This kind of active magic has always been some important things, for example, it can inspire all kinds of magic protection covers, and it can stimulate magical power to help enhance combat effectiveness. These are the two main directions of active magic. Because these two things are important for everyone, they don’t make occasional words every day, so many people can afford it, and people who own this magic usually treat it as a treasure.

It was the first time that Lisa saw that someone actually made an active magic lamp, and that someone actually made such a magic thing. She and her fellow wizards thought that the noble had a brain problem.
But after learning more about it, they realized that the situation was not what they thought.
The price of these magic lamps is beyond their expectation, even cheaper than all passive magic they know, and the daily consumption is even more incredible!
At that time, they also thought that the noble cheated them because it was impossible. Don’t say that the price of magic spar alone could not be low. Finally, it was not until the noble took the magic lamp and magic spar apart that they vaguely felt that this might be really possible.
Because the magic spar in that magic lamp is different from all the magic spar they have ever seen.
The magic energy contained in the magic spar in the mage group excavated in nature varies with the variety and size of the spar, but there is still a general rule. Generally speaking, the bigger the spar, the purer it is, and the greater the magic power contained in it.
But the magic lamp magic spar broke this rule.
This is not a magic spar, but a metal bar!
That metal bar is the size of a normal adult male’s thumb, and it is a cuboid, which is very regular. Because it is metal, it is not spar, and naturally you can’t see what’s inside.
Well, even if we treat this thing as a special magic spar for the time being, let’s put aside the purity and say the shape and size. This shape and size of magic spar is considered to be medium-sized. If we compare it according to the general law of magic spar, the magic power contained in this magic spar will be sufficient, but Lisa sensed that there were few magic roots in the metal bar at that time, which should not be the normal magic content of this volume of magic spar!
At first, they were this strange magic spar, but the magic was exhausted when it was too long, but according to the noble, the metal bar was new that day, and then the noble took out an identical metal bar. Lisa felt it and found that the magic was also very little!
Lisa, they still can’t understand the mystery. They don’t know what’s going on with this magic spar like a metal bar, and they don’t know how such a cheap price was worked out. Is it wrong for people to make and sell this magic lamp? Do you think you have too much wealth and have to pay for it to be happy?
A few stubborn mages came to stay and wait until the caravan in the aristocratic mouth reappeared to inquire about the reasons. However, the situation at the front line was urgent, and they finally went to the front line together. Lisa didn’t expect that she would see this magic lamp again today, and it was as different as the noble’s treasure. Is there too many such magic lamps in this room? Many rooms have Lisa. No less than six!
Even in the palace, the king won’t make six active magic objects. That’s why Lisa thinks this room is more interesting than the palace.
These magic lamps in the room are different from the ceiling hanging in Norman’s room. They all set the table like candlesticks, and the unique magic spar and metal bars of this magic lamp are placed next to these magic lamps.
Lisa tried one and found that this is really the kind of active magic. After the metal strip was installed, these magic lights really lit up, and then she thought of so many such magic things in this room. She once saw the magic of the mage to build a house and then she thought of Norman wisdom …
Lisa faintly had a guess.
Maybe the maker of this magic lamp is not insane.
They sold this active magic at such a horrible low price. Others may have lost money, but in fact, they may have made a lot of money because they have Lisa’s magical power, which makes it cheaper for them to make this magic thing. The unified magic spar law shown by this metal strip is completely inconsistent with the strange unified system, which may mean that this strange magic spar is made by people.
If it is made by people and is not limited by resources and output, and the raw materials are particularly cheap, maybe those low prices have already earned a lot of money.
But man-made magic spar …
I can’t stop shivering at the thought of Lisa’s body. Her face looks weird and Gherardini seems to be crying and her eyes are shocked.
It’s not that she doesn’t know Norman wisdom, such as sea printing, and the unique architecture of Fanikaheim proves this point, but even though she has thought highly of Norman wisdom, she still didn’t think that this saint could make magic spar artificially!
This breaks the iron law of the birth of the world. If this is true, the impact on the world will be even greater than that of printing!
Lisa suddenly got up and ran quickly to the door, opened the door and rushed out.
She wants to go to the Holy One and ask him whether her guess is correct or not. Does he really have a way to make magic spar artificially?
If this is true, then the world will change dramatically, and mankind may increase its strength!
Lisa couldn’t wait to think of the possible result. She was so excited that she couldn’t stop shivering, but her steps stopped as soon as she stepped out of the door.
Her door is facing the starry sea. From this angle, she sees a magical scene happening over there.
It’s glowing over there
The light rises from the ground like a huge white flame, getting higher and higher, illuminating the surrounding area and the starry sea.
White light shines on the side of the starry sea, and the water surface is sparkling with white light.
At the same time Lisa suddenly felt a dark behind her.
She looked back at the magic lamp in the hall and somehow suddenly went out.
Lisa, there are also many houses around this house.
This is a high-grade residential area in the Star Sea. Residents often hold important positions in the people’s government. Otherwise, senior members of the caravan started their adventure in the Star Sea and benefited them. There is also a homeowner who is the family of a famous martyr in the Star Sea.
These people’s living conditions are very good in the stars and seas. I’m afraid that even Augustus and King Wang Guoxin will be stunned when they are exposed to the outside world. For example, every family here shines a magic lamp every night, and the light shines from the window, making the neighborhood look like daytime.
And now Lisa sees those lights fading away.
Like the magic lights behind her, the magic lights of all the people around here went out quickly.
After a while, there was no one around here, and the magic light was still on, and the surrounding area fell into darkness.
"What’s the situation!"
"Er ya, your light is broken, too?"