In the discussion, Walsh told us that it was related to the development and evolution of their culture.

But also to … myths, Walsh said that from a long time ago, I wanted to construct the myths of the people of Walsh into a’ real’ world.
The headmaster also got the opportunity to visit these places, so he got to know some mythical creatures in them.
It is not clear why Walsh has such special treatment for it, but Walsh told it that this institute … is known to a few Walsh people.
Later, Walsh also told it that if Walsh encountered a great disaster, most people in Walsh could take refuge in this village.
….. This seems to be the reason why the former headmaster said that Walsh promised.
But the headmaster doesn’t know this yet. He also knows …
The spies heard footsteps outside. It seems that they have finally arrived. Let’s escape first.
The spy poked his hair outside the glass, and as the front glass rose rapidly, he knocked on the door and went out.
When I went outside, it was like an underground parking lot, and immediately I could see several students coming here.
It took them a total of 30 seconds from the spy attack on the principal to the arrival … This is enough to spy on most of the principal’s memories.
"It’s here!" When a student saw the spy, he immediately raised a huge axe and cut it down. The spy leaned over and hid the axe, kicking the student out and flying casually in the direction of the ladder.
"You go to see the headmaster! I’ll go after it! " The student with the axe immediately got up, and it shouted and cut at the spy again.
However, the spy has already flown to the entrance of the ladder, poked it in a few times, and then tightened the door with the ladder and rose to a higher place.
"How can you start the ladder?" The axe student’s amazing voice slowly went away, and the spy directly took the ladder to the top of a learning building. When the ladder door was hit, the spy also spread his wings and flew out.
The spy now has wings that imitate goblins. Of course, goblin wings can’t fly because they look like ice cones.
But the spy has now transformed it into a flying state, with an ice cone-shaped skeleton and six wings like insects behind it.
When they shook, the spy also rose to high school.
Although the flight is not very fast, it is still very simple to escape from the college, and you can come back by changing your appearance outside.
"Don’t run!" The student with an axe in front of him also came here by another ladder, but he could watch the spy fly far away … shouting meaningless words.
During the flight, Lin continued to think about the memory she got from the principal.
Later, the principal obtained a lot of genetic information from Walsh and applied it to the college, which made the college’s technology much stronger. However, the principal told Walsh what would happen after that.
Therefore, it has done a lot of investigation and research, and at the same time it has known a lot of people who know about Walsh.
The headmaster and these Walsh people formed the’ Walsh Going Research Group’
Just like their name, they are mainly responsible for investigating …
What on earth suddenly stopped communicating with them and got a lot of … information?
Some intelligence points out that Walsh has left them and gone far away, and they set out to study this aspect
They didn’t find out whether it was right or not, but they found another thing …
At that time, news came out all over the world that resources had become very … rich.
For example, various metals and energy sources have been discovered successfully, and many places have been excavated to a state of’ exhaustion’, but the original excavated resources have suddenly emerged.
Through their research, it is found that this may be related to Walsh.
Walsh seems to have completely changed the environment since he left, which makes them need all kinds of resources extremely rich …
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and fifty-four Live and don’t run
"It’s there! Don’t let it escape! "
"Is the principal all right?"
"It’s nothing serious. It’s just that I passed out after being injected with narcotic drugs. We must get it back!"
The spy is in the vine jungle at this time, and a team can be seen in the distant jungle.
This team, Xie Texia, has a total of six Ershi people coming here.
Is to catch spies and disguise goblins
"I found it!"
Suddenly, a Kershman shouted in front of him, and at the same time, it rose from the ground at a high speed and flew to the same height as the spy.
This Ershi people should have been strengthened by birds.
No matter how strengthened birds are, it is difficult for Ershimin to fly, so it does not fly by itself, but depends on the assistance of flying devices behind it.
The main way to strengthen birds is that they adapt to the middle environment, that is, they are suitable for being fighter pilots. Birds strengthen the people’s exercise, and flying things are much stronger than ordinary people.
So it flew towards the spy with a face of absolute confidence.
The spy immediately lowered its altitude. When it flew to the top of the spy’s head, the spy suddenly accelerated its speed.
In this way, the spy head hit its belly, accompanied by a cry, and its body fell to the jungle with a tilt.
But the moment it almost fell to the ground, it immediately got the flying device ready again and flew.
"How dare you hit me!" By the time birds strengthen students’ angry words, spies have flown far away.
Its flying device is propeller flying, which is not very fast. It can face the group of flightless Xie Texia and follow the spy together.
However, it is not easy to dump them because the spy is not too fast and too much, until the spy sees something.
This is a … annihilation ship.
More than 100 meters long, the ship was lying on the vine jungle, because there was thick fog everywhere, and it flew near before, and then the ship appeared in front of the spy and pursuit team.
"Is this … a warship?"
The spy who pursued the students froze and quickly flew to the jungle and took back his wings to hide the vine cover.
"It went down there!" Several students tried to chase the spy position at once, but they were stopped by captain Xie Texia.
"Wait a minute. This is an annihilation ship."
Xie Texia’s voice is a little scary. Although they are more than 100 meters away from the battleship, it seems unwilling to get close.
"Destroy the ship? Is this an annihilation ship? " The bird student also fell down, and he looked surprised like other students.
They don’t seem to know the specific shape of the annihilation ship. In fact, most people in Kirshnikov know about this warship, but they don’t know the actual shape.
And Xie Texia seems to know.