This is due to the formation of this’ Ershi’

Lin saw that the green roller in the picture was actually the original shape of this Walsh. At first, it looked like it was covered with green snow, but it was actually an unfinished state.
Later, it slowly approached the completion state.
At first, however, it was not really Walsh, but something called’ dream-shaped earth’.
Dream-shaped earth is a kind of giant floating object with unpredictable edges, and it is unknown that they come to a small size.
But it knows that the dream-shaped earth
Dream-shaped geology is a kind of thing changed according to strong’ ideas’
That is, it will change shape according to biological ideas, just like those dream materials.
But the dream-shaped earth is not affected by such small creatures as Ershimin.
This has something to do with their rich and detailed thinking.
Dream-shaped land will be influenced by some giant creatures … such as Walsh.
It can also be said that Ershi did imagine a’ future self’ some time ago, and it came up with some specific States of its future, including the surface environment and so on.
Dream-shaped earth got this kind of’ set data’ of Walsh at some time.
Then it deformed in this direction, but something happened during the deformation.
It may be influenced by other data or biological factors.
There were a lot of scars during the change of Ershi, and even the whole change process almost collapsed, which was affected by other factors
Later, it slowly stabilized and formed completely … This small Walsh said that this was because of the stable signal.
There is a special signal sent from the virtual depth.
This signal is very similar to the original signal of Walsh, that is, it has all kinds of data of Walsh
Thanks to this new data, it has stabilized again and become what it is today.
This small mini Walsh was also born at that time.
It represents the’ consciousness’ part.
However, its control over the whole’ body’ is very low, and then something happened again here, which led to serious damage to this Walsh again
In the end, it became this kind of potholes, but at least it was not completely destroyed.
Then this little Walsh here is conscious … it has been trying to keep this stable and normal.
But it means that this place is still slowly falling apart, and it will take …
And this little Walsh confirmed one thing.
That is, in the end, to maintain stability here, we must have Lin consciousness
Because Walsh was stabilized before, it thought that the message was sent by Lin.
Chapter seventy-one Repair
"Have found the target … to recover! Then recognize the bomb! "
In a Maosen jungle, a team of Ershi people is moving fast.
They are all wearing precision armor and running fast with guns or swords in their hands.
This group of people have been chasing a target ahead.
This goal is a’ monster’
It looks like a dense fog, and it moves quickly in the jungle.
"I’m close to it!" One of the first runners, Kirshman, took out an explosive bomb from his belt and threw it at the target.
The bomb flew behind the target and exploded violently, and the creatures formed by this fog were scattered as if they had been blown away.
And a huge creature appeared in the fog
This creature looks like a huge Kirshman, wrapped in bandages … with four hands on his shoulders and a long knife in each hand.
"This is terror cognition … not good!"
The man who threw the explosive bomb just wanted to hide from the creature when he rushed to the front of it and the long knife in his hand penetrated its body.
"shoot!" At this moment, all the people around Ershi showed off a large barrage of shooting and hit the creature one after another, but it was not even interrupted by the wound bandage.
"Awareness … is not enough! Retreat! "
At this time, all the Ershi people withdrew their weapons, and this creature suddenly jumped up again and cut a Ershi people in front of it in half with a long knife.
It seems that … this hunting is not going well.
Lin Veronica, the tallest tree here, watched the battle.
"They met too powerful creatures … it depends on luck."
Veronica met a small-sized Walsh with her arms in front of her, and her size was smaller than that she had seen before, and now it has a diameter of 30 centimeters.
It’s so small that Veronica can carry it out because it can move in the sea
It can’t move outside, just like an ordinary ball.
The main reason for this is data corruption.
Actually, there are still many damaged places in this Walsh, and those potholes are the embodiment of the damage.
At first, this place was generated by the data of Irsh, and the original setting of this data was perfect … almost all the details were taken care of.
Only in this way can the data constitute the original’ dream’.
If the data is damaged by other influences, the dream will be damaged.
Too much influence will even lead to the destruction of the whole dream.
And this small Walsh used to have the ability of surface activity, but it can’t fly into the’ virtual’
To be exact, the French fly 100 thousand meters above the ground
Mengmengershi was affected by other factors, which led to the damage of its range of activities.