"Brother Luozhe and Xiao Xiong travel all the way, which is estimated to consume a lot. Let’s find a place to adjust a state first." The old man then said.

Xiao Lingyu won’t have any opinions and is well-advised to tunnel, "There’s an island not far away, and the scenery seems good, so I went there."
Xiao Lingyu and his entourage surrounded Luo Zhe again. The old man said seriously, "What is this guy’s position?"
The old man frowned slightly and then said, "The monk who can enter here at most is Luo Tianxian’s late peak, even if it is strong, where can it be strong?" It’s very difficult for our horse to take action, but we can’t take an outsider who doesn’t know the background in case he … "
"One thousand lost? Is Brother Luo trusting him too much? You know what we are going to face is not an ordinary Luo Tianxian. Even if his strength is better than that of Nine Days Xuanxian, it is difficult to ensure that it will be lost. " A fire monk strange smile way
Although Luo Zhe is telling the truth, none of these Luo Tianxian realm elites believe it.
"Ha ha …"
Chapter 435 Strange Islands
? Chapter 435 Strange Islands
Luo Zhe shook his head and said, "You’d better not inquire about these things, and don’t offend him. He is really strong and his origin is mysterious."
The old man frowned slightly and then said, "The monk who can enter here at most is Luo Tianxian’s late peak, even if it is strong, where can it be strong?" Our horses …
Chapter 436 They are not stupid
? Chapter 436 They are not stupid
Luozhe should be a white-haired old man and said to Xiao Lingyu, "Please ask Xiao Xiong later …"
"Ha ha, I don’t need to explain this. I should try my best." Xiao Lingyu smiled generously.
"If there is a conflict with Daozong that day, Xiao Xiong had better be a deterrent not to kill as before" Luo Zhe confessed again …
Chapter 437 Because you care about 1
? Chapter 437 Because you care about 1
The fire monks are also very angry, oblivious to forgetting that they were just thinking about letting others live in heaven and wait for others.
"Don’t panic, everyone. Since they took the initiative to let us take the lead, we will have a chance to stabilize the formation and kill these siren!"
LuoZhe is calm while shouting command big …
Chapter 43 Because you care about 2
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In front of the room with colorful lights, a monk in a dark blue robe is standing at this time. It is the fastest and best in the cat-flapping Chinese website ()
The door of the house is tightly closed, and it seems that the owner does not welcome others to visit it.
"What does Xiao Xiong think?" Luozhe didn’t make a move but asked first.
"A magic weapon? Is it … an artifact? " Luozhe surprised way
Having said that, Xiao Lingyu can be completely sure that this house is an artifact, and it is likely to be an artifact. To put it bluntly, it is a shrine.
"This god mansion should be the core law of law, and it should also play a role in protecting this god mansion, but the law here has been destroyed or lost without enough energy support …"
"What is it? Just go in and see!"
But also in Luozhe palm just touched the door of Shenfu, a circle of colorful light suddenly swept away and pushed the three-person department with a strong momentum.
The color light and the momentum impact didn’t hurt everyone, but the repulsive force contained in it was resisted by everyone.
It is obvious that the colorful light and imposing manner were also issued by the Shenfu. It is estimated that a monk named Tian Daozong touched the Shenfu at that time.
Soon, the brothers of Heaven and Fire once again rushed to the top of the mountain, and Xiao Lingyu Luozhe also came to the door of Shenfu again.
"What is the harvest?" Luozhe to white-haired old man voice asked
The most precious things are either some extremely fairy wares, elixirs or some refined extremely fairy wares and elixir materials, which are nothing for the strong people in the bulk door and have some attraction for Xuanxiandi in the bulk door for nine days. Quasi-artifacts are different. They are not as good as artifacts, but they are far more powerful than the extremely immortal devices. Even the masters of the immortal period will be jealous of them.
"There may be an artifact here," Luo Zhe said to the white-haired old man.
The white-haired old man could not help but exclaim a word, but also let everyone hear it clearly.
Luozhe grumpily stared at the white-haired old man, but he didn’t care too much in his heart. Even if everyone knew there was an artifact here, he had to take it away.
Godsworn Fire has been very familiar with this scene, so he stepped back for a long time.
A colorful ball of light flew out of the bamboo tube and slammed into the gate of the Shenfu.