It’s like being imprisoned for several evil spirits and reappearing in hell. As strong as Luo, I can’t help but feel a kind of heartfelt fear and panic after being shrouded in dense gas.

"How is that possible? !”
Roar like thunder from my body.
But the reincarnated Li Lefu was even more unbearable and uttered a desperate and mournful sound.
In this distorted reality fog, Li Lefu saw the past that he had abandoned and the memories that he wanted to forget.
"Are you sacred?"
Affected by Li Lefu’s emotion, Luo’s dharma body showed signs of disappearing, and the golden dharma circle shrank and collapsed a little bit.
Luo: I never dreamed that I would "kill" those ghost children, which would lead to a big demon like the serpent with green scales.
Even in his heyday, this level, like the serpent with green scales, is definitely not easy to provoke.
"You seem to have overturned again?"
No, you will ask me to reveal yourself. Xiaoqing slowly bowed his head and quipped in a Gherardini tone.
And look at the place where the fragments of the mask that were smashed by Luo Yi’s fist flew up again, reunited and quickly turned into a childlike appearance.
"Ahem is a little careless."
This time, the ghost boy didn’t make excuses and cover up. He just took off his face and became Pei Wende again.
"Should it be said that it is really a reincarnation of a hag?"
"If you kill your heart, you won’t care about the lives of others in Yongle Town."
Riding against the wind and floating, Pei Wende faintly flashed several Sanskrit spells all over his body.
These Sanskrit spells are all condensed by the light of Bodhisattva, and I even heard chanting like nature.
"You … are not a godmother?"
It wasn’t until this time that I realized that those ghost children were Pei Wende’s disguise just now.
The monk in blue and cloth is really fighting by himself.
In combination with Li Lefu’s previous sharing of some memories, I immediately linked the master who turned over resentment in the Tudi Temple a few days ago.
"If you mean a child who has inherited the ability and will of a ghost aunt, I am not a so-called’ Ganda Po’."
Don’t blame me for this remark. Even Li Lefu, who is struggling with painful memories, raised his head.
"How is that possible?"
"If you are not a Ganda, who is the real Ganda?"
"Gandapo" is not only a title, but also a status and strength.
Before tonight, I knew that the ghost aunt was dead, but I didn’t see anyone inherit the ghost aunt’s ability
After a long time, even Luo I acquiesced that the ghost goddess did not leave her strength.
However, Pei Wende’s incarnation as a prajna ghost boy is an ironclad fact, which means that the ghost goddess may not be as weak as he imagined.
The so-called "Gui Mu" God may have stayed his whole life like himself.
"You really don’t know who is’ Ganda Po’?"
Slightly surprised to pick his eyebrows PeiWenDe expression at the moment can have no false ingredients.
It was a misunderstanding for him to mistake himself for "Ganda Po".
But judging from the current situation, it seems that this flying hag hundreds of years ago really doesn’t know Mo Laosan.
"What do you mean?"
Keenly aware of what? I all looked down at Li Lefu.
As a result, it was not surprising to find that the other party didn’t look at himself, but stared angrily at Pei Wende not far away
Obviously, although I shared some of Li Lefu’s memories, some key information was deliberately concealed by Li Lefu.
This includes the child Mo Laosan who has never been given a "name" seventeen years ago.
Now that I think about it, Li Lefu will let himself out so simply this time, perhaps because he wants to kill people.
"Li Lefu! You lied to me again? !”
So when Luo I roared with anger and roared again at night, even if I knew it, others could hear it clearly.
"Do you know who’ Ganda Po’ is, but you have been keeping it from me? !”
It’s a pity that in the face of my undisguised anger, Li Lefu was very car-scrapping and replied.
"Are you and I mortals who know nothing?"
"Of course I know. I know everything. I know exactly who killed my parents!"
"I don’t care if you want to be reborn with the help of the power of’ Gan Da Po’ …"
"But I will never forget the fact that you killed my parents until I die!"
"Yes, you and I are one. I really can’t kill you. I can’t commit suicide!"
"But that doesn’t mean I can’t help you!"
"Luo me! I am a mortal, but I am destined to be a mortal that scares you! "
Chapter 21 Death or death
Li Lefu was born in Yongle Town, a family of three, and was spoiled by his parents since childhood.
This is extremely rare in this day and age.
Because the concept that population is power was deeply rooted in people’s hearts during the ancient farming period.
Coupled with the horrible death rate, almost every family will have seven children, and one or two of them will be successful, and the whole family will be successful in official career.
From this, we can also see how happy Li Lefu was as a child.
It was so happy that Li Lefu only passed the qualification of being a teenager, and his parents were killed because of Luo’s awakening.
Although it wasn’t my intention, I have been trying to hide that memory since I woke up.
But with the passage of time, Li Lefu finally restored what happened that year through clues.
However, at that time, Li Lefu didn’t know about me. He simply recognized that there was an evil and tyrannical force lurking in his body.
And it was this sudden outbreak of power that led to the death of his parents.
Since then, Li Lefu has regarded himself as a disaster, which led to the death of his parents.
Maybe it’s a broken heart, or maybe you just want to commit suicide …
Li Lefu broke through the Great Wall, joined the nomadic barbarians in Wuxing, fought and faced all kinds of monsters.
But no matter if Li Lefu wants to die, I will always come out and carry those "mortal" endings for him in the end.
Thanks to this, people who know Li Lefu, whether they are military officers or fellow villagers, will regard it as a "living king of hell"