Seeing this, everyone froze there.

A lot of people have dug into their ears and heard wrong.
"What …? He … he is wild rattan mulberry? "
"Oh, my God, I’ve offended wild rattan mulberry."
In particular, the faces of two ninjas turned bitter gourd and showed remorse.
Both of them were prostrate on the ground and their bodies were shaking violently.
"Get up. I have an important trip this time. I’m going to see my uncle," Muhai said.
Sir, after a burst of terror, he slowly wiped his face and sweat "Wild rattan mulberry please"
Muhai was led by the chief officer and soon came to the top floor.
Just then, a big drink rang out and dozens of figures quickly gathered around to block the way of the two.
"At the entrance to the village, you dare to bring people here if you don’t keep it well?" The first person said
Sir, if you don’t speak, it’s a slap in the face when you go to the first man
Clear sound is better than pleasant sound.
The first man touched his face and showed incredible appearance. "You … you dare …"
"I’m sorry for this kind of person," said the chief.
When the first man heard this, he changed from surprise to panic and quickly bowed down and "visited wild rattan mulberry"
Everyone followed the bow down to a face of horror.
"All right, I’ll go to the negotiation room if there’s speed this time," Muhai said.
This unblocked resistance soon came to the door of the negotiation room.
Muhai went to the door and knocked on the door and went in.
A group of people are negotiating, and when they see someone coming in, they can’t help but show their doubts.
But when they saw Muhai, they were relieved. Even Ji Chuan, the first wild vine in Japan, saw Muhai with gentle eyes at the moment.
The Americans are all looking at Muhai with a dull face.
Muhai looked at evil tiger corners of the mouth slightly raised.
Before seeing the sun shining, the evil tiger turned into a gloomy face at the moment.
Heart hatred has replaced his generation.
In beside him to tiger face a face of cold, a pair of strangers don’t close.
Muhai quickly took back his look and went straight to wild rattan Sichuan Ji’s side. It was a whisper that leaned over his ear.
Wild rattan Sichuan auspicious show a full face of disbelief.
At the beginning, it was the bodhi old zu who paid compensation, and now the bodhi old zu has let him slay these people?
Regardless of whether it can be killed or not, it will be bad for Japan once the hand forces cause a war between the two countries.
Wild rattan Sichuan auspicious look up to MuHai eyes look complicated.
He can’t believe it and can’t believe it.
"You can send a message to the bodhi old zu to confirm" MuHai low said.
Muhai’s words are right in the middle of Noda Kawaji’s mind, and he secretly sends messages.
Seeing this scene, Muhai’s mouth was lifted with pride.
His mind sank into the network of Japanese agents, and he quickly intercepted the information of wild rattan Sichuan Ji, and sent him a message in the name of the bodhi old zu of wild rattan family.
"Do it as soon as possible to prevent future troubles!"
A simple word makes Noda Kawaji wonder instantly.
"Excuse me, please," said Noda Kawaji.
Evil tiger tiger looked at wild rattan Sichuan Ji couldn’t help but frown.
The tiger suddenly frowned and then showed a malicious color. The figure flashed and sent the evil tiger to the corner.
Then his breath changed quickly to wild rattan Sichuan Ji.
If he is fast and thunderous, Geegon will not be able to react to it.
"Boom …"
There was a loud noise. Wild rattan Chuanji’s body directly hit the hard warship wall and made a loud noise.
But now the Reiki-revived warship has become harder than it was, and the shape of the wall he was hit by has not changed.
"Well …"
But wild rattan Sichuan Ji is vomiting blood with a face of pain.
Can he be compared with the iron wall of a warship without aura to protect his body?
Everyone wait for a while looked at this scene and his face showed disbelief.
Talk about it, hit it, and let others think.
Even the wild rattan Sichuan Ji that agent-Kappei Yamaguchi is staying there at the moment.
There were nearly twenty people on both sides, and no one moved at the moment.
"Dare to kill my uncle?"
Muhai gave a loud roar with a sad face, but his heart was full of pride.
"Boom …"
Two people instantaneous fighting together all kinds of air billow kept colliding.
The roar is deafening.
The whole warship is buzzing and trembling.
Fortunately, the warship is thick enough and strong enough without any damage.
"Boom …"
There was a loud noise, and a Japanese agent grounded the tiger and smashed his head. "How can you dare to kill us all and never pay the price!"