"What?" The virtual people frightened, "Aren’t you all right?"

Bang!’ After this, the virtual people’s head exploded, and its body slowly fell to the ground. At the same time, a metal spider climbed up on the stage.
"There was no way to confirm which one was confirmed before." The metal spider came to teach the long voice. "Some of these brains are hidden deep and cannot be found by the usual method."
"I was on guard against them when you told me’ maybe I have them with me’," said the general. "But what should I do now? Is this situation also related to the brain spirit? "
Said the general look to the sky …
Boom … boom … boom!’ The egg-shaped objects in the sky then smashed into the city in three places. Fortunately, they didn’t fly directly into the gate square, but all hit the nearby streets.
However, there are also many transportation teams and virtual people waiting there, and they will soon become fungal nutrients, allowing fungi to spread wildly.
"This situation is also unexpected," said the dean. "Now you must try your best to support and wait for reinforcements!"
Then the metal spider jumped from the platform.
"…" The general looked around and said, "All troops move! We still have hope! Burn all those fungi! Take conventional weapons troops to maintain order! Kill all those who disturb the order directly! Burning weapons forces, stop the spread of fungi. Come on! The quick attack team is in charge of area 1, and the ground penetrating team is in charge of area 11! The thunder team is responsible for … "
The general ordered these troops to act immediately. A large number of soldiers in armor rushed into the panic crowd to maintain order, while many fighters flew to the place where the fungus exploded and dropped burning bombs.
The general quickly walked to the front of the imaging device, where he wiped his armor and was just beaten out with’ blood’, which was fake blood. When they were hit by Tibetan armor, they would splash out automatically, and it looked as if the armor had been pierced and hurt their bodies.
I don’t know if there are any brains mixed here. According to the imam, there are a group of brains disguised and even the detection device can’t be found, but now it’s not the heart. After playing the video, the general quickly adjusted it
Just now, it was the brain spirit that parasitized the virtual people. It deliberately didn’t show the general much.
Now the general can see the situation by himself …
Those falling egg-shaped objects come from the virtual … a square object.
Is this thing …
"Boom …"
Just as the general was thinking about it, it suddenly felt the ground shake. This shaking feeling was somewhat like an earthquake, but more felt that something was moving in a big way.
Is this reinforcements?
Just as the general thought so, a smashed street in the distance suddenly cracked.
As the earth cracked, a monster emerged from the ground.
The body covered with silver scales appeared in the general’s eyes …
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-one Split
"This thing actually came here …"
The creature with silver luster rushed out of the surface of the earth, and the eyes of this huge creature scanned everything around …
Soon it locked its eyes on the distant Astral Gate and the crowded virtual people around it, and also noticed General Gaotai.
At the same time, the general stared at the creature.
The general noticed that this creature was not quite the same as the deep-sea behemoth it was familiar with. It was more … slimmer, and seemed to have become a more suitable forward shape.
But its huge size still hasn’t changed. What big creatures are moving forward? Do they even know it?
Is this also a brain spirit?
"Goo …" The general thought that there was a burst of noise in the mouth of this behemoth, which was like … what was going to be spit out.
"This is …" The general had a bad feeling in his mind, but he didn’t do anything …
Bang!’ The beast’s mouth opened and a fierce water column poured out of its mouth.
Boom!’ Almost at the same time, the side face of the behemoth suddenly exploded, and its head suddenly tilted to one side, so the water column that should have been fired at the Astral Gate hit a building next to it, and the water column hit the wall of the building, and the reflected water splashed on the street.
It’s not just water. They spread and grow like a moving carpet soon after being sprinkled on the ground. At the same time, behemoths and generals have turned their attention to the bomber just now.
That’s a fighter plane, and now it’s passing over the head of the beast, dropping several bombs on the head of the beast.
Boom-several explosion-glowing behemoths’ heads bloomed one after another, which aroused smoke and covered the behemoth’s body, but a water column was ejected from the smoke and dust every second and directly hit the fighter plane that could not fly high.
The water column hit it, and suddenly the whole thing turned over and crashed into a side building.
"You teams come and support quickly!"
When the fighter plane exploded, the general also tried his best to shout loudly in the com, and there were many fighters coming this way immediately nearby.
Whoosh!’ Several missiles fired at the behemoth from different directions and exploded one after another. The general heard the roar of the behemoth, which seemed to be mixed with pain.
"Very well! Don’t break it! " The general said, "Never let it attack the stargate!"
"Yes!" The pilots agreed that they were ready to press the missile launch button again.
Boom!’ But just before they pressed the button, the general felt a tremor on the ground, and the figure of the behemoth in the smoke was gone.