"No, the duration is very short!"

"I need an exact location. The more accurate the better!"
"The existing coordinates are already the highest accuracy that the equipment can achieve!"
Ye Han is another jump. "Is there anything else besides the positioning signal?"
"Not yet!"
Yip hon was as big as a bucket. "Let me know if you find a new horse!"
"You can rest assured."
Communication is suspended. Yip Han’s mind keeps returning to the clues he just got.
It is not surprising that the positioning signal appears dozens of kilometers away. If the expedition team is missing and there is indeed a signal with aliens, it is not surprising anywhere.
He can’t figure out what an alien attacked the expedition team!
The desert is called the forbidden area of life, the Dead Sea, which is the most unsuitable area for life-let alone aliens and humans, it is difficult to give birth to a group of giant worms here. It is very unlikely that they will accidentally enter the hinterland of the desert. It is absolutely no accident to continue to speculate that the swarm appears here according to this idea!
Moreover, it is not necessarily a giant worm, a servant or a worm that attacks the expedition team, and it is more likely.
So how exactly do aliens stare at this expedition?
It’s not surprising that the positioning signal can’t be received. Humans have been dealing with aliens for so long, and aliens have transformed so many worms. People must know something about human science and technology. It’s not surprising that they know how to shield the wires. It’s not surprising that aliens and worms help the wires.
Now that aliens know the line, what about the sudden appearance of positioning signals?
A momentary mistake? Or are you playing hard to get?
Thought of here yip hon pace is a slight delay.
Before he could think of an ugly girl, a crisp gun suddenly came to the left and stopped him thinking, "What’s the situation?"
He immediately heard Ouyang Ping yell, "Found the giant bug, found the giant bug fighting!"
Yip hon, with a gun in his hand, rushed to the direction of the gunshot and jumped into several sand dunes just in time to see the battle ahead-a sand dune with the same color in a desert more than 100 meters away, and Ouyang Ping and his battle group formed a loose encirclement, supported armored rifles and aimed at the fierce fire bombs of the giant scorpion, hitting the giant scorpion shell and splashing a little spark.
Yip hon got a fright. This giant scorpion is unusually big, and its tail hook is at least two stories high. Every scorpion leg inserted into the sand is like a stone pillar, and every scorpion claw is as big as a mini car.
The giant scorpion went on the rampage and blocked the giant scorpion. The soldiers jumped nimbly in front of it. However, the giant scorpion was far more flexible than expected. The giant scorpion claw actually caught the soldier Ling Yueqi!
The trapped soldier took his time, and his rifle continued to shoot at the giant scorpion, and others’ firepower became more fierce.
The giant scorpion didn’t care how many giant claws were clamped, but failed to clamp off the restless prey. The giant scorpion suddenly became furious, and another scorpion claw also clamped the soldier tightly, erected the tail hook and held it high.
Ye Hanxin suddenly came to his throat. The new armor adopted high-strength alien alloy. Although this thing successfully withstood the scorpion claw, the scorpion claw is a line, but the tail hook is a point. Plus the tail hook is the most powerful weapon of the scorpion body. It’s hard to say whether the alien alloy will hold up.
At the critical moment, Luo jiaqi arrived with another battle group, and a soldier rushed to the sand dunes with a single-soldier rocket and did not hesitate to aim at the giant scorpion fire
Almost as soon as the rocket was launched, it hit the root of the scorpion tail, and the violent explosion instantly penetrated the scorpion tail and blew it off by two thirds.
The pain made the giant scorpion clamp the giant claw and painfully open the trapped soldier’s body, and quickly put oil on the soles of his feet to escape from the attack range of the giant scorpion.
The soldier just fled, and two rockets hit one of the giant scorpions, or the shaped charge armor-piercing projectile reached a speed of up to two kilometers per second. The metal jet penetrated the giant scorpion from the left side of the scorpion head, and the high temperature cooked and scorched the giant scorpion. The giant scorpion struggled desperately and waved its huge claws and fell to the ground unwilling.
Yip hon long breath "grandma how to touch such a thing?"
This giant scorpion is native to the earth, not aliens. At the beginning, the northern defense line didn’t deal with this thing less, but at that time, the desert giant scorpion was not so big and didn’t carry it so hard
Xiaoyuan said, "Maybe it came from the east, maybe it was a second mutation."
The so-called secondary mutation means that after the giant worm is infected and mutated, the expanded virus causes the giant worm to expand again. The expansion caused by the secondary infection is not so exaggerated. It is not bad to make the giant worm expand once or twice, and it is extremely rare to expand three times.
Yip hon shook the rifle in his hand. "It’s a little troublesome … I need heavy individual weapons for the bridge!"
"How about a batch of depleted uranium armor-piercing projectiles on the bridge for nothing?"
Ye Han considered for three seconds. "Forget the steel core armor-piercing projectile!"
The radiation intensity of depleted uranium, that is, uranium 23, is not high. It’s okay to wear simple protective equipment and hold it directly. It can’t be touched for a long time, and it can’t be inhaled into the human body. It’s a heavy metal, even if it’s as toxic as radiation, you can’t discuss it!
Then this thing can burn when it hits the target. If inhaling and burning produces toxic smoke, congratulations, you will gain kidney failure and a series of health problems all over your body.
In general, the military does not use depleted uranium weapons.
At this time, Ye Han and others are located in the hinterland of the Dead Sea, which belongs to the area where there is no need to worry about depleted uranium pollution. However, the expedition team is sent here to find super plants suitable for transforming the desert, and it is likely that the transformation of the desert will be scheduled soon.
Yip Han doesn’t want to be happy for a while but leave trouble for the future. "Give me some more Grenade launchers and ammunition!"
"No problem!" Lin Biao issued an order "Dongfeng Express will achieve its mission!"
Chapter 153 Heavy armor express
A missile roared out of the belly of the Ningwu and hurtled into the atmosphere.
At the same time Xiaoyuan hey hey smiled and pulled out a sharp saber along the crack of the giant scorpion shell knife to dismantle a giant claw. "Let’s tear that down and bring it to dinner. Good things can’t wave … What are you doing? Come on? What are you waiting for? "
The soldiers stared at Xiaoyuan together and didn’t know what to do.
Ye Hannai rolled his eyes. "Go ahead and wait for the vote. There’s no time!"
If it weren’t for the emergency, the troops wouldn’t stop, let alone deal with the giant scorpion sometimes.
But since I met Yip Han, I don’t mind improving my food.
When the soldiers heard this, they immediately smiled. It took several soldiers to rush to take the giant claw, take out the white tender meat directly from the fracture, put it into a special folding fresh-keeping box, and then spray it with liquid nitrogen, and a quick-frozen fresh meat of about 5 kilograms will be ready.