At the end of the day, all women, old and young, kept their doors shut, even if they had to go out, they had to cover their faces with black veil. At last, black veil became a trend in other six cities of Horqin.

In a few years, Young Master Black has gradually lost interest in these milli-resistant women, so his round of goals has been set for all the aristocratic ladies.
It’s a beautiful and attractive goal to be able to push down all the aristocratic ladies. In Horqin Seven Cities, there may be Hesse City, a young black master who has this thing.
Of course, there are some aristocratic families who are not ashamed of what this Wan Ku has. However, after Sima’s family was slain by Hesse City in Yaocheng, no one dared to provoke this Wan Ku, and he could find a door to admit that he was unlucky. In the past ten years, at least dozens of aristocratic ladies have been ruined by him.
The most unlucky families, regardless of whether they were married or married, were all harmed by this wicked man. These families really said that they had to move their families after staying in Horqin Seven Cities.
According to endless statistics, at least 100,000 people in the seven cities of Horqin are displaced from their homes.
However, everything has its vanquisher. It’s just when all the good women in Horqin are cursed that a strange woman appears.
This woman is the first embroidered building in Xuancheng, and Mo Shi Niang doesn’t know what this woman did. When Heisan came out of Mo Shi Niang’s embroidered room, she never forced her to kidnap and rob a woman again, but she took a normal pursuit to be married back by him, at least to be a concubine.
And the three young ladies of Phoenix House are the latest targets of the black three places. The previous pursuit failed, and this time they were greeted at the first time.
Oh, I forgot to mention that this black three is not his place name, but his place name has been forgotten. The moral of black three is that every woman sleeps three times.
The first time is virginity, the second time is aftertaste, and the third time is boring. This fellow claims that if there is that woman who can sleep with him four times, she can become a black family and have fewer wives. Unfortunately, no one can do it so far.
Phoenix Injury is in a bad mood at this time. When he meets this dude, it’s really a good thing to do. Last time, it was a big miss. It was a golden cicada’s plan to temporarily delay the past. This time, before entering the city, it was blocked. I want to deny it. It’s hard to think that if I see that Miss is ruined by this villain, I might as well let Phoenix Injury die.
Just when Feng was in charge of the accident, the young black master stared at General Yang Shaohua with a smile on his mouth.
"That who …" Young Master Black said with a horizontal eye as if facing the air. "That who? What are you doing here?"
Don’t say that although this Yang Shaohua is a general, this Black Three has been to Xuancheng for more than a dozen times, but in the eyes of Young Master Black Three, there is really no such person. In the past, this person wanted to say hello to himself, and the black night was a eyelid without a clip.
This in the eyes of the black three young master has entered the black three young master words to blame Yang Shaohua corners of the mouth that smile.
This black young master didn’t know anything about propriety, righteousness and shame before he was forty years old, and maybe he doesn’t know it now, but this fellow has changed a lot since he was talked to by Mo Shi Niang at night, and he usually acts like a normal person.
It’s also appropriate that General Yang, who is unlucky in Yang Shaohua, is stuck by those guards. When Young Master Black appeared, all eyes were attracted by this wan ku. General Yang is naturally happy in his heart and his mouth is a little pale with a smile.
But he forgot how sensitive Young Master Black is, and his smile of relief fell in the eyes of Young Master Black, which enriched Lenovo.
Die die this black three staring at Yang Shaohua when this Yang Shaohua just out of the corner of his eye swept the phoenix home miss driving in the team.
This one eye and a smile at the corners of the mouth can irritate Young Master Black.
Okay, what do you mean? I don’t know that all three young ladies in the Phoenix family are young masters. What-what does that mean? Even young master women dare to have ideas?
God, it’s a pity that Yang Shaohua listened to this question from Master Black Three. He jumped out because he saw Feng’s injury and killed the guards in Xuancheng, and all this was because of a secret order from the level or for Feng’s family. Can this kind of thing be said on the surface?
Just when Yang Shaohua was trying to make up a reason, Young Master Black got angry with his previous smile and eyes, which can be said to be a misunderstanding. Now it’s completely over. What do you have to hesitate about except seeing the young master woman? What can’t you say? I really want to cuckold the young master? !
"Ada killed him for me!" Black three young master eye a stare a wave behind a master then jump to.
As soon as it explodes, it is said that Master Yang can do this position as a general, and there are some things. Although it is a hasty attack, he still puts his hands on his chest before him.
However, he obviously underestimated the strength of the four masters behind the Black Three Young Master. He punched out and listened to the click. Yang Shaohua’s hands were severely pressed on his chest and his ribs clicked. I don’t know how many roots were broken. General Yang’s voice was sweet and one mouthful blood was sprayed out, mixed with unknown dirt.
"What hit me?" This Yang Shaohua was stupid and asked 1.
Yeah, what hit him? None of these people here knew about the arrival of the Black Third Young Master. Not long after, Miss Feng’s family didn’t pester and harass in front. Instead, she fought an unrelated general in Xuancheng, which was beyond everyone’s expectation.
If Yang Shaohua knew that the reason why he was beaten was just a damn smile and a damn look, and finally added a damn hesitation, it is estimated that General Yang would be angry on the spot if he was not killed.
"What hit you? Young master hit you to look up to you? Why can’t young master hit you? Don’t say that you are your Lord of Xuancheng, and I will do the same! " Young Master Black’s third eye stared at Die and spit, and the stars flew out of the old age.
"I …" Yang Shaohua gnashed her teeth and couldn’t wait to eat the black three alive, but the black three is telling the truth. This black three is of the earth for a long time. Don’t say it’s him. Yang Shaohua is the less duke. He also said that he would fight.
If it weren’t for Yangling and Hesse City, it’s quite possible that the Lord of Xuancheng wouldn’t be the first dude in Horqin.
I can’t bear this tone, can I?
Yang Shaohua’s face was full of fear of being punched inexplicably, and he had to swallow it, making General Yang hurt and hurt, and his face would faint at any time.
In Yang Shaohua, when things just passed, Master Black’s big mouth appeared in a column with a leek flavor. "Big I told you to stop.
Although Hei San is a wan ku, he rarely needs people’s lives. After all, the seven great cities in Horqin are one body, and it’s not good to be too stiff. He usually deceives men and bullies women, and in the eyes of the Lord, they are all children fooling around. It’s over if you open your eyes and close your eyes, but if you kill someone, it’s another matter. What’s worse, you have to kill a general.
That Ada took the order but wounded Yang Shaohua, so he stopped and stood aside. At ordinary times, it would be over as soon as his temper disappeared.
But today, it’s Yang Shaohua’s bad luck. Last night, he blacked someone out. Yan Cuilou wanted to see that Mo Shiniang. I’m afraid Mo Shiniang closed the door and didn’t see this dude. It happened that the black three respected Mo Shiniang more than the old lady. This Yang Shaohua was defined as wanting to cuckold someone. Can you blame him for his failure?
Hear the black three command that big left foot a pedal height jumped a wheel hammer fists stung Yang Shaohua.
When it comes to Ah Da and Yang Shaohua, this level of master can hurt people, but this young black master likes to punch and see the blood, which makes him feel realistic. Every time an adult punches and kicks like a crop.
"I am a XuanCheng will.
I really want to take my own life when I see Ah Da. Yang Shaohua’s dead body is screaming, turning his hand, pulling out his waist, drawing a long knife and slashing it obliquely, and cutting it at Ah Da alongside of.seem.
This Yang Shaohua is one of the first-class masters. His idea is that this knife will force Ada to retreat. After knowing his identity, this black three should not be determined to kill his own master.
See Yang Shaohua piercing a knife has been expression, big eyes flashing with excitement don’t flash don’t avoid toward the knife gas to meet.
"This black three is a bit interesting …" I don’t know what came to my mind when I was driving. A smile on my mouth gently jumped out of the car curtain. To be continued, if you want to know the funeral, please go to Chapter 6 for more.
Chapter 17 Red Eyebrow vs Black Three
Fireworks are brilliant, fleeting, and Yang Shaohua’s chance to do his best is just a beautiful fireworks blooming in Ah Da’s chest.
Then in Yang Shaohua’s unwilling, regretful and confused eyes, Ada’s fists turned Yang Shaohua’s head into a red and white feast.