Its light seems to cover everything around it … to be precise, Lin can perceive it for a short time.

This lasted a little while. When the flash was over, Lynn found that Veronica was no longer on the ground.
Veronica’s current position is in the fog that keeps spinning in the sky.
However, Lin did not rotate with the surrounding fog, but felt that there was a powerful force imprisoning Veronica, making it difficult for her body to move.
"Need to be completely crushed"
Suddenly a small piece of Veronica’s skin broke away from her body and floated into the dense fog.
After a second, the skin completely turned into powder and disappeared.
Then Veronica’s body and skin were all like this.
They peel off from the body very quickly and then smash completely … so that Lynn can’t put them back together.
Veronica can’t get out of here, but …
The whole rotating fog suddenly shook violently.
Veronica’s disintegration stopped at any time.
Because of this dense fog, it was hit by a thick tree root, which came out of the square.
And it’s not just one
There are also many tree roots coming out from the surrounding ground, which hit the surrounding monsters and helped the Ershi people get rid of the siege.
At the same time, it also allowed Lin Veronica to find a chance to leave.
When this dense fog was hit by a tree root, Lynn felt that the force that imprisoned Veronica around her became much weaker.
So Lin immediately a lot of hair suddenly hit … The fog core position.
Actually, the part where it keeps talking, although it looks like fog, is actually the core.
Here, creatures speak not through hair organs but directly from thinking organs.
Stabbing its speech part is equivalent to piercing its thinking organ.
At the moment when the organ was pierced, Lin also felt that the fog around her stopped spinning
And Veronica just fell back to the surface from the dense fog.
A large number of plant roots on the ground extend to the sky and entangle this slow fog.
Although it looks like a fog, it can’t be directly plunged into it from the outside, and it feels like a transparent and solid … sphere.
But these roots have been tightly wrapped around it, and Lin thinks they should be able to solve it
These roots are the defensive weapons of Walsh
They have not been started before, so Lin thinks there is something important in the pothole
Suolin never stopped repairing potholes, even during the battle.
Later, as Lin thought, this pothole was indeed a device to start weapons.
In fact, it is a’ detection device’, that is, to sense the position of the enemy, and those weapons have no detection function.
Lin Yuan also thought of this. She thought that the weapon detection system might be located somewhere else, but she was not sure whether the hole was a detection device.
Now it seems that … the hole in this position is just the position of the detection device.
If it’s something else, Lyn Veronica may be dying.
It will be more difficult to come here again. Many Lin must find a way to make more arms.
Suddenly there was a violent explosion in the sky.
The roots of the dense fog were blown into paragraphs by the explosion.
At the same time, Lin looked up at the sky and found that this dense fog … was many times larger.
It seems that it is not so easy to deal with.
This dense fog is spinning faster, but Lin pays more attention to the fact that it was pierced by Lin just now, and some changes have taken place in the core.
There was a strong light, and it turned into a … It looked a bit like a flashing star shape.
"That’s … puppet star!"
Suddenly, a certain Ershimin uttered an exclamation.
This dense fog is a puppet star?
Lynn thinks this is very interesting.
Its central star is very small, more than ten centimeters, and the whole rotating fog has expanded to more than thirty meters in diameter.
It’s like a huge storm.