It feels so strong to put it away freely

All female singers in the whole Chinese music scene feel that Yuxuan Leng may be able to compete with her.
What did I say maybe?
You wavered before you knew it.
Previously, I thought that Yuxuan Leng was already an enemy of Chinese female singers, but now it seems that this is not the case. How can there be enemies in heaven?
In addition to the beautiful voice, it gives people a unique auditory feeling of ethereal bitterness, and the emotional interpretation is full and delicate.
Humming is like talking to yourself, but it seems that you are having a time-crossing conversation with someone, which vividly interprets the feeling of being born at an untimely time and falling in love at an untimely time, being teased by time and fate, being unwilling to Leng Qing, but being pitiful.
It is a kind of happiness to meet people in the right time; It is sad to meet the wrong person at the right time; And meeting someone at the wrong time can be a sigh.
Do you need any special performances after your emotions have been rendered to this point?
Plus a moth eyebrow frowning can make people feel distressed and can’t help but burst into tears.
With the beautiful sound in the background, suluo also enjoyed closing his eyes and falling into the best memories to hear this song.
I think of Zhou Xingxing children’s shoes.
Think of beach gamblers
Think of many, many.
Chapter four hundred and ninety Turn big instantaneous explosion
"Oh, my God, I’m naive. She’s here to paddle, and in a flash I’m on my knees."
"What? I didn’t know that all the handsome guys and beautiful women were handed over to the country until I saw the honor guard of the three armed forces. I endured it, but after listening to the song of the goddess Tang, I realized that his good singer was also handed over to the country. How can I endure it?"
"Ha ha ha ha"
"Mom, I can’t spit out that Teacher Han just sang. I’m afraid he’s also a runaway looking for the pit owner. Then he’ll have a big time. Is Teacher Han strange? I was wrong."
"Poof ha ha ha ha ha ha"
Online real-time comment in that beautiful voice with crazy scrolling and move melody
At this time, dream home stage
The messy lights diffuse and muddy, so that you don’t know where you are. With the sad accompaniment of erhu, all kinds of melancholy are hovering, lingering, winding and chopping in your heart, and you can’t shake it.
Resentment and resentment are also accumulating, and gradually it seems that some can’t restrain sadness.
As a result, in the admiration of the Chinese audience, all the dreamers focused on the Spring Festival Evening audience.
Seeing her like a peerless actress, walking thoughtfully in the courtyard, not superficial and grandiose, moving but charming and ethereal, like the fireworks fairy who didn’t eat people that day, it made people feel heartbroken.
"How about my fairy sister? You’ve been floating in the sky long enough. Don’t you think it’s cold to stay in the sky for a long time?"
"Do you want to try to walk around and get warm air?"
"My good sister makes a gorgeous turn."
Suluo’s playful raillery and his tone are vividly in my mind and reverberate in my ears.
Make a gorgeous turn
This is of course necessary.
after that
Tang Jing turned lightly in sadness and melancholy.
And just as she turned lightly to face the audience again, the stage lights came on in an instant
The audience will feel a sense of high-energy early warning ahead.
It feels right.
turn round
Be caught off guard
with a bounce
Drama cavity comes out from outside generate.
"Is the cloud the rain.
Throw yourself into the sea
But with tears in her eyes
Lonely floating
Hating heaven has changed my heart.
In a flash
The audience can’t tell exactly what kind of auditory feeling it is.
This is a Peking Opera tune.
Emotion is in the middle, but it is in the form of insufficient words and inadequate lamentation. Gu Yongge tactfully detoured Tsing Yi cavity.
But if you pull it hard, it really makes people feel that it is not Tsing Yi, but there is a bit of old-fashioned meaning in it.
It’s not like pronouncing every word carefully. It’s not Tsing Yi or Lao Dan. It’s definitely not a business accent in Beijing Opera.
Then is this the singing method of the female students in Yue Opera?
Or maybe Gakun opera and Peking Opera have derived unique vocals with popular flavor.
I don’t know.
I really don’t know.
Anyway, it’s right to unify the drama
China’s extensive and profound culture will really make everyone doubt that we can fry an egg with 56 flavors without saying anything about drama and food.
It’s all off the mark
The audience knows this moment
Fade away the dust and remain alone.
Gorgeous turn to absolute beauty