Su Yonglin put all this in front of people so that they could see it clearly.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages, as Su Yonglin can see clearly.
"Being an emperor has many advantages, but there are also many disadvantages. The most important thing is to absorb a large number of old officials and powerful gentry into the new court and give them strength to let them handle affairs, which will bring us great resistance. Some things we have to endure.
However, this is also the price that must be paid to get benefits. There is no such thing as two evils to be lightened. This is my final conclusion after weighing the pros and cons.
"But being an emperor is not my goal. Being an emperor is a means to achieve a goal, to become an important minister of the country, and it is not your goal, but a means to achieve your ultimate goal. I hope everyone knows this."
They all nodded their heads in white.
"When I was emperor, we should fully develop and expand at low cost. Our organization will attract more talents and gradually they will replace old officials and tyrannical gentry to finally realize a new court.
If you want to save the bullied villagers, it is impossible for them to fight alone. You must tell them what to fight against bullies and what not to continue to swallow, and then give them the leadership to fight bullies and let them know that their combined strength is that bullies can’t fight.
Let them learn knowledge, let them learn organization, let them learn to fight, and let them know that single-handedness is never better than group organization. Together, they can eliminate bullies! By that time, everyone in the villagers is a knight, so there is no need for a knight. "
Su Yonglin smiled and pointed to himself, "There is no need for an emperor."
Su Yonglin’s words impressed a hundred people deeply.
Then Su Yonglin said that it was not the right time for him to proclaim himself emperor.
Now he can’t claim the title of emperor rashly, because there is another Southern Song Dynasty who will lose all illusions and treat him as an enemy immediately. He can’t claim the title and be an enemy of the Southern Song Dynasty immediately.
It’s the best time to be proclaimed emperor, after the death of Jin Guo, to conform to prestige, stabilize people’s hearts and no longer worry about the war between the two sides.
Previously, not only the Southern Song Dynasty, but also the Western Xia Dynasty, he had to make a pretence and give them an illusion that the Guangfu Army would not be their enemy and there was still room for manoeuvre.
When such a new military and political recovery strives for stability and growth,
When the meeting ended, it was very late. Su Yonglin asked most people to leave Zhou Xian and Kong Maojie first.
"I don’t need the emperor to recognize myself. People are still rare at present. It seems to me that the fire is very precious. Let me know that I have been investing and paying for nothing. I am very happy.
You should stick to it, and don’t be blinded by the obsession with money. You should resist this temptation and try your best to win more support for our comrades. When most people realize that they don’t need the emperor anymore, I won’t be an emperor anymore. "
Su Yonglin turned and looked at Zhou Yi and Kong Maojie. "I will be very pleased then."
"won’t you always be emperor?"
Young Kong Maojie looked at the same young Su Yonglin and boldly asked, "I heard that the emperor is the most powerful person in the world, and the person who can do whatever he wants is the most. You often say that it is intoxicating, so once you become an emperor, will you get drunk yourself?"
Zhou Chu looked at Kong Maojie with a little surprise and was very surprised that Kong Maojie dared to ask this question.
How dare you!
But he is also interested in this problem.
Su Yonglin stared at Kong Maojie for a while.
Kong Maojie didn’t follow Su Yonglin to Shandong to rebel against the old headquarters. He followed Su Yonglin from Yizhou after he arrived in Shandong and recruited soldiers.
At the same time, he is also the second batch of members of the Renaissance Association.
When Tian Jue reported the list to Su Yonglin, he introduced a hole in Mao Jie’s office, and Su Yonglin still had some impressions of him.
He was originally a peasant, and his surname was Kong. I don’t know if his ancestors have anything to do with Qufu Kong.
However, in his generation, there is obviously no connection, otherwise, he would not be illiterate. There are also several acres of barren land in his family to starve and live a full life.
After Su Yonglin led troops to liberate his village, he gave the villagers land. The Kongs shared the land. His father was grateful to Su Yonglin and asked him to join the army and join the Victory Army at that time.
His three brothers, when he joined the army in the second place, his name was Kong Xiaoer, which was not conspicuous at all.
However, this little boy is really a bit of a genius. After three months of training, he not only learned basic military skills, but also learned more than 700 words, which was the most literate among the recruits at that time.
After he fought bravely, he learned literacy and actively studied culture and thought. He became the class leader within a month, and then he became the leader. After the war in Hebei, he accumulated meritorious deeds and promoted to the battalion commander and entered the training class of the guidance department for further study.
In the training class, he showed his extraordinary talent in political work and was noticed by Tian Jue. Then he talked to him and asked him if he would like to engage in political work.
Kong Maojie thought for a while and agreed, so he moved from the military command post to the political work post and was promoted to the regiment level instructor a few months later.
Tian Jue was glad to help him change a somewhat cultural name called Mao Jie, which also saved people from always calling him Xiao Er, which sounded rather disreputable.
In short, Kong Maojie is a rare talent with a strong memory and a strong understanding. He is a genius. If he was not excavated by the Guangfu Army system, it is estimated that this generation will face the loess and work hard until he dies. Where can he give full play to his talents?
Look at this courageous young Su Yonglin, he once again understood what "swift horses are common but Bole is not".
How many geniuses are there with a population of nearly 100 million?
Many geniuses are lost in the sea before they are discovered.
Kong Maojie is lucky, but he is just as talented and capable. There are still many people who are still facing the loess and doing farm work or playing with mud barefoot, which have not yet been discovered.
But …
It’s only a matter of time before it is discovered.
So Su Yonglin laughed and patted Kong Maojie on the shoulder and put his hand in front of him.
"Make an agreement. I will end the emperor’s day, and you will personally take the crown and peel off the yellow robe and burn it. Are you willing to … don’t you dare to make an agreement?"
Kong Maojie obviously didn’t expect Su Yonglin to ask him like this.
But …
What is there to be afraid of?
I’m not going to be afraid of anyone after doing this.
No matter how fierce people are, everyone will die if they are killed!
No matter how strong you want me to hold the knife in my hand, you can’t make me kneel again!
Kong Maojie gritted his teeth and held out his hand. Su Yonglin high-fived the agreement.
"Violation of this oath!"
"Violation of this oath!"
The two agreed to look at each other again, dumbfounded.
"Zhou Chu, come and be a witness. If you don’t witness it when that day comes, it won’t count."
Su Yonglin laughed
"Yes, you have to be a witness. When the day comes, you have to watch me burn the emperor’s crown and yellow robe completely! There is no emperor in the world! "
Kong Maojie ruthlessly looked at Zhou Chu.
Zhou Chu blinked for a long time before he realized what he had witnessed.
"This … I … I know"
He swallowed hard and made this oath that he thought he might never see the result.