If you keep erasing your memory, it will become an action white, and then the whole plan will come to a standstill, and this is also a palliative.

"I’m afraid it’s not practical to stop. If it doesn’t work, will it make him tired?"
Anyway, it’s good to make the will of the universe unable to trace the truth and be alert to him, so that he can focus on the dead world
It’s best to keep him alert, but he won’t directly let all the stars kill him like this, so he has to master this degree well
"In addition, in the network of mind, I can influence the will of the universe. Otherwise, the problem should be that I can attract attention and make my mind return to gestalt consciousness."
The idea is very good, but it’s not so easy to implement. It’s not a simple matter that Mu Ye will really want to do it.
"We have to let the sage pretend to be an incarnation. Anyway, he is idle and idle, just as the Hometown attracts the attention of a cosmic will."
"If a good idea is exposed, you can also commit suicide to clean up the traces without being seen by the will of the universe."
Qin Mu Ye thought that the incarnation was idle anyway, just to let him do some work
Chapter 54 Clues or I’ll send you some.
"I … how can I contain the will of the universe? I can’t even get out …"’ He Wu’ Qin Mu Ye has some cracks. This body is getting too much. He feels that he has just reached full durability because of this.
But it soon became clear that he was going to attract attention, and the body was going to tear a small mouth to deliberately let the universe will come over
All this is a notice, not a communication with him, because the hometown number has been revealed as a target
At present, the will of the universe … has reached a high probability.
The universe will want to sneak into the dead world or dare not come in before there is not much problem because there is no goal, but Qin Mu Ye can cooperate directly to drill in
More importantly, the cosmic will has closed the antimatter field again after it came in. Even if the cosmic will killed him, he never thought that he would be put into the antimatter field again.
If it were Qin Mu Ye, he wouldn’t have thought of it. After all, the anti-source mass force field in the ring world base is one hundred square meters. Where is the information difference and intentional means like his anti-source mass force field directly covering the whole dead world? Isn’t this cosmic will trapped?
If you want to make a cosmic will be tired of coping, it is definitely not qualified to rely on Qin Mu Ye as a sage to install the incarnation. Just bring the cosmic will in to play with the dead world, and what Qin Mu Ye has to do is simply to arch the fire.
"Where did the body arrange the will of the universe?" Qin Mu Ye is a little curious.
However, with the arrival of the cosmic will, he dare not let his perception explore at will. He is the seventh order, and the cosmic will is one order higher than him. Don’t die, but according to his own ideas, it must have been put into this neighborhood
You can’t arrange it directly to his hometown, can you? Then he really has the heart.
Thinking about the sudden push of the dormitory door, Zhou Lin came in unhurriedly. "Have you eaten?"
"Didn’t you bring me rice?" Qin Mu Ye one leng this little how all have no movement like a ghost.
This is a bit abnormal. After all, he feels normal, not to mention the door. He can detect the movement of the whole community when he lies down.
And Zhou Lin actually avoided it so easily. There was no such thing before.
I sent the cosmic will directly to me as my roommate?’
In this case, how can Qin Mu Ye not guess that he can have this strength and the will of the universe? You know, order 7 and order 6 are all gone, but Qin Mu Ye can’t hide it from him at all
Only the will of the universe can make this ability.
"No, I haven’t had much appetite recently." The tone of "Zhou Lin" has changed significantly. If it is the original Zhou Lin, he will definitely come back with a pile of food.
When the other person is a power without extraordinary resources, the best way to become stronger is to eat more even ordinary food, which can transform nutrition into one’s own cells. Although the effect is not as good as extraordinary resources, it is not expensive, and you can eat whatever you want.
Therefore, most of the time, Zhou Lin is always eating and drinking, and most of the powers are actually stronger after all.
The phrase "Zhou Lin" has no appetite and directly exposes the problem.
"Oh that don’t go to the show today? Didn’t I remember that you liked it before? " Qin Mu Ye continue to test to 1.
"I have something to do later." "Zhou Lin" seems a little impatient.
Qin Mu Ye’s side is completed. This fart performance ended the day before yesterday, and it didn’t take long for it to be played in total. It seems that the universe will not finish receiving the memory, but it is also possible that it is simply perfunctory Qin Mu Ye.
His side just ready to mouth "Zhou Lin" got up and ready to leave.
"Recently, I always feel a little strange that the hometown number seems to be unmanned." Qin Mu Ye suddenly came to this sentence
This made’ Zhou Lin’ get up and have a meal, and then the tone was gloomy. "What do you know?"
The tone is blunt and with a strong condescending meaning.
"What do you see? The location of the captain and senator is why I can’t find the record of this intelligent terminal." Qin Mu Ye took the broken intelligent terminal and pulled it.
The intelligent terminal is completely dark and shows nothing, but Qin Mu Ye seems to really see something and show it to’ Zhou Lin’
Zhou Lin didn’t see anything, but he saw Qin Mu Ye casually pulling the so-called evidence, which was naturally gone.
But he was also moved by his mind, which was indeed a clue. Before he came here, he noticed that all the fugitives seemed to have disappeared, leaving some rotten fish and shrimp.
This made him suspect that they were cleaned up by the dead world, and then discovered through Qin Mu Ye that these people were not only erased by the dead world, but also the corresponding memories of the remaining fugitives were erased.
Will have this kind of misunderstanding.
"Well, I know what else you have to say?" Zhou Lin is very satisfied with Qin Mu Ye’s words, but he can be the last to kill him when the time comes.