Lingchen can be said to be like a microorganism, but it never infects Lynn and Bilu.

Lynn thinks there may be something special that repels them.
These dust spirits are very … gentle, and they don’t do any harm to infected creatures or kill them.
It will slowly read biological information … and some creatures will leave after they die.
Then continue to research and manufacture here and go out to explore one at the same time.
Qianlin has learned about some … channel locations here. Lin decided to go to these locations and look at them carefully … but you can know what energy is not perceived.
"You …"
Suddenly Lynn heard a sound.
This is from the protective com ring Lin found that the signal is from … Just now the mecha was hit by a meteorite.
This should be the … Lingchen. It sends messages here.
"What will you be here? What’s going on here? Can you hear me? Should hear … "
This spirit dust feels a little … abnormal. It talks to itself here.
"Are you the ghost who attacked us just now?" Bilu asked, "What is going to attack us?"
"No … it wasn’t me that attacked us. It was it."
Chapter two thousand and fifty This position
"Who is it?"
"It is it, it is there, it is inside."
This spiritual dust … It seems that the memory is not complete.
Lynn and Bilu are still in the cave and communicate with a cloud of lingchen … and then Lynn learns something from it.
For example, it is almost the same as a group of Lin and Bilu who encounter spiritual dust with self-awareness, but its memory is not so complete. It doesn’t feel that it is a Ershi people, but that it is a pure wild creature.
Having said that, it still has a lot of knowledge and memory of the people of Ershi, which can be confirmed that it was once attached to the people of Ershi.
Now more importantly … It seems to have just attacked and observed the mecha where the meteorite came from.
"Where did it come from … if you want to find it, you can go to that location."
After it was finished, Lin found that the protective helmet showed a picture … The picture is the map of the god’s eye, which is exactly the same as seeing the scenery in the virtual, and a key position is also marked in the map.
"Is this the source of the meteorite attack?" Lin com asked LingChen.
"…" But it didn’t respond. Lin asked a few words again and it didn’t respond.
"hey! Talk to me! "
Neither Kathleen nor Bilu asked it again, so Kathleen decided … to go there first.
Should be able to find something interesting …
"Veronica, should I stay here?" And when Lin was going out, Bilu didn’t want to listen to Lin’s suggestion.
"No, I also have to go! Veronica and I can’t be separated! "
"Not in your position"
"What … I can face the danger with Veronica. We’ve all been through so much!"
Because Lin and Bilu are relatively special individuals who are not infected by lingchen, Lin wants to keep Bilu, which is a bit special … obviously Bilu is very reluctant.
"You stay here and be in charge of communication", but after Lin talked too much, Bilu stayed and watched Lin go to the cave exit.
"Veronica classmate …" After Billie gave up her eyes, Lin boarded the aircraft that stopped at the entrance of the cave.
This is a helicopter-shaped aircraft assembled by Lin Xin’s newly-built part of the mecha and a large number of light mosquito materials.
But it doesn’t fly by air, but it makes some … fuel. It can’t fly, but it can fly at medium and high speed here.
After boarding the aircraft, Lin quickly flew to the destination pointed out by Qianlingchen.
The rest is in the cave than Lou … and Lin Lian is maintained.
You can see many interesting scenery when you fly over Lin on the medium-high speed … such as various local creatures.
Most of them look like rocks, and they live in the plains looking for gravel food.
It seems that these creatures are not affected by any spirit dust, but the actual situation is unclear …
After flying for a while, Lin suddenly found a large group of … flying creatures in front.
These flying creatures look like birds … skeletons.
Their wings are more than ten meters long, and they look like a bunch of white slender sticks, so they look like skeletons.
They don’t flap their wings and fly around quickly.
This large group of’ bone birds’ are flying around an area … which is Lin’s destination.
This place looks different from other places. The ground is … red, and occasionally there are some bubbles rising slowly from the ground, just like bubbling blood pools.
It look like an interesting place.
Lin drove the aircraft and landed next to this’ blood swamp’. Although it was said to be a blood swamp, it was actually hard.
Lin went to the red surface and touched it here. Can you feel …
This seems to be a delivery position.
It is true that sending can be carried out here. If something and something are excited, sending energy should be able to make this passage.
But what does this have to do with the previous attack on meteorites?