Cai Yuner is escorting Lishifang Town in her third brother Cai Sicheng.

Cai Yiming sent fifty guards to accompany Cai Sicheng and his party, and he took people to escort the carriage to the mountain pass outside the town.
Cai Yuner cried in tears. This time she went to Shifang Town, she didn’t play anything. She promised to show her around and joked that she would let the town men fall for her.
Who knows that she is so embarrassed?
"Faster" Cai Sicheng urged the team.
"It’s hard to walk so fast on Sangong Mountain Road." Someone said weakly.
"You don’t know Hongqizhai, do you still dare to linger here?" Cai Sicheng was angry.
He wanted to send his little sister away quickly so that he could come back and accompany Shao Qing’s adult to "suppress bandits" together. After he leveled Hongqi Village, his prestige in Shifang Town would surpass that of his eldest brother.
The carriage jolted on the mountain road, and Cai Yuner was shaken and almost fell apart.
"Third brother, can you slow down?" The cloud lifted the car curtain and asked.
Cai Sicheng looks pale. "I can’t slow down and give you to me. If something happens halfway, I can’t afford it."
The carriage went on for another hour, and Cai Yuner was really impatient.
They didn’t hurry when they came, even if they were in a hurry. It was like running for their lives.
"Can third brother stop and have a rest?" She pleaded.
Before Cai Sicheng spoke, a sharp whistle sounded in the depths of the forest, followed by an arrow tied with tarpaulin and a flame arrow coming out of the forest in the middle of the carriage path.
There are a lot of weeds scattered on the road. Cai Sicheng didn’t notice that those weeds with rocket arrows were behind and burned up.
"Fire! Put out the fire!" The guards shouted and pulled out their swords to poke the weeds.
But more arrows came out of the forest, and the fire touched the ground and the horse burst into flames.
Cai Sicheng realized this was not good.
"There is an ambush! Go back quickly! "
However, by this time, the carriage had been lit by flames, and the curtains and windows were on fire. Cai Yuner huddled with the maid in the car and screamed.
Cai Sicheng picked the train curtain with a good sword.
Without the car curtain, Cai Yuner can look out directly.
At this moment, hundreds of people came out from the opposite forest and stopped the road with sharp swords.
Cai Yuner was so scared that she forgot to shout and stared at the outside.
A man from the opposite crowd stood in the middle of the road and shouted, "Is this Cai Fu carriage?"
Cai Sicheng hurriedly motioned for a guard around him.
Before the escort had to bite the bullet, he replied, "It’s our carriage with harem and valuables, so please do me a favor."
"The harem in the car is Yue Princess?" Asked the other party
Cai Sicheng froze. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is Cai Fu’s carriage, but we didn’t bring Yue Princess."
Before he could finish his sentence, a man with a knife across the street was already laughing. "It seems that our news is really correct. Princess Yue is afraid that it is not so easy for us to escape. It is better to stay with our castellan for recreation."
As soon as the man’s voice fell, a strange cry echoed in the crowd, "Yue Princess is so handsome. Please welcome my castellan."
Cai Yuner scared and hugged the maid around him. "I’m not a Yue princess. You have mistaken me!"
As a result, it’s a good thing that she called Nv Jiao’s weak voice so clearly in this situation that it attracted everyone’s attention.
"Brothers, please invite Yue County Master to the village. Don’t keep our village master waiting!" The first man shouted loudly and raised his knife at the same time.
The crowd roared toward the carriage with laughter.
Cai Sicheng was scared and at a loss. He just sent his sister home. They didn’t bring anything of value. How can Hongqizhai people stare at them?
Hundreds of people rushed to the front of the carriage in a blink of an eye, and the guards couldn’t hold such a sea of tactics even if their martial arts were no better. In a short time, this man was cut and that man was stabbed.
Cai Sicheng urged Ma Si to yell, "Go back quickly!"
But at this time, where can he retreat and look around? There are Hongqizhai people everywhere in the forest. They are whistling and waving long knives in their hands and rushing to Cai Yuner’s carriage.
Cai Sicheng wanted to save his little sister, but he stopped when he rushed out.
These people are coming for his little sister. If he saves people in the past, not only can he not save Cai Yuner, but he will also get in.