Yuantong qidao

Er, Xiao did practice magic, but it’s not evil. Don’t worry.
Yang days just a hesitation or admit it.
Hehe, I don’t doubt that Xiaoyouhang is just curious.
Yuantong laughed
If Yang Tianshen’s younger brother does evil deeds, he will be the first to leave him alone, but he won’t doubt it.
Yuantong took a look at the seven treasures refined magic tower and frowned slightly, but did not take it for scrutiny. Then he took the magic bag and poured its contents.
Dan medicine, crystal stone, spirit and flying sword are all magic weapons and special things for practicing resources.
Am I wrong?
Yuantong saw eye Meishan old doubt way
I’ll guess, but I don’t care what it is. Why don’t you and I work together to destroy the magic tower of the Seven Treasures first, which will ruin their idea of winning the treasure.
Meishan Lao Ni drinks a way
It’s a pity that it’s destroyed, although it’s a magic weapon of magic door. Besides, Monty Sect will come to inquire about it when he learns that his brother was killed.
Yuantong disagrees
That also can’t keep monty sect, and how can it be against me? Zen can’t be this evil thing.
Meishan laonigan road
The magic weapon is evil, but the sin is not in it. The Buddha said that there is no limit to the world, and the evil situation is a magic weapon. Wouldn’t it be a good thing if he could find a suitable owner to deal with evil spirits in turn?
Yuantong then says
Well, you mean
Meishan Lao Ni’s eyes lit up and he looked at Yang Tian.
Ha, ha, ha, that’s right. Fate is predestined. This is the fate of the owner of the Seven Treasures Magic Tower. Who is more suitable than Yang Tianxiaoyou, and the Monty Sect is backed by the highest plough door. Don’t want it back.
Yuantong. "
Senior, what are you?
Yang Tian some indecision to see its meaning, they actually want to send the seven treasures refining magic tower to themselves.
Good Yang Tian Xiaoyou, this is a responsibility. Can you flinch?
Yuantong blinked at Yang Tian once said
Oh, thank you, two seniors. Just do as you are told.
Yang Tian thanked me and took the pagoda gladly. This is a piece of earth. How can you not be happy?
Well, finally.
Just then, Meishan old Niyto’s face changed and disappeared into the room at the same time.
Hui Qing takes Hong Zhu and hides. Don’t go.
Yang Tian told a word to go.
Chapter 10 The Great Sun Demon Array
Lao Ni Meishan, you are too careless. How dare you kill my brother and take my magic weapon? I advise you to refine the magic tower with seven treasures at once, or I will make you blood-stained with Bai Meishan today.
I just got to Xiangxue Temple and immediately came to drink and scold Owlman. The ghost cries are terrible.
Looking up, four demon clouds have occupied Baimeishan, which is black, green and red. There are actually four people standing up when they are all ferocious and evil, and they come to hell to kill evil spirits.
Two of them, Yang Tian, actually knew that it was the evil spirit of the Moro Sect who entrusted the wood to look at his body and was damaged. He had already recovered and had probably been put into the door of the corpse demon old man.
The first man was dressed in a black robe and lifeless, and his skin was exposed with dark green fangs, which made him look ferocious, especially those blood-red eye holes, which added to his ferocity and evil. That ugly sound just now was that his mouth must be the culprit of H’s novel, the corpse demon old man.
The other person looks a little bit like a narrow, wide-mouthed aquiline nose. At first glance, it looks like a sinister and vicious person. The red robe is full of black flames. This is also a fierce demon in the practice of scattered cultivation. The famous devil of jack-o’-lantern, but his eyes are staring at Yuantong with malice, which is still like a great hatred.
Hum, evil spirits, evil spirits, evil spirits, evil spirits, evil spirits, evil spirits, evil spirits, evil spirits, evil spirits, evil spirits and evil spirits.
Meishan old cold hum a way already appeared in his eyes.
Ha, ha, ha, the donor of the jack-o’-lantern didn’t expect us to let you get away with it again. Did you repent day and night after you went back and come here to find you?
Yuantong is abrupt. "
Hum, the bald donkey will be proud when he dies. Today, I must drink your blood, eat your meat and swallow your soul to get rid of the hatred of the three demons who destroyed me in those days.
Jack-o’-lantern demon king gnashed his teeth and snarled, but I didn’t expect him to come for Yuantong. It seems that he really hates Yuantong to the extreme.