However, Lin found a unique … statue among a large number of statues of’ sea angels’.

This statue … is a "white star" statue.
The white star is a creature made by the creator, and its shape is very similar to that of Ershimin, with snow-white skin and long hair …
Of course, not all white stars are of the Ershi people type, but this is the kind of Ershi people type that appears at present.
And this is exactly the same as the white star in Lin’s impression, but it is also fixed there like the surrounding’ sea angel’ … Although its skin is not like gray rock but white, it is still in a state of immobility.
Just like other creatures, the fluffy ball floated past and poked this’ white star’
As soon as the fluffy ball touched it, it suddenly made a … like a rock breaking sound.
This place can be’ heard’. It is accurate to say that when the fluffy ball body sees things moving, it will produce corresponding sounds.
But in fact, there is no gas station here. This kind of sound is simulated, but it is not Lin simulation, but this body has a function
As the shell of the white star statue broke, it appeared from the inside …
As white as before.
However, this time, it was not fixed. It moved instantly at the moment it appeared. After taking a look at the pompom, it quickly jumped on the pompom.
Lin let the fluffy ball hide, and the white star turned around and looked at the fluffy ball again …
Then Lynn found … it spoke words.
This is not a sound, but a signal directly handed to the pompom.
"They … have new creatures."
This sentence seems to be talking to himself instead of talking to pompoms.
"Want us to go further … or do you want them to replace us? But I’m free … I won’t let that happen. "
Continue to soliloquize for a while. White Star grabbed a stone from the side and threw it at the pompom.
The fluffy ball instantly stretched out some fluff and caught the stone. When White Star saw it, he slammed it again.
It’s just … head-butting into the pompom.
The fluffy ball didn’t hide from the white star, which hit the fluffy ball heavily and made Lin feel … pain.
So that’s it. This fluffy ball body has a pain response.
But at this time, Lin also got a lot of fluff together … hammered and slammed the white star head.
As the white star was hit, its whole body also instantly lay down.
"Adapted to Yao … vitality … is not enough …" White star hurriedly rolled on the spot and pulled away from the pompoms again, but Lin didn’t chase it but spoke a word to White Star …
"What the hell are you talking about?"
Lin has just discovered the method of "speaking"
The main thing is to make the pompom think about something, which seems to be immediately known to the surrounding creatures.