Holding down Laner’s mother’s body and Li Luan’s face, the thing has become as big as four fingers. While doing it, she promised her that sometimes she would fly back quietly to make a final appointment with her. Laner’s mother and Li Luan made an appointment to meet at the temple in the back hill of Ximen City on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month.

Because every month Laner’s mother will go to the temple in the back hill of Ximen City to pray for blessings, Li Yun promised her a little bit about this agreement, but Li Yun said that she was very comfortable with doing it, saying that she had to do it in her room tonight. When she heard Li Yun’s words, she jumped up, and she felt that her face was overwhelmed by things.
"Don’t worry, I’ll be invisible. Then Lord Ximen won’t see me try a model for you!"
After Li Xun finished speaking, Ma Yunqi made the whole body invisible with the magical power of raping the East Static. In this way, Laner’s mother saw Li Xun, but Laner’s mother just felt that something was coming in and out of the fairy son-in-law, and Laner’s mother smiled and said that she would wait for him in the room tonight.
"So it’s time for you to sit on my bed." Li Yun held her and rolled over to bed.
This world also has a lotus sitting posture, and this Laner mother is still very skilled, which makes Li Lian feel very comfortable, but because the time is tight, Li Lian and the two of them can speed up and do it with her, and finally they will put all kinds of life into her. Whether she can give birth to a little fairy depends on Li Lian’s luck, even if she doesn’t give birth to a little fairy, she will believe that her body will be harmless.
It took half an hour and a half to make this hungry Laner’s mother climax five times. In this way, the two of them dressed in a hurry and went to the hall to sit back to their original position to talk about Laner. It was to talk for a while, and Simon City ran to Li Yun with Laner’s clothes and a smile.
"What took you so long!" Laner’s mother asked
"You also know that I am a big man. How can a big man find clothes for women? I don’t know how to take those clothes, big and small. Those women just told me that I have a hobby of stealing my daughter’s pants. I am so angry!" Simon Lord thought of Laner’s clothes in the room when he was suddenly seen by a woman with clothes in one hand and trousers in the other and said
"Hey lady, what’s wrong with you? Are you so red in the face and have a fever? Or is it uncomfortable there? " Simon asked the duke to see his wife’s face is very rosy.
"Nothing. Give me the clothes and give them to Laner!" Laner’s mother said
Then the Lord of Simon laughed and talked to Li Xun about those things. When Li Xun saw the poor man, he also smiled and took out a Yunxia sword and gave him the fist of "Dragon and Tiger". Li Xun said that there were two pills for Laner and her mother to eat.
Because Li Lian doesn’t want his magic pill to restore his health, then he will do that with Laner’s mother at night. Isn’t Li Lian just a little upset
"Ha ha no, anyway, I just have a sword and this martial arts. I’m not so greedy and not so greedy!" Did Xicheng Gate feel lost because of the miraculous elixir? Instead, he said with great heart.
Li Yun secretly wants to see your woman being fucked by me. I’ll give you something else, even if it’s worth wearing a green hat.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-one Secretly
Chapter three hundred and sixty-one Secretly
Then Li Lian took out a defensive magic ring for him, which would automatically start if his life was threatened, but Li Lian didn’t tell him that it was a defensive ring. Seeing that Li Lian gave him this one like gem ring made him more worried, but those on the ring were not rubies but magic stones.
After talking for a while, Li Xun decided to leave Ximen City tomorrow, but the Lord of Ximen asked Li Xun to stay in Ximen City for a few days, and asked Li Xun to move back to Ximen House, so that it would be more convenient to move tonight.
In this way, Li Lian and a beautiful woman went home to Simon’s house. I don’t know why Laner’s mother just likes to walk by Li Lian’s side and leave Simon’s city behind, but Simon’s city is unaware that this move is to recognize Li Lian as her son-in-law. It is normal to chat closer.
Behind Li Lian, Ximen City holds hands, Xiao Xiajian laughs and laughs. What would his mood be like if someone said to him at this moment that your wife was fucked by Li Lian?
Since Li Yun and his wife left the inn, the shopkeeper in the inn officially released them for business, and there were more accommodations, but they haven’t released them for business. For a long time, they were complained by guests that there were many liquids on the sheets in the room that had not been replaced.
"How did that happen? I remember cleaning this room a few days ago. Is that fairy carrying his woman here? " The little two thought to themselves.
"Don’t be angry, guest. These things should be left by the gods. I’ll change the bed and quilt for you now!" Xiao er kept telling him something
"What? The fairy stayed? Is that the boy with white hair? " The female guest asked.
"Yes, that is, he has been wrapped up these two days!" Xiao er explained to her
"Is the fairy that these things don’t change for those filthy quilt cover, you can cut and put boxes for me and there are such things cut for me! Here are two ingots of gold. It’s up to you! " The female guest said
"Ok, I’ll do it for you now!" The little two looked at the gold and nodded with a smile and said
It seems that it’s really good to be a fairy, and something is also a treasure. Especially those children sing about immortals all day long, but those children and the people don’t know that the fairy is a pervert. This word is only relative to some big darling daughter, but it is a god who helps the poor to some ordinary people. After he appeared in Tianyuan mainland, he killed many mountain thieves and horse thieves.
Tianyuan Empire pays great attention to this immortal. He walked all the way to the West Gate of the Northern Ghost in the East, leaving secrets everywhere. The king of Tianyuan Empire also wanted to have these. However, according to the family of the Northern Ghost, Li Xun will go to China after he arrives at the Nangong. If Li Xun’s trip is not five days, he will definitely appear in China unless something happens on his way.
"How are you doing? Has everything been taken care of? " Tianyuan empire across the baiguan said
"We have all taken care of it, but Yincui gorge refused to see Li Yun that day!" Next to the wise man said
"We have to see if we don’t see him. We have to find a way to keep him in Tianyuan Empire. I hope she can make a sacrifice for Tianyuan Empire for a thousand years. I am sorry for Yincui gorge," said the king of Tianyuan Empire.
This is the fate of being born in an imperial family. The king of Tianyuan Empire has five daughters, each of whom was born by a different princess, but they are all beautiful as flowers. The most beautiful thing is that Yincui gorge was born with five women, all of whom are palm beads, especially Yincui gorge.
It’s a pity that Tianyuan Empire has not only given birth to four women in their generation, but even the king has given birth to daughters, which may greatly reduce the power of Tianyuan Empire. Don’t you think Tianyuan Empire is worried? So this time, the emperor star appeared in his country, and only with him can the fate of the whole empire be saved.
"Great wise man, do you think this imperial star will restore our town to its original state?" Tianyuan empire king asked
"Everything is unknown. I watch the stars at night and I hope Tianyuan Empire will be in trouble. I hope he can give us a hand." The wise man touched the nonsense.
It is true that the reason why the empires around us are so stupid to move around the four families is that the imperial spies learned that the secret was sent by a fairy from the heads of the three families by the Nangong family. There must be a saying that it was war. Whether they lost territory or that secret, which imperial emperor had little ambition? Which one doesn’t want natural enemies?
Li Lian’s appearance can be said to be a variable, but now the king of Yunyang Empire has received a letter from his daughter saying that she is now settled in the fairy hand and told him not to worry about the country being threatened by the fairy, but he didn’t go to big princess to hand over his body to Li Lian.
It’s night again
Simon Li Yun, a shrewd man, first took a bath with all the women after dinner, and then sent them back to their rooms to rest. He told them that he had something to do and stayed up late, and then he went to Simon Lord and said that he would borrow his wife to talk and chat.
"It’s so late. Let’s talk about it another day, madam, don’t you think!" Hall Simon duke said to LanEr mother
"Master Li Yun will go to Nangong Family tomorrow. Presumably he should have something important to talk to me about!" Blue son mother said to Simon duke
"It’s not important, but I’ll give it to Shen Dan. After you eat it, I’ll teach you a mental method. It’s a mental method for women’s health." Li Yun smiled and stared at the shy blush on Laner’s mother’s face and said
"Then you go quickly. I’ll go to my room to do something!" Simon Lord heard Li Yun’s magic and said to his wife.
In this way, Li Lian took Laner’s mother to a guest room. After Li Lian entered the room, the horse locked the door and then released the gods to lock the West Gate Lord. What did he do? Will follow the two of them when Simon finally returns to his room?
Li Lian gave up, and became thin about Laner’s mother at the inn. Because Laner’s mother dressed casually after taking a shower at night, she was not so particular about it, but somehow she didn’t wear pants tonight. Usually Laner’s mother slept in pants, so she didn’t know anything tonight. Maybe she thought that it would be convenient for Li Lian to enter her room tonight. Li Lian, a pervert, wouldn’t wear it.
Since the first world war, she hasn’t had such happiness and orgasm in the inn for more than ten years. Her mind still misses Li Lian’s face. When that thing entered the room, Li Lian became light and thin with her, but she didn’t resist or object to making Li Lian light and thin with her body and face. However, Li Lian was light and thin, and she got down to business after a while.
A colorful elixir appeared, and Li Xun asked Laner’s mother to eat it. After Li Xun put her hands on the bed, Li Xun carried magical powers behind her to help her digest the elixir and lead those spirits to gather in her meridians to make her youthful and beautiful. It took about an hour to meditate.
"I have a set of mental methods here called Xuan Nv Heart Sutra. If you have it in the future, practice it so that you won’t get old easily, even if you live to be 60 years old!" Li Yun said to her
"Well, it’s up to you, but you must remember to date me there on the fifteenth day of every month, okay?" Laner’s mother felt that there was an unspeakable power in her body.
"I’ll make you feel right tonight. We seem to have been chatting in the room for an hour. You should go back to your room and go to sleep with the old man. I’ll come to you again. Remember, after he falls asleep, you take off all your clothes and wait for me to know!" Li Yun spent an hour helping her get married and said
"Well, I’ll be waiting for you in the back. You have to come to Nujia!" Laner’s mother smiled and kissed Li Yun in the mouth.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-two Don’t touch me
Chapter three hundred and sixty-two Don’t touch me
After Laner’s mother got Li Yun to get through the meridians and ate the colorful elixir, the whole person just became a little coquettish. When she returned to her room, the Lord of Simon just walked around the room, and when she saw her wife appear, she just rode forward.
However, Laner’s mother ignored him, saying that she was a little tired, so she had to rest early to let Master Simon see that Laner’s mother had turned into another woman. She also planned to talk to her more and ask her what she had just done in Li Yun’s room. I didn’t expect him to wait in his room for an hour, but the result was that she was tired and fell asleep.
"Madam, did your son-in-law do anything to you just now?" Simon, the duke of the bed, still asked.
"Don’t touch me. Did you wash your hands? Go out and wash without washing! " Laner’s mother answered this sentence.
"Oh!" Simon duke put his wife’s shoulder hand back way
So Simon went out to wash his hands. Although Laner’s mother felt strange today, Simon still had nothing to say. He went out to wash his hands obediently, but he didn’t expect Laner’s mother to ask him to wash his hands again when his hands touched the door when he returned to his room.
"Okay, I’m going to wash my hands now!" Simon Lord didn’t expect to wash his hands again because he touched the door.
This time, Simon City ran back to the room with his hands held high, sliding the door and then closing the bottom door, but when he came to the edge of the bed, Laner’s mother had already gone to sleep. She had not slept yet, but she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep, while Ximen City Lord was lying in bed and pushing Laner’s mother for a few times. After finding that she didn’t respond, she went to sleep stiffly.
In the middle of the night, Laner’s mother just sat up, took off her clothes and put them on the edge of the bed to make her white and beautiful body naked, and then got into the quilt to sleep with a happy smile.
After that, the main door of Ximen knocked slowly and then closed quietly, but no one came in. It was strange not to mention that everyone knew that the man had come in.
Compared with Li Lian, there is no difference in this dark room during the day. Li Lian slowly walked to the bed in the room. When Li Lian gently pulled the quilt, she was really naked and attacked by Li Lian without a horse.
Is to put your mouth in Laner’s mother’s ear and gently tell her that Li Yun is coming and ask her if she is ready?
Hearing Li Xun’s words, Laner’s mother immediately woke up and gently stroked her hands in front of her for a few times. Finally, she felt that the familiar body was small and white and still angry, and slowly stroked it to find that Li Xun was not dressed, which made her heart beat faster.
Li Yun can point out the acupoint of the West Gate Lord, but Li Yun didn’t do so, and he is not afraid that the West Gate Lord will see that Li Yun is now invisible.
Naked Laner’s mother’s legs were slowly separated, and then she felt an object come into her body. Although she didn’t see anyone, she still felt Li Yun’s familiar thing
It was after the bed was inserted for a few times that Li Lian was afraid that shaking the bed would wake up the Lord Simon, so Li Lian gently pulled Laner’s mother to the edge of the bed and let Laner’s mother lie on the edge of the bed with her face facing the back of the Lord Simon, and she felt that Li Lian had pushed it forward.
If Simon City advocates his eyes at this time, he will surely find his wife lying naked on the edge of the bed as if being pushed behind her back, as if the pair of things on her chest kept swinging. Poor Laner’s mother just couldn’t groan, biting her silver teeth tightly and looking at her "xianggong" sleeping.
Being fucked in front of her husband for the first time has greatly changed and influenced her virtuous personality, but this feeling makes her very comfortable and happy
Finally, an abnormal idea came out of Li Xun’s mind, so he held a few firm but gentle words and ordered the sleeping point of Lord Ximen to make him fall asleep. Li Xun believed that he would not wake up after being killed this time.
"You go to bed, put your legs across his face, grab the headboard with both hands and come behind me." Li Yun said softly to this beautiful wife.