How can an old Murk come at once?

However, with more and more players spontaneously brushing the sound, it is impossible for her to believe it even if she no longer believes it.
And everyone in the killing family has turned pale.
Originally, I was tired of love, but when I saw so many players in the area brushing their notes crazily, they knew it was definitely not fake …
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Chapter one hundred and ninety Get out
Soon, it took an hour to turn around from urk.
Inside the urkqq group
"Come on, number it."
The Suk group said
Urk people log on to their accounts and then select the device in Henan-Zhongyue Songshan.
At this moment, the messenger of Zhongyue Songshan has gathered a few thousand dream friends from Zhongyue Songshan
These dream friends have booths, and the names of the booths are surprisingly uniform.
And there are countless people behind the booth.
Although Zhongyue Songshan is not a ghost, it has never seen such a hot scene.
These people, whether they were playing fantasy before or heard that urk was coming and then turned it on temporarily, all of them gathered here to wait for those who belonged to their heavenly group!
However, the location that will appear after the transfer is always there, and no one has shifted a step there. That place seems to have become some kind of holy land.
Even if there are too many people around and then accidentally run to that location, people will be very careful to bypass it instantly.
Because don’t bypass the consequences … It’s not what they can afford!
Urk people haven’t arrived yet
But at the moment, no matter the current channel, audio channel or world channel, everyone is shouting and shouting that team called urk!
Urk has become a belief, a dependence and a feeling among dream friends before you know it!
Looking forward to the arrival of urk, there are also many dream friends who have transferred to the area with urk.
When these people saw the battle of Zhongyue Songshan, they were also startled. As soon as they logged into the game, they quickly dodged to avoid the place where the newly turned area appeared and waited quietly.
Because of this, the number of players around has increased sharply from thousands to ten thousand.
And this value continues to rise!
At the moment, the number of people watching the live broadcast in A Girl Without Sorrow has reached five million!
The name urk makes fantasy westward journey players crazy again!
"Crazy … I think these people are crazy."
The top officials of Fantasy Westward Journey couldn’t help swallowing water. They looked at the rising data … Absence!
It is also at this time that Han Xuanxuan played a tired heart and shook the screen over there.
"We have the number."
Hear Han Xuanxuan love tired heart take a deep breath of relief.
Although I knew before that Han Xuanxuan would not be ordinary, he was still full of shock when Han Xuanxuan told himself that he was urk and Han Xuanxuan.
Inurk is the goal of all players in Fantasy Westward Journey.
Is it as difficult to catch up as the gap between man and god? Although the new urk had a good chance to catch up, it stopped their pursuit when it was not the 19th level of Shenwei.
Although that’s because of problems in the new urk department, a team is facing many problems when it grows up. These departments are all possible factors-none of them can be an excuse.
It is neither accidental nor inevitable that urk can seal the gods.
This is because every member of urk is 100% devoted to the game Fantasy Westward Journey, which is more rewarding than loving them, persevering them and chasing them.
I quickly walked out of my feelings and shook my head when I was tired of love.
Then the keyboard was rattled by him, and the old driver’s hand speed was displayed for a moment.
I made five consecutive sounds in one breath for fear that others would top my heart and love it.
"Everybody get ready! The urk gods are coming!"