There is a spectacle in the eyes of everyone. The White Sea Temple needs to be repaired, and the target is just around the corner.

There seems to be a huge hole in the sky ahead
A huge golden column was inserted straight into the sky, blocking the cracked sky like a hole.
Around the pillar, magma and flame rolled and overflowed along the golden light pillar to form a magma river and dispersed everywhere.
There was admiration in Shan Guan’s eyes, and the jade pointed to Zhong Jin Guang Da Zhu and said to the then true people, "That’s my Zong Bao, the God of Heaven and Iron, but the sky can be blocked. Please wait in the ship and wait for us to fill the sky …"
With that, Shan Guan looked at Sun Hao and said with a smile, "Little Hao Ge, let’s go, let’s go …"
Sun Hao said with a slight smile that I am not a monk in the temple of souls now. You should call your eldest brother the ghost.
However, Shan Guan went on to say, "It’s hard to drive the gods with iron, but you can’t lack the little Hao Ge."
He ranked then a little surprised to see Sun Hao. At this moment, everyone also came over for nothing. Sun Hao, Sun Chenxiang, even has some connections with the sea temple, and should also have some sea temple occultism.
However, I don’t understand how a younger brother of Qingyun can learn the secrets of the Sea Temple and let the monks of the Sea Temple treat each other like this.
Sun Hao nodded and said "good"
Shan Guan said "Let’s go" to the monk of the Sea Temple behind him.
Godsworn Li Hui, Xing Tianyou, Zhong Xiaohao, four monks from the Sea Temple, and seven monks took off to the Golden Iron Column.
It is relatively safe that the magma at the bottom of the iron column is not stained with flame.
Seven Godsworn of the Sea Temple and Sun Haoyi, a common name, then there may be a hidden soul, which soon came to the bottom of the Golden Pillar.
Fang then, the true people looked up unblinkingly to see how the temple of the sea repaired the iron, and at the same time hoped to find that the mysterious temple of the sea had not returned.
After entering the burial day market, the soul did not return, but only once when fighting against the ancient fascination. This repair will definitely make the gods iron want to stop, right?
At the bottom of the iron column, there are two golden characters "Dingtian".
The Chinese characters seem to have a deterrent distance of about ten feet, and the coercion has come to my face.
Shan Guan stopped his finger iron about ten feet and said, "Our goal is very simple. We can push the fixed god iron."
Then she paused. There was a dignified expression on her face. "But it’s not easy to achieve this goal. We need to unite our minds to set the iron of the gods, and then we can push the iron of the gods into the sky. It’s unpredictable and it’s difficult to break the magma and enter the imperial palace …"
Huge, like a mountain covering the sun, blocks the iron in front of him.
Sun Hao once again felt his smallness.
The achievement of the great power of the elixir has long been annihilated by the magical and spectacular wonders.
Sun Hao, an ancient great power, feels so small compared with holding the iron of God and anger.
The ancient great power left this divine iron, which requires the younger brother Qi Xin to work together to push forward and return to the sky.
Shan Guan still said, "For many years, our senior monks in the Temple of the Sea can barely meet the restoration requirements, and they can only push the sacred iron forward by 11%. This time, our strength will be better and we hope to push more. Of course, if possible, we should not weaken our ambition and strive to push the sacred iron half an inch, otherwise the Temple of the Sea will hold back the mainland monks."
With that, Shan Guan glanced at Sun Hao.
Sun Hao Ma Bai came over to help the Heavenly Palace to repair the Tianfuyi perfectly, but he started the program of perfectly repairing all the nodes of the Buried Tianxu.
The sacred palace of ice and snow is stimulated, and it is not afraid to break the elixir to repair the mountain of ice and snow and the temple of the sea, but it cannot be weak
Sun Haoshen smiled slightly and said, "Hey, what do we need to do? Rest assured that I will try my best. "
Sun Hao is very strange now that the sea temple has not returned, and it has not been able to hold its breath. When has it arrived, it has not yet appeared?
Shan Guan said, "Little Hao Ge remembers that you got a token after you broke out of spirit of war Palace."
Sun Hao "hmm" took out the token that he never knew. "Hey, is this it?"
Sun Hao took out the token and at the same time, around him, including Sun Hao, bowed slightly in front of the token.
Sun Hao was a little surprised and said with all his heart that it seems that this token is very important and its representative significance is also very unusual, but I don’t know what it will do to promote the determination of God Iron.
Shan Guan also bowed slightly to the token and said with a smile, "Brother Hao, it is said that the token in your hand was made of iron and iron from the gods in those days, that is, I said that the iron of the gods can make us unite the iron of the gods and drive the soul to push the iron of the gods."
Sun Hao’s heart can’t help but feel suspicious. So what will happen if he fails to enter the sea temple in the burial day market?
Or is it that the main soul of the Sea Temple has not returned or that the single body has a similar token?
But this is not the time to delve into this problem.
According to the single story, Sun Hao forced a drop of blood and a finger to drop the token.
The divine iron order absorbed Sun Hao’s blood like a sponge, and Sun Hao immediately got in touch with the token. At the same time, Sun Hao also had two strange feelings in his heart.
First, it’s as if the divine iron has turned into another self. Sun Hao once had a scene similar to that in Bai Gong’s dream *
I don’t think much about Sun Haoma, but I was shocked by the second feeling.
The second feeling is that the iron that sets the gods is like a mountain, and Sun Hao has a sense of oppression that he can’t breathe well and can’t get out.
Drink "we" alone and crisp.
Speaking, the seven monks of the Sea Temple leaned out their fingers and dripped blood and rushed to the Iron Order.
Seven drops of blood donation drip
The divine iron makes it rise and float, and the bottom of the divine iron also gives off a faint light, echoing the word "divine" from a distance.
And Sun Hao, his brother, dropped blood and felt a little stressed at the same time.
Drink "Xiao Hao, your master and everyone are in good spirits to urge the imperial iron to push it forward by half an inch"
Say that finish fly to stop Sun Hao square ten feet away knees a plate of sitting in.
His monks in the Sea Temple flew to Sun Hao’s body without objection, and Sun Hao’s core was evenly arranged in a six-pointed star and sat cross-legged
Corleone slightly one leng Ma remembered that he had seen a large array in Yundian.
* Fang Ju Soul Array
When I don’t think much, Sun Hao also sits cross-legged