Ye Guchen took the lead in walking towards the front, and others didn’t say much. They followed behind Ye Guchen one by one, but when they arrived in front of the flame bridge, they stood there one by one and looked at it. The flame bridge, which was hundreds of meters long, didn’t know it should be so good.

A bird monster looked at the flame bridge in front of him and immediately said to everyone behind him, "I’ll change my body and take you there!" "
Talking all over the body changed into a giant eagle about two meters high and ten meters long, and then waved a wing and made a look at several people next to it, and several plants and animals killed the giant eagle.
"Gung ~" The giant eagle screamed and waved its wings covered with black feathers about five meters long, then fanned and rolled up a gust of wind to fly this half, and then put his sharp claws back and headed for the other end of the flame bridge.
"whoosh ~" The giant eagle has reached this abyss with one breath. When the central area is about to wave its wings again and blink of an eye, it can reach the opposite side. When everyone’s faces show joy, the accident suddenly happens.
"Boom ~" After a loud noise, there was a soaring flame at the bottom of the abyss, which instantly formed a wall of fire from the underground, and the giant eagle was wrapped in the middle. The giant eagle and the dough figurine were reduced to ashes by this flame without even a chance to moan, and then the flame fell again as if nothing had happened, but everyone in the place was stunned and didn’t know what to do.
Look at each other, everyone. Look at me. I don’t think you can get a notice when you arrive. Look at each other in the hope of finding a backbone to pay attention to everyone. Everyone has been injured and so many people have died, but who will be willing? But the problem is that if we move on, the result is unpredictable. The giant eagle just now is the best proof. For a while, everyone really doesn’t know what to do.
"Afraid of want to get good things don’t afraid of death? Now that I’m here, you should continue walking. If you are afraid of death, you can go back now. Ye Guchen will never stop you from going in with me if you want a magic weapon. "Ye Guchen took a deep breath and said that he is becoming more and more interested in this bloody battlefield at the moment. Ye Guchen is very curious. According to Izumo, this bloody battlefield should be naturally formed, but Ye Guchen absolutely doesn’t believe that natural formation will form. Regardless of this appearance, the dumpling demon king outside has made great efforts to break the blood wall and meet it after coming in. The regional Datura is definitely not ordinary, and now there are the abyss and the flame bridge. Ye Guchen does not believe that these are all natural formations. If nature can form such things, it is amazing and too many coincidences.
So Ye Guchen thinks that all this must be people. I don’t know who made this place like this. What’s his purpose? All this is curious about Yuzryha Gu Chen, and Ye Gu Chen is determined to find out.
Ye guchen is like this. Once people look for things, they will never change and shrink back.
"Brother Ye’s right. Since I’m here, I can’t go back. Just go back without getting anything. Is that it? If you want to go back, go back by yourself. I am not going back! " Cow demon cold hum a immediately said that after saying this, the second one came out.
The two people’s words obviously made the people feel a little moved, but they still didn’t say it. But when Ye Guchen was the first to step on the bridge of fire and this cow demon followed closely, others would no longer hesitate to follow closely behind Ye Guchen and others.
After all, it’s a little scary to show Ye Guchen that the flame is burning on the long bridge, but when Ye Guchen stepped on the long bridge, he suddenly found that things didn’t seem to be what he thought. Although the long bridge deck was burning with flames, he didn’t feel anything when he stepped on the long bridge.
With a surprised expression, Ye Guchen walked slowly towards the front, followed by Niu Mo, followed by Yunyun, and three people walked in front. When they slowly walked across the flame bridge, when they were about to reach the other side and everyone else stepped on it, suddenly a hot white flame burned in the second half of the flame bridge.
"Ah ~ ~" Blinking screams followed instantly, and everyone screamed repeatedly. Blinking turned into a pile of fly ash, which made the first three people stunned and then rushed over. They didn’t dare to stay in this dangerous bridge for another minute, otherwise they might be in a field with the gang just now.
"Whoo-hoo ~ had a narrow squeak ~" When three points landed, Niu Mo wiped his forehead with sweat, touched two huge horns at the temple on his head and said with a wry smile that the scene just now was too dangerous. He had no doubt that once the flame burned to himself, he would end up in the same field as his companions.
"Look at that!" A cloud is also scary. After seeing a stone tablet, I quickly pointed to the stone tablet and said
His voice made two people look at the stone tablet in an instant. Ye Guchen slowly approached and wiped off a thick layer of dust on the stone tablet, revealing a line that made people smile bitterly. Literally, he wrote, "The brave meet in the wrong way is better than the long bridge of fire."
"It seems that this bloody battlefield is not naturally formed, and I don’t know exactly who made such a thing. It seems that we are in danger." This central position Ye Guchen turned his head and looked at the two people behind him. He said that now he has decided what he thinks. Sure enough, this bloody battlefield was designed by someone, but he didn’t know who designed this thing.
"Yes, it seems that someone really designed this place. I just don’t know who it is, but at this point, I am afraid we have no chance to retreat." Looking at the two people in front of us with a wry smile, I was very impressed.
Touching the ox horn above his head, the ox demon was a little simple and honest and said, "I don’t know it at this point, but I know it’s impossible for us to go back now. At this point, I will try again even if I die here, otherwise I will not be willing in my life!"
Although the cow magic words are simple and honest, they are the truth that resonates with the two people. Yuzryha Gu Chen unconsciously took a look at this guy. There is no denying that the cow magic words are very appetizing to Ye Gu Chen. I just don’t know that this tall and strong guy seems to be honest. As this remains to be seen, Ye Gu Chen is not a person who will easily believe in people because of some favorable feelings. He is not that simple, and his life does not allow him to believe in a person so simply.
"This world is not really mellow and there is no real fool. Others are fools, and people are often fools themselves." This is when Ye Guchen was in the Royal Guards. The elders of the Royal Guards told Ye Guchen that this statement is absolutely true. Ye Guchen is more attentive to those who look mellow and silly.
"Brother Niu Mo said it was good. Now that we are here, we can bite the bullet. What do you think, big brother?" Ye Guchen turned to look at the cloud next to him and asked in a low voice, Ye Guchen has become more and more different about himself since he came here. Obviously, the cloud is not the type that Ye Guchen appreciates. He is too desperate, and it is not difficult to see that this cloud is absolutely greedy and this guy is ruthless in the dreamland created by regional Datura just now. This doesn’t make Ye Guchen like it, but Ye Guchen still shows great respect because no matter how little the cloud is, he has never targeted himself.
"Okay, let’s go!" Izumo gritted his teeth and walked straight ahead after saying this. In this situation, Izumo was a little scared, but there was no way to retreat. He could crustily skin of head.
Besides, as Niu Mo said, he is unwilling to give up now.
The three men walked along this spacious cave towards the front. They walked carefully for about a kilometer, but they were not in danger. Just as the three men relaxed a little, three holes appeared in front of Ye Guchen and the three of them.
Three almost identical caves appeared in front of Ye Guchen, and there was also a stone tablet next to the cave to wipe off the dust of the stone tablet. A line appeared in front of Ye Guchen, saying, "Three lives, three regions, life and death all have caves, and there must be heavy treasures in it. It is for the right person."
A very poor poem is not difficult to show that the poet’s cultural level is not very high. However, people can see what is in it. This poem tells three people that these three caves have a way to live and a dead end, and they can get valuable things in the past, but this thing is for the right person.
All three people can understand this sentence, but at the same time they remain silent. This gives the three of them a choice? You know, the three of them don’t think that the person who wrote this thing is deceiving them. Don’t say that the flame bridge just now is the best proof that the other party can put something like that. It’s easy to kill the three of them. People have said that it’s a dead end, and once you enter, you will definitely die.
But how do the three of them know which is a way to live and which is a dead end? However, this person said that there is a treasure in it, which made them feel a little relieved, but the last sentence made them somewhat suspicious, that is, this treasure is waiting for someone who is destined, so are they really destined? If not, is it still dangerous?
The three of them kept silent and didn’t say much. Finally, Ye Guchen gritted his teeth and sank his heart and said, "I don’t care how you choose, but since I’m here, Ye Guchen can’t go back like this. I want to see who is playing us there. I want to see what this treasure is. I’ll go first!"
Ye guchen walked straight into the central cave without hesitation. He had chosen something and would not give up.
When talking, Ye Guchen disappeared in front of the two people. This cow demon gave a hand to Izumo and then hey hey smiled and revealed a row of white teeth. Then he said, "I also went in, please."
Talking towards the left cave, I walked all the way in, leaving a cloud, a person’s face changed from red to white, and finally sighed and said, "Well, since I’m all in, I can’t just go back out of the cloud. I don’t have a choice whether to live or die now. I’ll just go in and go in towards the right cave."
Ye guchen entered the cave here and then slowly walked towards the depths of the cave. He didn’t dare to walk too fast all the way. He carefully looked at everything around him and carefully observed it. How dare he be careless now? If this is a dead end, you will be in trouble, even if you live, there will be no accidents. Ye Guchen has to be careful as far as possible.
After walking for about 100 meters, Ye Guchen slowly reached the exit position of the cave until he was in no danger. When Ye Guchen walked for about half an hour, he jumped out. When he walked out of the cave, he sat on the ground panting and wiped a handful of sweat on his forehead.
It was a while before Ye Guchen came to his senses and looked at the mouth of the cave behind him. The expression was very strange and he didn’t know what to say. At this time, he found that there was another mouth on his right. There are two ways to live and one way to die.
"Alas ~ also don’t know whether the two came in? I don’t know who went to the right? " Ye Guchen sat there noncommittally and said that when he said this, his expression became very strange, keeping a close eye on the position of the right hole.
After a long time, a cloud slowly appeared at the mouth of the cave. When he saw Ye Guchen, he showed one leng and then gave a sigh of relief. After sitting there and exhaled for a long time, he looked at Ye Guchen and then looked at Ye Guchen with a wry smile and said, "Even the cow demon is gone, right? Wrong novel network many words "
"Yeah, three holes, two chances to live, a dead end. I didn’t expect him to go to a dead end. This can also be said that his life is not good." Ye Gu Chennai shook his head. Subconsciously, he came to hope that it was a cow demon rather than a cloud. After all, this old song that is a cloud is a kind of person. Ye Gu Chen’s heart is uncertain. It is a pity that the cow demon may be more secure with himself. Unfortunately, that guy’s life is not good and he chose the wrong road.
(ask for a ticket! Ask for a ticket! Ask for a ticket! Ask for a ticket! Ask for a ticket! Ask for a ticket! )
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four There is no way out, and there is another village.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four There is no way out, and there is another village.
Silence for Ye Guchen’s words, a cloud can respond silently. There are still more than 20 people who are not in harmony with themselves. Maybe they are a little worse, but their strength is very strong. Yuan Ying’s master is now alive with himself and Ye Guchen, especially when he just chose to let a cloud out. Now he is surprised to break out in a cold sweat. If Niu Mo just walked on the right, he was afraid to go to the left. Once he left, the result is self-evident. If he didn’t have this luck, he would be dead.
To tell the truth, Izumo is very tangled now, and there may be a heavy treasure in hand. Since that person has something to design here, it won’t be too bad to dare to throw it here, but the problem is that Izumo is afraid that he will die and take that thing out of the cloud, and he has some impulse to give up.
Looking at the silence, Ye Guchen knew that the other person was thinking about the other person’s thoughts. Just now, it appeared in Ye Guchen’s mind like a meteor, but it was immediately erased by Ye Guchen. Ye Guchen did not allow himself to retreat at all. The way to fix the truth is like sailing against the current and retreating. This is the same as Ye Guchen’s pursuit of understanding of budo. Although the two things are not at the same level, Ye Guchen feels that the problem of pursuing the end point is the same. In this way of fixing the truth, there must be no slack and you can’t give up halfway, otherwise it will make you My mood is affected, even if I achieve something in the future, I’m afraid I can reach the end. This situation is that Ye Guchen is not allowed to face challenges. He asks himself to face them bravely instead of choosing to escape in fear of death.
Now he can retreat, but the problem is that if he retreats, the fear of this place will form a shadow in his heart. Although he can wait until he has great strength, even if he destroys this part, the shadow in his heart will not be eliminated. There is always a little flaw. This is not allowed by Ye Guchen!
"do it! Do your best! Since I am fixing the truth, I will climb the highest peak! " This is Ye Guchen talking to himself several times in his heart. If the former Ye Guchen entered the realm of self-cultivation, he simply wanted to become stronger and stronger. Now he has changed his goal and experienced a series of things, Ye Guchen has a new goal, that is, to be the strongest in the world!
Constantly climbing and striving for the strongest is a quality that every first-class fighter must possess. Obviously, Ye Guchen is a master in the secular world. This quality has long been possessed by many secular masters. After entering this vast realm of repair, they have seen several powerful magic weapons. That wave of hands can move mountains and rivers, and the real master can say that he can travel in heaven and earth, but he can’t raise his mind at the end of climbing a little bit, because it is simply too far away for them.
However, Ye Guchen didn’t give up his original pursuit of the end point because of the blow, but he became more determined. He thought about this question several times when he was recovering from his illness, and now he is more determined to do this belief! Do your best!
Looking back at this cloud for a long time, Ye Guchen looked a little dignified and asked, "Does Big Brother want to continue?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Izumo is wandering. Listening to Ye Guchen’s words is like finding a straw in the middle of the night. I immediately caught a pair of deep eyes that can’t see other thoughts clearly. Ye Guchen was slightly excited and asked, "Brother, what are you going to do?"
This cloud is not as firm as Ye Guchen’s confidence. He has been somewhat shaken because he doesn’t know there is another danger ahead. He is afraid of death, but he is not willing to give up, so he wants Ye Guchen to help him make a decision.
Yuzryha silently shook his head in his lonely heart. Even if he got the treasure, he could be the king in this starry sea island. There is no hope at all. How can a person who wants help from others even in life and death climb that elusive thorny fairy road?
"I’m going to continue walking ~" Ye Guchen said slowly and walked straight ahead, ignoring the green-red expression next to Izumo. The two were doomed to be fellow travelers. Whether it was the performance of Izumo before or the timidity of Izumo now, Yuzryha was alone and understood a truth. Two people were doomed not to be at the same level. Two people were doomed to be unable to go the same way. Although the friendship may still be there, two people are two people from the world.
Looking at Ye Guchen’s back, he hesitated and finally sighed and slowly withdrew from the hole. He has lived for ten thousand years. It has been ten thousand years since he was born consciously. He doesn’t want to die, although there may be magic weapons that he dreams of seeking in front, but can magic weapons be more important than life?
Ye guchen doesn’t know whether he is alive or dead after entering, but he knows that it will never be a smooth road. If he goes deeper into the road, he will probably quit because he is full of thorns and dangers. Although this will really make people look down on him, he has no choice.
A cloud leaves Ye Guchen and a person slowly walks towards the depths of this cave. Without the interference of others, Ye Guchen’s speed will soon reach this wide and flat area.