Nowadays, the laws of heaven and earth are gradually improved, and Yu Duxiu is more aware of the operation principle of heaven and earth, and he has more confidence in grasping the laws of heaven and earth and controlling the general trend of heaven and earth avenue

"Disaster? In a way, I am the most profitable assistant of Heaven, who brings disaster and robbery to all beings. If Heaven is the master of all beings, Yu Duxiu is the butcher. If the sheep is fat, it will be killed and eaten, and then it will be stocked for Heaven from time to time. "
In terms of the quality of life, Yu Duxiu is equal in heaven and earth, but the law of heaven and earth is the boss and Yu Duxiu is just working for the boss.
"If this ban is blessed with providence, such as a knife, the strong will know that the seat is fierce." Jade Duxiu sneers at her mouth.
In the virtual, the fate of Bianhuang meets the Terran, and the earth is in chaos.
The demon monk was forced to be nasty by the Terran monk, so he simply broke into Terran territory and slaughtered and devoured human JingXie to ascend.
The demon race is in troubled times, the Terran panic, the dynasty is turbulent, the fate of the nine gates is shaken, and the people are scattered towards the Terran. Tianjiao emerges as the times require and keeps walking to kill the monster beast.
"Motherfucker really want to kill the bodhi old zu?" Wang Daoling’s time-lapse Terran’s escape in the middle domain was followed by a large group of Terran monks. At this time, Wang Daoling swore as he fled, "How did I offend you, mother? You bastards chased me for three days and three nights. If I didn’t want to bully you, I would have sent you to the devil, and I was still unappreciative. Is it true that I am a soft persimmon?"
Wang Daoling swearing escape speed is not slow, a jump is hundreds of miles away.
Chapter 1771 Too easy to come
"Brother, this kingly spirit has ancient golden toad veins. If you can catch it and refine it, you can enter the Great Dan. We will increase your mana for tens of thousands of years." A young woman looked at Wang Daoling’s eyes in the distance and flashed a few small stars. It seems that it is not a monster beast but several Dan medicines.
This Wang Daoling was hunted down or because of Jade Duxiu’s creation of alchemy. All kinds of scattered practitioners are studying the mystery of alchemy. Various magical elixirs have been added to the world, including increasing mana, increasing practice, increasing body and increasing inspiration. There are countless kinds of elixirs.
"His mother bodhi old zu just doesn’t want to attract the attention of those old things. Do you guys really treat bodhi old zu as a soft persimmon?" That Wang Daoling looked back at all the monks who were running after him, and there was a bit of yoshimitsu in their eyes for a moment, only to see that Wang Daoling suddenly stuck out his tongue, and this tongue penetrated the imaginary roots of all the monks behind him, so that Wang Daoling, this fellow, had been constantly escaping and dared to turn his head to fight back.
"ba da"
Wang Daoling swallowed a Terran friar with his tongue and was about to chew. Suddenly, he heard a burst of terror and coercion in the void. "You evil beast dare to eat people and don’t spit it out for me."
Wang Daoling plopped down on his knees and kowtowed repeatedly. "Big Fairy, don’t blame the villains. These fucking little chasers are too cruel. Xiao Nai only fought back and asked Big Fairy to spare a little life."
In the virtual situation, a white jade palm stretched out and threatened the place where the palm had passed. The monks who had survived were afraid to look up on their knees.
That Wang Daoling like a bug was generally grasped by the palm of your hand, and the instantaneous situation was filled with emptiness, which restored peace.
"Brother, brother, are you okay? This monster beast is so cruel that he learned to sneak up on people unprepared and malicious hands. "Seeing that big hand disappeared with Wang Daoling, the monks came to the brother in succession.
"It’s no big deal, it’s just that I was hurt by that bastard." The brother’s eyes were full of shock after a while before he said, "I don’t know who is powerful enough to take this bastard demon away."
Wang Daoling instantly fell to his head and looked at Yu Duxiu. Then he suddenly got up and knelt down and "met Daxian and met Daxian"
Jade Duxiu looked at this toad essence and nodded. "The realm of nature is also a pity, but why do you make trouble all day?"
When the toad spirit heard this, he suddenly complained, "Didn’t you say I told you to do more bad things, Daxian?"
"me!" Jade Duxiu’s face twitched without a word and then paused. "Now there is chaos in the middle domain, you don’t have to go to peace of mind. It’s not too late for you to travel until the race war is over."
"Race wars?" The toad essence was one leng and then said, "No wonder my brother always feels that the atmosphere in the middle domain is not right. It turns out that the race war is about to break out."
Just then, heptachord came over and looked at the round toad eyes in Wang Daoling. The corners of his mouth were slightly tilted. "Brother, who is this?"
"When the layout of Jinshan Temple in Zhongyu was chosen in the past, it was also a pity to make a small demon, so I brought it back to stay and listen in the future." Jade Duxiu took her time.
After listening to Yu Duxiu’s words, the toad spirit gave a respectful ceremony to forget the dust, "I’ve seen the fairy and seen the aunt."
This dust-forgetting brother is a fairy, and this dust-forgetting repair, although toad essence seems to be similar to himself, can’t hold on to the fact that he is a brother and sister, and he is a little inferior to others.
"This toad essence also know statecraft" forget dust way.
Jade Duxiu took a look at the toad essence. "In the future, you will practice here with forgetting the dust and asking this windy continent to live for a while."
"Peace of mind?" Toad’s eyes carefully looked at the surrounding sky, and the air-breathing machine was not a jade show. There were three fairy air-breathing machines in the mountains, and it was strange that toad essence could feel at ease.
"Fairy! Fairy! Little days later, I will wait on you with the useful behind you. "Toad essence darted to forget the dust with a flattering smile on her face.
Forget the dust and nodded. "Let me help you find a place to live. The elder brother said that he would go to the chaotic world to build a house. This is just a temporary stay."
"Is everything all listen to the nun 1" toad fine respectful way.
"It’s just a toad essence. What’s worthy of your attention is that you will bring it back?" It came to the side of Jade Duxiu.
"Don’t underestimate this toad essence. This toad is well trained. It’s called the treasure chest. I’ve heard the name of this treasure chest for a long time. Now I’ll bring this toad back to see the power of a treasure chest in the future." Jade Duxiu said unhurriedly.
"Oh, it must be extraordinary to be seen in your eyes."
Just then, I suddenly saw that the virtual distortion was too easy for my godfather’s body to appear, and the windy continent slowly came to Yuntai and stopped at Yudu Duxiu.
Too easy to see the jade ancestor Duxiu for a while before long out of breath.
Jade Duxiu didn’t seem to notice the arrival of Taiyi’s ancestor, and a pair of eyes casually looked at the sea of clouds in the distance.
"In those days, I thought you were unusual. I didn’t expect you to grow to this point. At the beginning, I really didn’t look at you wrong." Tai Yi’s godfather looked at Yu Duxiu with his eyes off.
"oh! That’s please godfather took a fancy to "jade unique way.
"Wonderful show, if you really don’t consider giving up the domain, my Terran’s millions of years of hard work will be gone once and for all." Too easy to teach ancestors’ eyes are full of regret
"Heaven mighty rise and fall often Terran has flourished for one million years, and the extremes meet? Wouldn’t it be better to give up the domain? "Jade Duxiu takes a long way.
Looking at Jade Duxiu, it’s too easy to teach our ancestors a wry smile. "You don’t know that SIRS demon gods are terrible and wild, and I have been waiting for millions of years. Compared with SIRS demon gods, if I enter the middle domain, wouldn’t it be necessary to completely suppress us and leave room for our Terran to turn over in the future?"
"Is the difference between Godfather’s words that the seat is regarded as a child? I don’t know that the demon race is not monolithic. When the time comes, contradictions will inevitably break out. After millions of long-cherished wishes, our Terran can naturally replace the demon race to occupy the middle domain."
Father Taiyi moved his lips, and a long river of fate flashed in his eyes. "One million years is too long, and no one knows what will happen in this."
"After all, you are also a member of the Terran, but your roots are your hometown. You just stood by and the Terran was robbed?" Tai yi jiao zu Dao
"I want to forge a treasure." Jade Duxiu turned her head and looked at Tai Yi’s ancestor.
"Oh?" Too easy to teach one leng.
"This thing is called that the lock demon tower will be sacrificed and refined successfully. Then the monster beasts will never show off, and the demon gods of the heavens and the earth will also stay away. Even if the demon gods enter my lock demon tower, they will be trapped and never be detached."
"Trapped demon god? How is it possible? "It’s too easy for my ancestors to believe it.
"The snake god has been suppressed by me." Jade Duxiu looked at Taiyi’s ancestor unhurriedly. "Is it impossible for me to make friends with the apes?"
"This?" Grandfather Taiyi was hesitant when he heard this. "If the demon tower can restrain the demon clan, I wonder if it can contribute."
Looking at Taiyi’s ancestor Jade Duxiu’s silence for a while, it took a while to say, "All kinds of prohibitions on refining this lock demon tower are about to be deduced, but there is a lack of sacrificial refining materials. The most difficult thing to find is the bronze fall in heaven. If you have the heart, you might as well tell the bronze fall in heaven."