Now Sha Hailin can see a large group of red pulp surrounded with excitement … and around the center they have a red pulp with a model sand.

The red pulp puts the artifact model sand on the body and at the same time, it is constantly happy with the surrounding red pulp.
This artifact … looks like an irregular stone from the outside, and it’s the same size as other model sand. There’s nothing special about it. What function does it have?
"It can save our population! Can completely change everything! "
In the center of the group, the biological language with the artifact red pulp is a miracle and excitedly explains the surrounding red pulp.
There seems to be a lot of red pulp, too. I don’t know what’s going on here. They all listen carefully.
ZhongHongJiang said in artifact … Many details.
This artifact has such a name.
It is called’ Constant Gu Ni’.
Actually, this group of red pulp just named it.
It is actually not a tool prop, but a mud … corpse in the middle ancient times.
This says that ancient mud, as it is called, flowed in all ancient mud.
Of course, the resistance won the ancient mud, and this group of red mud knows it.
Heng Gu Ni’ is a kind of mud older than common ancient mud, and its history may be directly traced back to the era of miracle creatures.
And’ constant Gu Ni’ also has many powerful capabilities.
But how powerful is it? They don’t know much
But what is less known is that modern and ancient mud can be’ upgraded’ and’ constant Gu Ni’
In order to obtain some data existing in Henggu mud … it is possible to change it into HengGu Ni.
After the upgrade, it will certainly become very powerful, such as all kinds of internal organs and other structures, which will rise a lot.
For example, those red pulp organs that constantly split into a large number of props are now
After upgrading, it doesn’t need to split the red pulp first and then turn the red pulp into a prop, but directly form a prop on the organ.
In this way, that proces of splitting the prop red paste is omit.
Of course, there would be no such thing as … mutiny.
But this is not the main purpose.
The main purpose of the red pulp is … to improve themselves.
This group of red mud has always wanted to be stronger, that is, to grow ancient mud.
No matter how much they eat, the red mud becomes bigger … When they were controlled by ancient mud, they could grow into mud lords, although they were eventually swallowed up.
But now they even grow into lords, but they have maintained their initial stage.
They don’t want this, but they don’t know anything.
Therefore, they think there should be a way to upgrade this ancient mud corpse to a constant Gu Ni.
Because the upgraded Gu Ni body has many powerful organs, maybe some of them can solve the problem that they can’t ascend now.
Of course, this is also their guess that they don’t know much about Heng Gu Ni.
Therefore, they also regard the artifact as a small hope and have no complete hope for it.
But now that they have found the artifact … they are going to study the artifact.
Lynn is very skeptical. Even if this artifact gravel is really the constant Gu Ni corpse model, how can it upgrade the … mud corpse?
I don’t know the actual situation of red pulp myself, but they are corpses, which are known from the artifact data.
In the artifact data, it is remembered that even if you see the ancient mud body with the shape of Heng Gu Ni, some mechanism will instantly activate and grow the Heng Gu Ni.
It’s not really a constant Gu Ni, but it can also be a model.
Red pulp doesn’t know exactly what this mechanism is, but they are going to …
Try to upgrade.
Lin feels that it is dangerous for them to do so.
Chapter two thousand six hundred and forty-four Communication
Even if it’s dead, it’s actually just that the neural structure is dead
Most organs of ancient mud bodies are still alive.
Therefore, if the artifact upgrades these organs to’ constant Gu Ni’, it is only an upgrade of these organs.
Dead ancient mud will not wake up.
But since there is no nervous system to die, how can the ancient mud be upgraded to a constant Gu Ni?
Does every organ have the ability to upgrade?
Because she thought it was wonderful, Lin had been investigating it.
And Lin thinks … those explosions seem to have something to do with the artifact they found.
When the artifacts were discovered by the red slurry, that is, when those shapes exploded.
Now ….. Lin is mainly injecting this group of red pulp for obtaining artifacts.
After they got the artifact, they immediately returned to the ancient mud and set up an army to March to the ground.
Their purpose now is to take the artifact to a certain place in the ancient mud corpse, a place they call’ entry point’
Actually, Lin translated this name. After they put the artifact into the’ entry point’, that place will send a signal to all organs of the ancient mud body, which will activate their upgrade function.
But it’s deep … and it’s a long abandoned place.
Because there has never been any place in that place, an artifact was suddenly found recently, which forced the mud to enter the point.
This makes them have to pass through … a place full of’ rebels’.