Quasi-immortals are gloomy, and the ancestors are not good-looking. Look at me, I see that you are all long-spoken.

This time, due to the assistance of a hundred ghosts, people didn’t wait long. When they saw a golden aurora in the virtual moment, they shook the laws of the heavens and plunged into the star field and rushed into the turbulent Milky Way.
"Gengjin Taoist is humanized" The gloomy voice of Grandfather Kunlun Mountain has a hoarse taste.
"It really seems that the forward news is really wonderful and beautiful, and it can be turned into a fairy." Taizhuang Jiaozu slowly said.
"Wonderful show can’t stay" Taidou teaches the ancestral way.
Ladies and gentlemen, look at me. I’ll look at you. You’re all gloomy to the extreme. Today’s wonderful show can be enlightened. Ladies and gentlemen, if you make progress in the next year, isn’t it enlightened?
It’s a hundred ghosts who die today, but it’s not themselves and others who die in the future.
In the wilderness, the whole wilderness silence seems to be in a dead zone.
A breeze blows through the whole wilderness and instantly turns from silence to vividness, and birds, animals and insects continue to interweave.
Donghai Sea
The Dragon King of the East China Sea gently touched his beard, and the light in his eyes flowed endlessly, not knowing what to think.
The virtual distortion that crossed the virtual hand instantly shrank back from the vortex, and the vortex reversal in the star domain seemed to be a piece of folded paper that was instantly paved and you couldn’t see anything strange.
Taiping Road Hall The whole hall was silent, and all eyes were on the jade.
Jade Duxiu’s left hand slowly pulled out from the void, and his face looked at the ancestors and quasi-immortals with both hands, and then slowly said, "Let everyone laugh. Just two buffoons have disturbed everyone’s interest and have a cup of self-punishment."
Said the jade Duxiu looked to one side with a tray. The factotum brother saw the jade Duxiu and looked up. Suddenly, a clever man came up with drinks and then respectfully poured a glass of wine at the jade Duxiu ceremony.
Jade Duxiu picked up the glass and turned a circle to signal the crowd to pick up the glass. When they saw this, they didn’t dare to neglect it. They quickly stood up and took a few glasses. Then you looked at me and I looked at you. After Yu Duxiu looked up and gulped down the wine, they rushed to pour the wine into their mouths like chewing wax and could not taste the slightest taste.
"I don’t want to offend even the quasi-fairy. I have long seen that this hundred ghost Taoist Gengjin bodhi old zu is not pleasing to the eye. When the lunar reincarnation happened, the seat didn’t come to take care of them. Who knows that these two guys didn’t know how to take the initiative to send the door? In this case, the seat will become his future life. If you are bored, you can come to the seat to ensure that you will become him." Jade Duxiu’s words are indifferent and the needle falls in the hall.
At this moment, the prestige of Jade Duxiu will rise to the highest point in the heavens, and even the quasi-immortal dare not violate the will of Jade Duxiu.
After listening to Yu Duxiu’s words, no one dared to stare at the case without saying a word.
Sitting at the top of the table, the ancestor Taiping coughed gently. "Let’s continue to drink. Some trivial things are not worth mentioning. Don’t disturb everyone’s nature. Let’s continue to drink."
Taiping’s ancestor’s words fell on everyone’s lips, and the people around him were talking. The chaos in his head was worse than what he said. Anyway, the atmosphere in the hall was lively again.
"Alas, Miao Xiu played too much this time." All eyes slowly recovered from the stars and sighed slightly.
The Hunger smell speech is "wonderful show is not stupid, doesn’t he know what the consequences are? Why do you want to do this? This is the key. "
The Hunger looked at the sky.
Chapter 135 You see me today, especially yesterday.
Is Miao Xiu stupid?
There is no doubt that Miaoxiu is definitely not stupid. She definitely knows what will happen if she is enlightened before the days, but what did Miaoxiu do?
Yeah, what?
Chaotian The Hunger, you look at me. I see you have been watching it for a long time, but you never know what Jade Duxiu really wants.
"In the heavens, no one knows what Miao Xiumu is, and no one knows where Miao Xiumu aims." The Hunger sighed.
"Don’t think so much. Let’s hurry to get married after such a long delay." Chaotian said.
The Hunger nodded in the air and turned to look at the East China Sea fairy. "I have to wait one step ahead and escort the bride to Taiping Road."
At this time, the quasi-fairy heard the two men talking before she came to her senses, and her eyes showed panic. "Well, it’s a mission for you to escort the motorcade even though you go there."
Looking at the emotional quasi-fairy, The Hunger sighed gently and was robbed of her mind by Jade Duxiu. It is not only this quasi-fairy, but all the worlds can see this amazing world war I era, and the strong will seize her mind.
In the sky, The Hunger flashes, the innate immortal flashes, and the East China Sea fairy shouts "Let’s go"
After Yu Duxiu’s skill, all monks who want to find some trouble have to hold on to their own thoughts and then be quiet to bury all the career in their hearts and never show it.
It’s terrible that even the quasi-fairy can really’ disappear’. This is definitely the most thrilling event in the ancient times, and the sky will be rolled up again.
In the hall of The Hunger’s figure in the sky, Jade Duxiu showed off and gave a gift to the two of them before leaving. "Thank you for your help."
Looking at Yu Duxiu’s eyes in the sky, there was a flash of exploration color. At this time, there were some words that could not be asked face to face.
Jade Duxiu smiled gently. "Although I have planned to sit in all these seats."
Seeing this, The Hunger stopped talking and went into the hall to sit and push a cup for a change.
As time went by, the big day was approaching noon, but suddenly I heard a distant faint sound of gongs and drums beating towards this place.
"When the bride comes, please ask the cave master to go out to meet the bride." The MC leaned in.
Jade Duxiu smell speech nodded to the full house guests fuels "excuse me"
Watching Yu Duxiu walk out, Liu Yi looked at Bing Qin. "What do you think?"
"I don’t know my little place before, but now I finally know that the main gap of Miaoxiu Cave is simply a cloud of mud between heaven and earth. Don’t say that Miaoxiu’s brother is a nine-day big day, so my brother is a trivial little flame." Bingqin slowly said
"Well, don’t be discouraged. Miao Xiu has his own troubles, although the scenery is limited. Miao Xiu is so strong. Isn’t he constantly suppressing his wonderful show today? It’s not enough to add more influence in the heavens to eliminate the influence of the ancestor’s suppression. Even if all the ancestors were grounded to suppress the wonderful show, it didn’t work. Today, when I saw the wonderful show, the power was stronger, and the quasi-fairy hands didn’t fight back. In the future, all the quasi-immortals in the heavens even talked about their names and changed color. "Liu Yi sighed.
It’s a pity that Jade Duxiu is too strong to outshine others, so that nine of his disciples have become waste places. Many godfathers have to try their best to vent their luck.
Yu Duxiu was dressed in a big red wedding gown, with dragons and phoenixes in the whole body. He stood upright and proudly outside the mountain gate in the distance, and a pair of teams winding thousands of miles away came along.
The leader is the East China Sea quasi-fairy, who saw Yu Duxiu standing proudly at the door. Suddenly, a tingle came quickly, and the dragon and horse hurried to pay tribute to Yu Duxiu. "I have seen the cave owner and escorted the princess to the cave owner."
Jade Duxiu saw this quasi-fairy across thousands of miles before she nodded. She nodded at the quasi-fairy and asked everyone to have a wedding banquet and invite the bride.
A maid laid a red carpet and then slowly lifted the red curtain of the sedan chair to see a big red wedding robe and a hijab Aoleduan sitting in the sedan chair.
Jade Duxiu walked steadily and smiled at the bride in the sedan chair. At this time, a maid brought a red satin with a big red flower hanging in it and gave it to Jade Duxiu at one end and Aole at the other.
Jade Duxiu took the red satin to bring the Aole sedan chair and walked slowly towards the gate.