After several efforts, Su Jue was able to give up Huairou and turn to iron and blood clearing.

Facts have proved that it is better to eliminate iron and blood
A year after the Qing dynasty, some tribes who were unwilling to communicate with the army also took the initiative to communicate with the army, but by that time, Liaodong had completely occupied the advantage.
The army sent rangers to harass the hostile tribes for a moment, burning oil in the forest, blowing up their base areas with powerful gunpowder, and constantly building military fortresses and cities to reclaim land.
So the army is shrinking and eroding their lives little by little, so they have to choose to fight to the death or surrender.
In the seventh year of Hongwu, Su Jue razed the savage and very strong virgin tribe and the tribe he didn’t belong to in the outer Xing ‘an Mountains and Wusuli River areas, and then led an army to land on Sakhalin Island across the sea, bringing this Liaodong island, which was said to be very large by the people, into the management of the Great Unity and establishing Sakhalin State.
Since then, Liaodong area as a whole has been incorporated into the unified governance, while Su Jue and the Fifth Corps have made great contributions.
Therefore, although the name of the Fifth Corps is not obvious in the national strategy, it has not participated in many large-scale wars, but the fifth corps has rich combat experience in the high-latitude areas such as Liaodong and Northeast China, and its combat effectiveness has been maintained very well.
The development and control of the whole Liaodong area depend on the day and night struggle of the Fifth Corps.
After the end of the war, the soldiers of the Fifth Corps also made a lot of contributions in the process of Liaodong development.
Many wounded or older soldiers responded to Su Yonglin’s call to retire on the spot and become grass-roots rural workers, which made great contributions to the immigration in Liaodong area.
Now all the nearly 4 million people in Liaodong live and work in peace and contentment here, and these retired soldiers have made great contributions.
Population distribution Liaoyang province has a population of more than 3 million, and Heilongjiang province has a population of less than 1 million. There is something wrong with the population distribution, but it can’t be helped.
It’s really cold.
Because of the severe cold climate, agricultural production is hindered, and many cold-resistant and high-yield products have not yet come to China. Even if there is good fertile land in Northeast China, the effective interest rate is very low, and the population of Heilongjiang Province cannot be rooted.
This is also in line with the climate of this era.
During the Tang Dynasty, the climate in the northern hemisphere was very warm, so the plateau could breed such a powerful government as the Tubo Empire, and there could also be 600 thousand strong Koguryo in Liaodong, all of which depended on the warm climate to bring suitable agricultural production conditions.
However, once the climate turns cold, the production conditions will not be the same, and the literary adherents will either mix with the Han people in the South Central Plains or stay in the local area and degenerate into fishing and hunting literature.
It is not that they don’t want to farm, but that the climate doesn’t allow it.
At present, there is such a trend in Heilongjiang provinces. Many places are not suitable for farming, and there are few people in the areas suitable for farming.
In view of these problems, Su Yonglin, while developing animal husbandry, also sent a large number of people to Liaodong to find minerals to ensure the country’s rule over Liaodong.
He is going to find mining areas to replace agricultural areas and adult areas to develop industrial settlements, further develop industrial cities to retain people and expand the scale of residents.
When the grain problem comes, it will be a big deal to transport grain to Liaodong. Although the cost is not low, nothing can be lost in this strategic treasure.
Fortunately, in recent years, the climate has been good, and most areas in Liaoyang Province can grow food. Although there are few places to grow food, the population is small enough to support and retain people in Heilongjiang Province.
Compared with the land that has not occupied the western regions and the future planning, Liaodong Land and the Fifth Corps have more flavor of production and construction corps.
To say that investing in Liaodong in recent years is really a lot, a lot of budgets have been thrown into Liaodong to build a city and develop human settlements, which has laid a financial foundation. However, if you want to develop here, sometimes it is really up to God to enjoy it.
But it doesn’t need to look at God’s face to crusade against Korea. The Fifth Corps should be very happy if it doesn’t fight for a long time.
Xin Qiji, with a professional staff team, made a preliminary strategic plan very quickly, and the rest required Skynet agents to send a large amount of information back and let the staff headquarters make a judgment.
Su Yonglin had a simple working meal with the big guys from noon to night during the discussion, and then discussed the logistics and transportation of this battle and the administrative arrangements after controlling Korea late at night.
Specifically, take the Xixia Road, first grasp the actual strength under the banner of King Korea, and then Korea will naturally become a big province.
How to select officials to enter Korea, how to establish grass-roots organizations, how to communicate with Korean people and so on need to be specific to the detailed work plan
In this respect, Su Yonglin is our grandparent, and he is also the best design expert, and everyone is willing to listen to him.
There were many complicated problems. Su Yonglin and the ministries discussed it until late at night and dragged his tired body back to the bedroom, and agreed to come early the next morning to continue the discussion.
When I went back, Zhao Xirui had put the two children to bed and made a bowl of soup for Su Yonglin, waiting for Su Yonglin to come back to eat.
"I’m sure I won’t be back until very late when I go out. You have women’s ministries and art troupes to do and take care of the children. It’s not necessary to always wait for me."
Su Yonglin said this, but a bowl of hot soup is warm in his heart.
Chapter 142 Unified starting line
Cherish Zhao Rui looked at Su Yonglin and shook his head with a slight smile.
"Compared with what you have to do, my work is much easier. Xiao Cuicui has grown up quickly. Now many things are her specific responsibility. I will just give her a table. If necessary, it’s nothing to quarrel with. Xiao Cuicui knows that I have Zeying and Zexiong to take care of. I’m not tired."
Su Yonglin put a soup bowl and wiped her mouth, then stretched out his hand and touched Zhao Xirui’s face.
"I have so many things at home that it’s really hard for you to take care of them."
"When your wife was the only wife, I knew what I should do, so I was not tired."
Zhao Xirui took Su Yonglin’s hand from his face and held it in both hands.
"You should pay more attention to your health. You can’t do it without you."
"I can’t do anything without you."
Su Yonglin leaned forward and hugged Zhao Xirui in his arms. "It’s hard for you to quarrel with so many things."
Cherish Zhao Rui quietly snuggled up to Su Yonglin and smiled.
She means nothing, but does Su Yonglin know that there is really a lot to say here?
For example, all officials and officials in Zhongdu now know that their Queen’s Temple is a super shrew who is unique in the world.
However, no department of the imperial court or the Renaissance Association dares to despise anything related to the drama troupe of the Women’s Department, and they treat it with the utmost patience and energy.
Otherwise, Zhao Xirui really wants to quarrel.
When the early women’s department was just established, many departments despised it, especially young female leaders such as Xiao Cui, and felt that it was just a house department, which made Xiao Cui and others suffer a lot.
Then Zhao Xirui went out.
From the organization department of Fuxing Association to the imperial court, the Ministry of Finance scolded Kong Maojie, the head of the organization department, and Shang Lin Jingchun, the Ministry of Finance, for having no temper at all.
Her voice was not loud, her tone was not intense, and she said it was a quarrel, but her words and expressions were really like Su Yonglin’s fear of the bosses of various departments who suffered from Su Yonglin’s furious PSD before the storm.
Moreover, she is still the queen, and no one dares to offend her without looking at the monk’s face and the Buddha’s face. All departments have to do it if they want her to go out.