However, the desire of the magic statue and the demon ancestor to completely exterminate human martial arts may be lost. Not to mention that everyone in the small world is practicing martial arts, and even the northern Xuanzhou and the Japanese Yingzhou have also set off a martial arts trend. I believe that if more people can see the benefits of fairy martial arts practitioners, human beings will surely become stronger.

Shortly after Xu Ren came out, Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, also came out.
Mo Lin’s harvest this time is not small, and his cultivation realm has also reached Yupu realm, and his spirit is stronger than before because he swallowed several powerful demon spirits of demon race.
Of course, in addition to strengthening the repair strength, Mo Lin also got no less information than the wild days.
For example, there are nine major forces in the wild days at present.
The strongest is Yaozu Mountain.
But the demon ancestors haven’t been out of the mountain for so many years, and the demon family doesn’t seem to be very active.
Then the demon emperor.
The so-called emperor is a demon emperor, and his strength is very strong. It is said that all of them can match the immortal emperor and the human king.
Of course, this is also a popular saying among the demon families. In fact, no one in the Great Demon Emperor has ever confronted the King and the Immortal Emperor.
However, the demon race once fought with the king and the immortal emperor.
To tell the truth, the King of Man and the Fairy Emperor are not the enemies of the demon ancestors when they are carried out alone, but the King of Man and the Fairy Emperor have a very strong means of joint warfare. Even if the demon family meets, they have to avoid the edge.
Even so, it is impossible for the king and the immortal emperor to defeat the demon family, but the demon ancestor was seriously injured by the immortal emperor. It is estimated that the confrontation between the king and the immortal emperor will be a lose-lose scene.
After the Great Demon Emperor, there are 32 Demon Emperors and 100 Demon Kings, and it is difficult to count the number of Demon Godsworn, Fairy Demon Godsworn and Yupu Demon Godsworn.
This Xu Ren also finally knows how powerful the demon race is. It is no wonder that they directly occupied the wild days that belonged to the human monks.
After the little demon leopard came out, others came out one after another, but the gains were not great.
Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu are brothers in the same system. Although their qualifications are good, they are far from reaching the level of Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao Molin.
The dumpling demon dragonfly is also as qualified as Li Yinhe and Zhao Xianglu. Although it is good, it is still much worse than Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao Molin.
Chen An and vestbo are still young, but their minds are still undecided. Although they are diligent enough in cultivation, they are also accumulating details.
Yu Bei Gong, Ximengdu, Zhong Lirui and Cao Dian, although their qualifications are good, there are limits, and they are shorter than Chen An and vestbo when they are practicing. Some towns have made rapid progress to the abode of fairies and immortals, and now they have accumulated the details and made no breakthrough. However, their martial arts training has reached the peak of the golden body, and they need a chance to break through to the top of the mountain.
"Xiao Xu’s family?"
On this day, Xu Ren was enjoying the cool air in the courtyard, but he heard a very gentle sound.
"It turned out that the Second Elder was too far away to meet."
Xu Ren slightly one leng didn’t expect someone to visit people at this time. Xu Ren also knew that it was the two elders of Pingan City who also led them to resist the demon invaders.
"Not only am I here, but I also brought you someone."
When the second elder spoke, he had already dodged, and an old man appeared behind him.
The old man is not tall, half a head shorter than the two elders, but he is very energetic and somewhat sage like type.
"But I wonder who this elder is?"
Xu Ren asked frowning slightly.
"This is our safe city duke"
The two elders see Xu Ren asked busy to Xu Ren said
"I’ve met the Lord."
Xu Ren was very polite. After learning the identity of the man, he quickly bowed down and saluted.
"Not so polite. I’m here to ask you something."
The duke also smiled at Xu Renxiao.
"Then let’s talk inside."
The duke of Ping ‘an City is a big shot for Xu Ren. The most important thing is that Xu Ren can’t see this person’s realm. It is estimated that he has to be a master of Xianwang level.
Chapter one thousand two hundred and thirteen Items
"I didn’t expect the duke’s adult to visit my humble abode. It’s an honor for us to chat inside."
Xu Ren is also a scene person. Although I don’t know what the Lord of Ping ‘an is coming to, he still has to do what he should say and do.
"That’s just what I want."
The duke of Pingan City did not say much directly. Xu Ren entered the house.
Then Xu Ren directly let the duke into the hospitality hall and let Bei Gong and Simon prepare tea alone.
Bei Gong Xiu and Simon Du are now Xu Ren window-keepers, and both of them are more ventilated. After listening to Xu Ren’s orders, they immediately boiled water for tea.
After a while, the tea was sent to Xu Ren, the host of two guests in the hall.
"You have done a good job in this house, especially this law is as good as my Lord’s house."
The owner of the Old City of Ping ‘an took a sip of tea and took the lead in speaking.
"Tell the Lord’s adult to laugh at me. This little trick won’t work."
Xu Ren didn’t expect the old duke to comment on his own law as soon as he came. Although he was confident in his own law, he didn’t dare to be conceited.
"This means you are not small, although the law is not big, but the complexity of the law is not bad at all. I think it looks like an ancient powerful law bearing."
I have to say that the Lord of Ping ‘an City is still very knowledgeable. I just looked at it at random and saw the doorway of Xu Ren’s law.
"Your honor has a good eye. I got this array from a very strange fortune teller."
Xu Ren, of course, can’t say that his law system is immortal because he doesn’t know that although people in the demon mountain have an impression of immortal, he just doesn’t know if there is anyone here who is planted by the king and the immortal emperor. Don’t say that he has immortal memory. Even if he says that he has immortal memory, it is estimated that there are many people who want to kill him. He won’t say that he has immortal memory, but that fortune teller. Anyway, Xu Ren thinks that he is not an ordinary person. He should be able to carry this pot.
"Fortune teller? That’s possible. That guy always has some strange things. It seems that you should be someone else. "
After listening to Xu Ren’s words, the duke of Ping ‘an City was a little surprised, but it made him realize that it is estimated that there are others who can have such a thing as Xu Ren.
"The duke know the fortune teller? To tell the truth, I’ve met him twice, once gave me something, and the other time told me to keep my eyes open and not be fooled by the surface. "
Xu Ren didn’t expect the duke to follow his words, which also made Xu Ren somewhat suspicious, of course, more suspicious of the fortune teller’s identity.
"There are some origins, which are in line with his apprenticeship style. Now it seems that you must be suspected by others."
After listening to Xu Ren’s words, the Lord of Ping ‘an City not only had no doubt, but also became more convinced that Xu Ren was the fortune teller.
"It shouldn’t count, right?"