After Chang Fa left, Lin Sheng thought for a long time alone in that room until Lin Yun came to find him out, and then he went out with Lin Yun. Everyone was Lin Sheng. If you escaped from drinking, you would be hiding in the slant hall. When you came out, you would have to punish the wine. Of course, Lin Sheng could not refuse three glasses of wine to shake his head again, but it was by repairing advanced knowledge that you forced the drunkenness to be suppressed, or even Duan Qirui and Lin Yun would have to make a fool of themselves at this moment.
The booze finally ended. At this time, Lin Sheng had been top-heavy and wobbly. The root was that he forgot all about the alchemy. He was helped by someone and went in to have a rest. At this time, Duan Xin was alone in the’ hole’ room, full of joy and shyness. Finally, it was a happy result. Although her lover had been married before, now she is finally married. But Duan Xin’s joy in her heart is even more irresistible. From now on, she will be the Lins’ family to marry a’ chicken’.
When they helped Lin Sheng to the’ cave’ room, they just let Lin Sheng go into the new house alone, but they couldn’t’ mess’ or else they saw something they shouldn’t have seen. Lin Sheng didn’t rip them off. Lin Sheng pushed the’ door’ and staggered in. She just walked in and giggled at the top of her foot. At this time, Duan Xin was sitting beside the’ bed’ because she had drunk some wine. At this time, her face looked red like an apple that had been thoroughly cooked, and she was added. The more you cover up the green, the more you feel charming. Lin Sheng looks at his heart and is drunk. If he was drunk just now, he pretended to find something to get rid of them, so now he is really drunk, and this kind of drunk medicine can be solved by infatuation … Tea adds fragrance to the’ hole’ room and’ flower’ candle is one of the great things in life.
"Mom …" Lin Sheng quivered slightly and went crazy. He walked past like a ten-year-old man in seven old and staggered to the edge of the bed. If the bed was soft, Lin Sheng sat in a big pit. Lin Sheng’s whole ass was deeply trapped in the silk bed. Gently take Duan Xin’s head, rockhopper’s head and pearls, and knock on each other. It’s crisp and melodious like a wind chime. Lin Sheng fondly looks at Duan Xin with one hand.
For a long time, Duan Xin took Lin Sheng’s hand and got up, but was held by Lin Sheng. She wouldn’t let her go. Duan Xin smiled and tore off Lin Sheng’s long dress. It was actually a little shirt left by Lin Sheng. But Duan Xin also broke free and walked to a nearby table. He gave Lin Sheng a shy look at two glasses of wine. He got up knowingly and hooked his arms with the glass to drink this cup of wine. Lin Sheng drank so much wine, but he felt that this cup of wine was sweet and delicious to the extreme. After drinking the wine, Duan Xin was going back and put it away. Be Lin Sheng a pull took the glass two glasses was he threw it in the past just fell on the table without any damage Lin Sheng pulls Duan Xin rolled to the’ bed’ and put the mosquito net.
* * A night of lingering …
Early in the morning, Lin Sheng woke up refreshed. Duan Xin was shrinking in his arms and huddled like a kitten. Lin Sheng looked at Duan Xin who was sleeping soundly and picked up the broken hair in Duan Xin’s ear. He gently dialed Duan Xin’s small ear. Duan Xin’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled and his head was buried deeper. Lin Sheng’s mouth floated with a smile, and then he touched a piece of Xin’s other ear. Duan Xin moved again and still didn’t wake up. Lin Sheng picked up a handful of broken hair.
Ah, the soft waist’ meat’ is caught by something again. What else can it be but Duan Xin’s hand?
"Yeah, you woke up early, deliberately pretending to sleep to see how I tidy up you." Lin Sheng endured waist pain and broken hair and gently provoked it at Duan Xin’s nose. Duan Xin couldn’t help but itch and laugh. The more she grabbed Lin Sheng’s place, the more she struggled. Lin Sheng continued to provoke him.
"Auntie!" Duan Xin nasal tip a great * * is a sneeze.
"how about it? Don’t hurry to think of your husband to surrender. "Lin Sheng laughed.
"There is no way to think about my surrender." Duan Xin pursed her mouth and increased her strength. Lin Sheng suffered a pain. In one hand, she continued to stir Duan Xin’s ears with broken hair, while in the other hand, she got Duan Xin’s chest and held the soft’ meat’ in front of Duan Xin’s chest. She felt bad, but it was already late. Lin Sheng had turned over and pressed on Duan Xin.
"Well" Duan Xin light well a whole face red again and then stare at Lin Shengdao.
"Go quickly, it’s almost time to get out of bed, and it’s still noisy."
"Ha ha, you want me to go. Yes, please call a good husband and give me a break. I will go." Lin Sheng held Duan Xin up with malicious smiles.
"Dream!" Duan Xin doesn’t care about these things. His hand added a few minutes of strength to hurt Lin Sheng. He almost cried out, but he didn’t cry out. At this time, his mouth was already stuck in Duan Xin’s mouth. Duan Xin’s eyes stared and his head suddenly lost his ability to think. Lin Sheng slightly invaded Duan Xin’s tongue. Duan Xin kept playing Duan Xin’s tongue in Duan Xin’s mouth. Then you can stand Lin Sheng’s playing. Soon you surrendered your tongue and responded shyly to Lin Sheng’s provocation. Lin Sheng’ touched’ that has been Duan Xin.
"I’ll spare you if you surrender so soon and call me a good husband."
"Well … my husband is busy, and I’ll serve tea to my parents-in-law." Duan Xin said shyly.
"Ha ha, forget it, let you go first." Say that finish is to "kiss" a section of Xin Fang Duan Xin, get dressed and go like this again. He’s really afraid that he can’t control himself, and it’s really a bad thing then.
"You bad guy!" Duan Xin spat and got up to help Lin Sheng change clothes.
The two of them got dressed, Duan Xin dressed up a little bit, and it was the’ door’. First, Duan Xin’s eyebrows’ Mao’ were painted by Lin Sheng today, which looked weird. However, Duan Xin was so full of joy that he didn’t repaint the’ door’. Today, Duan Xin officially entered the Lins” door, and he had to serve tea to Lin Yun and Lin Mu. Duan Xin and Lin Sheng went outside the living room. As a result, two cups of tea in their hands followed the Lins.
"Mother-in-law drinks tea"
"Gongpa drinks tea"
Duan Xin handed two cups of tea to parents respectively and said
"Well, well, well," the faces of the two old people are almost laughing. As a result, Duan Xin’s tea in his hand is gulped down. After drinking tea, the family has breakfast together. This tea is just a daughter-in-law. Can it really enhance feelings or can the family sit together and have a good meal?
Breakfast is simple but not casual. Small cakes and lotus millet porridge are also fresh and elegant.
"Xin son, you should eat more of this, which symbolizes Sun Mantang’s kindness to’ female’ children." Mother Lin filled the first bowl and gave Duan Xin a comity in the past several times, but she finally took it over.
Spoon scooped a small spoon and put it in your mouth. A faint lotus fragrance just overflowed your mouth. This tremella lotus porridge is tremella cooked with lotus leaves and lotus leaves. Naturally, there is a lotus fragrance in it, which makes Duan Xin feel shy.
"You have to work hard. The Lins are weak now, but we have to rely on you. We are still waiting to have grandchildren!" Lin Yun also helped the cavity Lin Sheng at a side, but he didn’t feel anything, while Duan Xin was afraid to say anything when he was red to Bogen.
"Ha ha, our daughter-in-law’s wife is still a little shy. Stop it, stop it and have a cake." Mother Lin smiled and gave Duan Xin a piece of cake.
"Mom, why don’t you all move here? Anyway, it’s better to have a care for a spacious family to live together." After breakfast, Lin Sheng wiped her mouth with a silk scarf and said
"Come on, how can I leave your dad over there in Beizheng? Naturally, I have to be with your dad. You young couple will be at ease here. When you have a child, I will move here to live with you. If you really want to live with you, you will have to come on." Mother Lin said with a smile that Duan Xin once again lowered her head and stopped talking.
"Well, you must wait to come and hug your grandson!" Lin Sheng woman.she said suddenly feel waist soft’ meat’ is a pain. I don’t want to know where Duan Xin’s hand is. In front of my parents, Lin Sheng naturally has to fight back, but I don’t know what mother Lin Sheng’s little trick is. How can I hide it from Lin Mu’s mother? Lin Yun also seems to have something to think about. I took a sympathetic look at my son and suddenly felt that my waist is also a pain. These two fathers are really a bit .. What, that is to say, like father, like son?
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The third volume is surging
[1] Discuss countermeasures
? Duan Qirui and his party are still resting in the inn at this time. Lin Sheng is staying in the Lin Fu with Duan Qirui, but Duan Qirui insists on staying in the inn. Lin Sheng and Duan Xin have no choice but to package the inn to let Duan Jia and his party live in it. It is not difficult to call a few servant girls to be at your disposal in the past.
Lin Sheng sent someone to please Duan Qirui after breakfast. After Duan Qirui came over with people, Lin Sheng and Lin Yun were still discussing the experience of repairing the broken finger in the courtyard. Now Lin Sheng’s accomplishments in breaking the finger are better than Lin Yun’s, but he is much better than Lin Yun’s. At the moment, Lin Sheng pointed out that Lin Yun’s practice method of breaking the finger did not feel necessary.
Duan Qirui Lin Sheng came to meet him, and then he entered the living room with Lin Yun and Duan Qirui to screen out all the people, leaving three people in the large conference room, leaving the three of them extremely Kuang.
"Son, what are you doing? Is there anything mysterious that can’t be said together in front of everyone? " Lin Yun followed him into the meeting room with a slight dissatisfaction, saying that just after Lin Sheng gave directions, he suddenly had an epiphany feeling that he was trying to have a good try, but he was pulled here by Lin Sheng. Duan Qirui sat there and said nothing, but he was staring at Lin Sheng and waiting for Lin Sheng to make another story.