"why?" Yue Bai hierarch eyebrows at Pan Hui that a face of gherardini expression let his heart not some doubts.

Pan Hui still smiled. "It’s nothing but this magic blood curse. Even if it is successfully cast, most of it can be sealed for five years. If you cultivate advanced people, you can reach seven years. It’s impossible for you to be longer. This thirteen years really surprised me and I really don’t know whether I am called’ crazy’ or not."
As soon as she finished, she suddenly thought of the sealed posture, which was like a haggard shape, and suddenly turned white.
It turns out that Martial Uncle Feng Zi actually strengthens the spell every year by his own Jingxue, so he will be unusually old because of his qi and blood deficiency.
Chapter 22 Sanyin Juemai (3)
Pan Hui’s face unconsciously showed sadness.
This world can pay so much and have a mother! Uncle Feng’s charm is so outstanding that he has saved his child’s life, regardless of his own safety, let alone a pair of skins. His feelings are pitiful and his heart is pitiful.
She bowed their heads and sighed and then laughed "thirteen years! Ha ha! It’s in her style to seal the three Yin unique veins with the magic blood curse, but it makes me want to eat those Yin objects like that. He used to like his taste. "
Guanlan shook his right hand with a cup of tea, and a few drops of tea splashed on the cuff, but he didn’t feel that he was silently repeating "Three Yin’s unique pulse!"
"How tempted? I said it’s no wonder that you want to keep him here as soon as possible. Do you feel connected with your life? Although it is true that there are few unique veins of Sanyin, what is your nine-yin mysterious pulse compared with nothing? " Pan Hui’s answer made Guanlan’s heart stir.
It is well known that the leader of Yue Bai today is the fastest practitioner in the history of Yue Bai. At the age of 11 and 21, he has been practicing in the aftersight, but it is only two places away from Yuehua. Although Yuehua is an immortal, it is extremely difficult to reach it, but it is already an achievement of the ancients to look forward to Yue Bai before he is 30 years old.
However, no one knows that he can achieve such success because of the nine Yin and Xuan veins in his body. This is a natural way to get twice the result with half the effort, but the yogi will also be cold all year round like an ice cave because of this pulse.
Guanlan originally suffered so much in this world, but unexpectedly, another person was sent to him, and it was still a three-yin pulse!
"Guanlan although he is three Yin unique pulse but long porch can also protect him worse, he is my long porch door" Pan Hui looked at Yue Bai hierarch with awe with a little heavy tone.
Guanlan, gently nod should be.
He did simply want to help clear the child’s body from the beginning. When he found out the child’s pulse, he was already white. It turned out that he was not alone in this world. He also had companions. He also knew that as far as Pan Hui was concerned, even if the whole world regarded the child as a heretic, she would still protect him at all costs.
Unfortunately …
"Now Changxuan is not in your charge. Can you guarantee him?" Guanlan chuckled, "I might as well leave him to me. Now that I have a Guanlan, I don’t care about another seal!"
Pan Hui also smiled and looked sure. "I said that I can protect him today. His name is tomorrow, and my name is tomorrow." One day, let the world not just call me Pan Hui! "
The smile in Guanlan’s eyes is no longer against him. He got up and got a haircut, and his sleeves were wet with tea. "Let’s go and see your nominal little teacher younger brother."
Looking at Guanlan’s obsequious face, Pan Hui didn’t feel sorry that it was really good luck to make a person live so beautifully but with such a miserable fate, and then smiled, "I wonder how my nominal little younger brother will react when he sees a beauty later?"
Guanlan’s eyebrows flashed thin anger at her, which was a leg flying up. Pan Hui smiled and leaned forward to avoid the wind blowing the door with her sleeves. The moment has already appeared in the cloister. Guanlan followed her right hand and made a flower-like flash of Guanghua at her fingertips. Pan Hui hurriedly lifted the achievement method and sprinted to Yuehuachi, but at the same time, her hands printed a small light shadow and appeared behind her to block that Guanghua.
Feng Qing woke up when he didn’t know himself, and he didn’t know what time it was. He floated in the warm pool and stared at the carved roof without thinking of the shock tonight.
He knew that his special constitution attracted all kinds of ghosts since he was a child.
He remembered that his mother said that the day he was born was also at half past seven, but it was noon, but it was covered with dark clouds and there was no trace of popularity. He had just given birth, and his mother drew a blood spell on him with a weak body and sealed his breath, and took him to the Arctic ice sheet in half past seven every year to strengthen the blood spell.
However, as the years passed, the blood curse became weaker and weaker. By this year, his breath could not be completely concealed, which attracted a large number of ghosts, and his mother and sister Bai Wei held off the ghosts in exchange for his escape.
He has never lived with normal people since he can remember. Although he has been protected and cared for by his mother over the years, he clearly knows that he is a burden. If his mother hadn’t grown old overnight, he wouldn’t be alive and dead with Bai Wei’s elder sister.
Thinking of his mother and sister Bai Wei sealing up a spirit, he sat up and ran to the pool to dress. He was going to ask the fairy sister if he had a mother to save and be close to Jiang Baiwei or if he could help him find them. He had no father since childhood and could not lose his mother!
Just as he was getting dressed, there was an instantaneous wind blowing on his back, and he turned around and saw a ghosting image passing for a moment not far away. His right hand had been buckled, and he was so scared that he didn’t dare to look at the cold face in front of him quietly.
For a moment, Pan Hui’s fingertips lightly moved the true qi blade to clear the wrist, and the crimson blood flowed out and sealed it. At once, he cried out in pain. But Nai’s right hand was buckled and could not move. He could not twist his face and bite his lip and groan in pain.
Pan Hui saw that there was no trace of different color in the blood, which was a relief. When the finger touched the wound, there was no more blood flowing out, leaving a shallow trace with a light pink color.
Feng Qing gaped at his wrist, but it was still bleeding profusely. Now he can’t even feel a trace of pain. If it weren’t for that light pink trace, he would have happened. In fact, he was dreaming. He beat it hard and still didn’t have the tearing pain just now. Then he looked up at Pan Hui.
Naturally, he knows that this is the fairy method. So-called, because of his own physique, he often bleeds since childhood. Every time, it is his mother who makes the fairy method to heal his wounds. He has grown old before he is old. How can he let his mother work hard again? Therefore, he has always lived carefully for fear of hurting himself and consuming his mother’s true spirit for no reason.
Pan Hui looked at this sudden silence in front of her eyes and suddenly understood what she had never been able to appease people, so she didn’t say much about sideways. She said to Guanlan, who had stood behind for a long time, "ptomaine has been eliminated, so I should take him back."
Guanlan stepped forward and buckled his right hand to explore the way for a moment. "He is now weak and weak, and it’s a long way to go. You can’t take him to control the paper crane flight because of serious wear and tear. It’s better to stay for a few more days until your body recovers. I think you seem a little interested in shrinking the ground into inches. Anyway, it’s also a way to hurry. It’s better to leave it to you."
Chapter 221 Break into a furious rage (a)
Pan Hui looked at Guanlan strangely, and when he saw the other party talking and laughing, he felt his heart was broken. I thought this guy was really cunning! She just looked at her eyes more than before, and he saw the clue. This guy’s eyes are so subtle!
However, when she saw that Feng Qing had not recovered yet, she accepted Guanlan’s kindness and agreed to stay for a few days.
Guanlan naturally arranged Fengqing to live in the room next to Pan Hui and said that he could go to Yuehuachi at any time if necessary.
Pan Hui knew exactly what Guanlan meant, but she didn’t say anything. It was Guanlan who wandered around Yue Bai with Feng Qing every day. She was at ease in practicing Guanlan’s technique of "shrinking the ground into inches" in her room.
I have to say that this technique looks simple, but it’s not that easy to learn. She practiced it for five days before she mastered the skill, but it is still far from shrinking into inches.