First of all, a person wearing a shadow costume is not young in listening, but this figure costume is not weak, and it is almost the fourth order.

However, the combat literacy is not so good, and it seems as if it has been temporarily cultivated by various resources.
Along with nearly dozens of figures, some of them are illegal organizations, and some of them are new.
Qin Mu Ye is seriously collecting data and does not intend to pay attention to each other
Come in if you have something to do. His huge mechanical equipment is isolated from the film industry. Unless the other party can lift the film industry, don’t want to come in.
This makes the other person angry and shivering all over, which seems to be caused by being regarded by Qin Mu Ye. This makes Qin Mu Ye particularly eccentric, so little things make him angry. Where’s your heart?
"Let him know for me what is the difference between seniority and inferiority. A pariah dares to be so disciplined." The other party is watching and will take out a quick-acting rescue pill, which is quite shaky and said.
And then a crowd of filmmakers swarmed in, and it seemed that Qin Mu Ye would be eaten alive.
It was Qin Mu Ye who rolled his eyes when he heard this. Well, this has become a pariah. This era is developing a little fast. Is it still a normal society ruled by law? How did it become feudalism as soon as it came?
It seems that the whole prosperous country has been grasped by the family at this time, otherwise it can be so.
He hasn’t watched the news recently and hasn’t paid much attention to it. Instead, he has been sampling and analyzing the magical environment in the human world. He thinks that if he wants to solve this half of the film industry, it will fall into this environmental factor in the human world.
Naturally, I was bent on doing the experiment and didn’t pay attention to the outside world at all
Not long ago, the ordinary agent who was monitoring him was called back, and he didn’t pay attention to what it was.
Then today, there are such a group of people who are eyeing it like they have been pulled out of their brain stem.
Looking at the people stopped outside, Qin Mu Ye shook his head and didn’t intend to ignore it.
"Well, well, since you are so arrogant, don’t come out for a generation. If you dare to come out, I …"
"Blown into fireworks" Qin Mu Ye looked at the clamorer outside. He didn’t know what the other door was arrogant and wanted his life, but it became his arrogance
So he can be a little arrogant and blow each other into fireworks.
Seeing each other’s bodies swell up like a balloon.
Bang ~
When the expansion reached the limit, it naturally broke out, and the whole person was directly blown into a mass of flesh and blood.
All the people who besieged the protective cover immediately got cold when they heard this movement.
Just one word and the strongest will explode.
Although the other party is a parallel combat experience class, it is impossible to give strength by pretending to be a shadow, but it is a real root, which is not comparable to them.
Shadow body is also beneficial. It is necessary to have enough resources to pile up a powerful shadow so as not to worry about such things as vain strength and unstable foundation. After all, from one roadbed to another, it can be strengthened through krypton gold.
Civilians Nature is as miserable as it can be.
For example, Qin Mu Ye didn’t continue to grow because there was no further training center, that is, after the development.
It’s equivalent to leveling. You can’t gain experience. You can rely on krypton to upgrade. Maybe the career of shadowmaker can be changed, but Qin Mu Ye is unlikely to choose such a career as shadowmaker because of this thing.
He must be at least epic now, not rare.
"Go home, don’t wave, unless you have the strength of Tianpeng, the general manager of the Shadow Administration, or bring Yinshan Jun over, you can leave a corpse even if you are lucky." Qin Mu Ye was very kind and this group of people came to this sentence.
It’s called the enemy before the enemy. Now leave Qin Mu Ye to let them go. By the way, let them publicize their own strength, otherwise no one will know their own strength. Then any cat, dog and dog will be provocative again.
But if you don’t leave Qin Mu Ye, you can send them on their way smoothly. Anyway, it’s not bad to make an example of them. It’s really necessary for them to change a batch of chickens to make trouble. Then Qin Mu Ye can also smoke them to death
But fortunately, these people have some brains.
"Thank you, Professor Li. This time, it’s not because we want to come here. It’s the Zou family hardliners. You just set off fireworks. That’s Mr. Zou. You should be careful. They want to imprison you to find more relics."
A man who seems to have been recruited decisively said, and then naturally he fled away.
So, one by one, the birds and animals are scattered.
Why don’t you stay here and die?
For Tian Peng and Yin Shanjun, these people all know that they are contemptuous and say that they can compare themselves with others, but they dare not have this little idea.
Only Master Zou can get older and suddenly become stronger, and he can’t carry his brain clearly. This man has been a dude since he was a child, and he just beeps like a fool.
Of course, there are also Zou’s family who took a lot of interests and benefits in this fight, which made this less clever dude swell up.
Plus, Uncle Zou, that is, the main body of Zou Jiajia, will spoil this one. After all, he didn’t compete with him in the past, so that he can get a gold plating and do something small by the way.
From a Zou Guke, there is no regard for’ Li Yan’
So this has led to this wonderful thing happening now, but it is normal to think about it. They don’t recognize what resources Qin Mu Ye can have to cultivate shadows.
At present, the channel to enter the film industry has long been controlled by major families, except that the family can enter, and other filmmakers can’t get in at all
Otherwise, what they do with the Shadow Administration is naturally this interest.
If it is in the hands of the shadow management bureau, it will not be controlled by the family, but will be divided with the top management of Shengguo.
The aristocratic family is a aristocratic family, and the top level of the country is the top level of the country. There may be an intersection between the two, but there are politicians and careerists who have been promoted from the bottom level in the top level of the country, and they are not the same, so such a large-scale competition for profit will occur.
However, although the family won, it doesn’t mean that the struggle for profit is over. The struggle between the family and the family has been played again, which is just the division of interests.
If this is changed to Qin Mu Ye, this group of people will have to bleed one by one
He can tolerate people’s incompetence, but he will never tolerate people’s fighting and losing their position.
After a while, the transcendental body will completely cover the original modern body, so the original peacetime will become the law of the jungle
Just wait for a strongman to directly suppress everything.
It was Qin Mu Ye who thought it was impossible because he was dying.
One by one, I still want everyone’s life, and I want to move mountains and fill the sea. When the time comes, the film industry will be completely separated, which will directly lead to the sudden death of the shadow. I am about to fly to the peak, and the extraordinary person will fall down and eat shit.