Scholars who think of "solidification" and "pause" think of a large number of troops being fixed and motionless, but in reality, this is not the case.

Less outside, it didn’t see the stationary enemy or the dust crocodile actually stopped … There was only debris.
The scholar glanced at the corner of the room, and the mechanical dust crocodile slapped the metal ball.
It played there after the video was played, which was really … very strange.
So hard work won’t break it? What, that metal ball has to be hit to play the image?
Because of the dust crocodile, it is not good for scholars here to disassemble the metal ball in front of it for research
The sound of "beep-beep-beep" rang again, and scholars found that the picture of the crocodile came out again, and scholars also saw a new picture.
"There is nothing here … where have they all gone?"
Scholars have heard a relatively complete sentence, most of which are composed of words that scholars understand. The picture shows a landscape that scholars have seen outside.
Black days, ruined buildings and cracked street chariots … everything is very similar.
Of course, it’s not exactly the same. Scholars are convinced that the picture is somewhere else. It has never been to the street, and it may be nearby.
And shooting this picture is a … dust crocodile.
The angle of view should be something similar to a camera. Does the crocodile take a look at itself and then take a look at its surroundings?
And it keeps mumbling all kinds of words. Scholars can recognize this dust crocodile … very lost.
The next picture is its wandering scene in the city. It walks around and ends up in a chariot … next to the wreckage.
Then it said a lot to the picture.
Scholars can generally hear what it means and probably understand … The specific situation should be that this dust crocodile is a’ awakening elite’ and wakes up to solve the suspended enemy and save the dust crocodile.
But when it woke up, it didn’t find the enemy, and it didn’t find … When it came to the street, it was full of this kind of ruin, and it couldn’t even find food.
It wandered the streets for a long time, and finally it was hungry and thirsty. Now it has little strength to move, so it stays here, puts its last words in the record and waits for death.
Then the scholar saw it shoot itself through the head with a weapon.
It seems that this is a very abnormal state.
In fact, the dust crocodiles themselves don’t know what the scene will be like after the pause. Maybe they are as fixed as the scholars imagined.
But that’s not the case. There is no enemy or friendly army at the root.
It is also quite strange that there are no friendly forces. There should be a lot of living crocodiles, but there are no such people.
Then this elite can’t find anything to eat.
Scholars feel that this is really a bit … sad.
But it’s not over yet.
In fact, it has been filming since it died. Scholars don’t know what it makes. It always seems to have been filming for a long time, but most of it has been skipped.
Finally, the camera was picked up by another dust crocodile
This dust crocodile seems to be an elite one, and it’s the same … very lost.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and thirteen Awakening elite
These creatures … are endowed with weight.
Rescuers destroy invaders.
There are many things that they need to do. They need to complete quite a mission and finally become heroes … or … just watch the population die.
They went into a long sleep with the ideal of saving the population and kept thinking in their dreams … whether to destroy or save?
And when they wake up, they find that they can achieve both.
The vast and dark cities show that there are no enemy troops, no friendly troops and debris and ruins in front of them.
They are wandering in the ruins, arguing how elite characters can slowly starve to death …
Some dust crocodiles don’t want to die like this. They think of various ways to live and find out what is going on.
Most of them have … photographic equipment. Actually, these equipment are ready before they are’ suspended’, mainly to let them record the situation after they wake up. Those suspended enemy state records are elite, such as saving the population.
But now these photographic devices have become … tools to record their chronic deaths.