It’s not very happy to take Ji Xiaoshan away by playing tricks on the big sword ancestor. The second sword ancestor is even more jealous and stirred up the third sword ancestor and began to fight endlessly.

Of course, they are noisy, but always controlling a certain range does not disturb Sun Hao’s sword.
In the moonlight, they watched Sun Hao practice the sword tactic of "chasing the moon with clouds" over and over again, and witnessed Sun Hao’s time and again urging the moon to be a sword.
There is no doubt that this magical brother has really realized and mastered two kinds of moonlight swords.
Not only that, but in the middle of the night, they also found that Bian Sunhao’s control over the meaning of the sword was getting stronger and stronger, and the scope of the meaning of the sword seemed to be narrowed a lot during the sword dance.
Ling Tian Jianzu was dumbfounded again.
This is another amazing performance. Usually, many swordsmen will have many situations after the sword is born.
When the sword will appear, the spirit will not work, and there will be an uncontrollable state, and there will be a large-scale accidental injury
However, this magical brother of his own has no proficiency in any negative state, and it has increased rapidly in less than a few hours, and he has been able to control his sword to a certain extent.
Touching the nose, Lingtian Jianzu suddenly had some confidence in his brother’s choice of double sword bones.
The most difficult thing about the double sword bone is that you need to forge the sword meaning or sword potential into the bone. Ling Tianjian Zuyuan can practice this thing because the sword meaning or sword potential is too rare, and his brother doesn’t have that much time.
The original Lingtian Jianzu planned to wait for his younger brother to practice first, and then come down from the sky to teach him the way when he couldn’t practice well.
But now it seems that his brother may have forged into a double sword bone.
The most difficult one has been overcome
The moonlight is a great sword meaning, which can cast double sword bones.
Ling Tian Jianzu felt that he had really found the treasure.
When the moonlight faded, Sun Hao gradually completed his own cultivation, slowly collected his work and sat cross-legged slowly, and began his cultivation summary and understanding today.
After reading a large number of books in Jiange, Sun Hao has learned that it is a coincidence that he has refined his sword.
Of course, it seems to be a chance and it is inevitable.
Sun Hao summed up a deep experience and felt that if he hadn’t realized his own practice for thousands of years, he especially missed a few beauties, and all of them were with the moonlight. He couldn’t have understood the artistic conception of thousands of miles and refined the meaning of the sword.
The bright moon is the result of my own accumulation of artistic conception of practicing boxing for many years.
It seems accidental, but it is inevitable.
It’s really difficult to generate the sword meaning. A set of swords recruit themselves to be the highest in the world, and the foundation of uniting has actually been realized. The two moonlight swords have only achieved the moonlight sword meaning and failed to step dzogchen.
It’s a little hard!
Of course, if Ling Tianjian’s ancestors heard Sun Hao’s remarks, they would grumpily play him directly with a skull collapse.
I can’t believe I’ve learned two swords in one night. What a person!
Sun Hao continues to think about whether he can forge bones.
Strictly speaking, the moonlight sword is a great achievement
But Sun Hao suddenly remembered his father’s teaching.
On attaching importance to the foundation at all times, this is what my father taught me before he stepped into Xiandao.
It has always guided Sun Hao’s practice all his life.
Thinking of the word foundation, Sun Hao suddenly felt that he might have to look longer.
Moonlight sword can’t meet their own needs.
Forging less sword bones by yourself should be a kind of dzogchen sword.
Sun Hao’s eyes flashed in the morning sun and slowly got up and pulled open the rising sun masculine hand gesture.
Chapter 1439 One-year preparation (five plus)
Ling Tianjian’s ancestor is very concerned about his brother’s practice.
If you don’t mind, you can’t sleep. Meditation is a little uneasy, mainly because your brother is amazing. He really wants to see how his brother will practice next.
Pass on the shocking news that Sun Hao needs to refine his double sword bones to the two disruptive younger brothers and send them to wait. Then Ling Tianjianzu began to note Sun Hao.
His brother played a set of body-refining boxing against Chaoyang.
This boxing has once again made him shine at the moment. Boy, the boxing has won three flavors, and it has a taste of artistic conception. If his brother can find a suitable sword tactic, maybe a second sword will be born.
But at this time, Ling Tianjian’s ancestor suddenly had some feelings. Perhaps his younger brother could understand the moonlight sword so quickly. Maybe he had already practiced moonlight and had fist skills. It should be by analogy.
But in the same way, it is quite powerful to be able to play the artistic conception of boxing anyway
Ling Tian Jianzu is eager to see if his younger brother can choose a Chaoyang sword to practice.
But then the development of things made Ling Tianjian Zu look puzzled.
He found that after Sun Hao closed his fist, he strode straight to forge the sword hall in response to the rising sun, and woke up in public with a scare from the little girl who was still practicing. She was generally wronged by the doormat, as if she was very sorry that she didn’t do it, and generally prepared several materials for her brother to forge the sword.
Then I went to forge a sword under the pseudonym Sun Hao’s baby brother.
He went to forge a sword!
Ling Tian Jianzu suddenly felt uncomfortable. He kept a good sword trick and didn’t learn it. He didn’t work properly to forge a sword. Did you make a mistake? For a moment, he really wanted to let Sun Hao practice it himself.
But looking back, he came here for nothing.
I have always advocated self-reliance. Sun Haoxian’s cultivation resources must be very scarce. Forging swords must earn points.
Maybe you need points to get a sword move with Chaoyang.
For the first time, I feel that my way of educating my brother seems a bit harsh.
But on second thought, didn’t Ling Tian Jianzu give you a special token by cursing Sun Hao’s stupid bodhi old zu again? Can take it out and give it a try.
Sun Haodu forged a sword at noon.
Lingtian bodhi old zu drew some attention to Sun Hao himself and began to practice.
Although he was surprised by Yu Sunhao’s forging sword, he immediately remembered Ji Xiaoshan’s earthly data, and it was really recorded that Ji Xiaoshan’s family relied on forging sword to gain a foothold.
However, Sun Hao was still startled when he handed over to the small doormat.
When the three flying swords window smashed Sun Haoda, he said, "Give me three flying swords of the spirit weapon to calculate how much contribution it is …"
Three flying swords?
Spirit flying sword?
Ling Tian’s bodhi old zu knowledge can’t help but be one leng. It’s really three good things, which is beyond the ordinary spirit flying sword
What kind of forging sword level does your brother have?
It’s a freak that he can forge a spiritual sword without real fire in the lowest forging material and the lowest forging sword room.
Little doormat Xiaoya "Oh" looked up at the list and said shyly, "Brother, the value of your three spiritual swords, the highest receiver, is beyond the contribution I can send …"
Corleone discontentedly knock on Taiwan "what is your attitude tube kill whether buried? Promulgated and actually not honored? "
Xiaoya looked sad. "Sorry, I’m a novice, too. It’s the first time I’ve met this situation. What do you think I should do now?"
Sun Hao looked a little better and said slowly, "This is simple. I can let you take your sword to the Forged Sword Hall first, and then turn your contribution to me. If you do it well, I will give you ten percent contribution."
Xiaoya Zheng said in his mouth, "Senior Brother has contributed a lot."
Sun Hao waved his hand generously. "You go. By the way, you can get me some higher-level broken arrow materials. What the hell are you, except iron or iron?"
Xiaoya is sad again. "Brother, can I-that’s really beyond my limit …"
Sun Hao waved, "Go, go, I won’t bully you. It’s up to you."
Lesser holding a few just refined and Sun Hao previously handed in flying swords to kitchens.
Ling, as a slight movement body flash.