The two old doctors were very enthusiastic when they met Li Chu today.

The owner of the forest settled Li Chu and left. He had a lot to do all day.
Li Chu chatted with two old doctors in the office.
Through chatting, Li Chucai knew that several other doctors didn’t go out with the leader today without their accompanying doctors.
These full-time doctors in the health care group often go out with the doctors and leaders.
Li Chu’s part-time job is not his turn under normal circumstances.
This reassured him that the current traffic situation is not good, and it will take ten days and a half months to go out at least once. He can’t bear to leave his daughter-in-law for that long.
At noon, two doctors led him to the machine canteen, and the food was also very general. No meat disappointed Li Chu.
Wang Dafu told him that there would be meat dishes once a week, but he was not sure what day it was.
When eating, Li Chu has been wondering how the leaders eat medium and small stoves. Is there meat to eat every day?
Back to the office after dinner, two old doctors went to the acupuncture room to have a rest. Li Chu wrote the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine in his mind in his office alone.
At noon, it passed like this. According to Wang Dafu and Dr. Fang, this is the normal state. If there is an emergency and a doctor is needed at every turn, that is the big trouble.
Pack your things, Li Chu will leave after work, and the full-time doctor will have to work the night shift.
Walking out of the central gate and looking back outside Li Chu, it was a wonderful feeling. He never dreamed that he would work here one day.
He didn’t ride a bike today. He can walk to the bus stop and check it out. He can come to work after the bus. He must ride a bike. It’s not very convenient to take a bus.
When Li Chu got home, Xiaoding followed her into the hospital.
"Why did you come back so late today?" The girl saw that he had just come back and asked curiously.
"Isn’t it a long way to go to work there today? Besides, I didn’t ride a bike but came back by bus." Li Chu said while changing shoes in the living room.
The girl looked at his clothes and said, "should you buy clothes to wear when you go to the class over there later?" Wear shoes, too. "
Hear the girl say that Li Chu looked down at "what’s the matter? Is there anything wrong with the clothes? "
"Oh, you are so solemn that people will laugh at you if you still wear clothes I made for you."
"No!" Li Chu took off his shirt and looked at the shirt hand again and again. "I think my daughter-in-law is more comfortable making clothes than buying them."
Li Chu appeared, including pants, and Ding Qiunan bought cloth and made it himself, even wearing cloth shoes.
He is now dressed in a ready-made tunic suit, and his old clothes were changed by the girl.
"I’m not worried that others will laugh at you."
"How good you are when you think too much about your daughter-in-law. I don’t think buying is as good as doing it. I am optimistic about many people wearing clothes today. That’s ugly."
"Just make me happy. Hum, whatever you want, you can wear it if you like." The girl said this, and she was already happy. Who can be unhappy when her husband praised her?
After washing his hands and preparing to go to the kitchen to cook, Li Chu heard a big courtyard calling him "Xiao Chu’s house?"
"Come home?" He went to the door and lifted the curtain. "Come in, grandpa."
An uncle was holding a bamboo grate and I don’t know what was lying beside it. He also covered it with a mat cloth and saw an uncle in Li Chu say, "I’m not going in. Your aunt steamed some bags today. I brought you some. You and Qiu Nan also saved cooking." He said and put his hand on the bamboo grate.
"Oh, thank you and an aunt." Li Chu quickly went over and took it from an uncle. "Uncle came in and sat down for a while."
"No, I just got back to get ready for dinner." A grandfather looked at Li Chushen and said, "I didn’t see that you are still so strong in an office all day."
"Hey, hey, I often go out for running and exercise. Wait a minute, I’ll make the grate free for you."
Go in and put the bag in the homemade steamed bread basket, then go out and return the grate to the uncle.
"Grandpa went back to help me thank an aunt. Remember to bring me the steamed buns." Li Chu thanked me again
Yi Zhonghai shook his hand. "Come on, don’t mention it. It’s also the two of us who want to thank you. Just eat while the pot is hot. I’ll go back." Then I went to the Intermediate People’s Court.
Li Chu walked home after watching an uncle enter the Intermediate People’s Court, which saved trouble and didn’t cook.
It’s hot, and Ding Qiunan’s family wore a vest and never showed up. When Li Chu came in, the girl had already sat at the table and ate the bag. When she saw him come in, she said vaguely, "Well, the steamed buns are delicious. Come and eat."
An aunt steamed buns, and a big uncle got six bags. Two people only ate four in total.
The girl ate one and a half, and the remaining half could not be eaten and stuffed directly into Li Chu’s mouth.
The remaining two bags are breakfast.