"Brother Mayer …" Ling began to cry and tears swirled in her eyes.

"Ling, don’t cry"
Chen cold can’t help but sigh. He is really heartless to this little girl, even if he does have the intention of playing hard to get.
Go to the front of ling patted her little head and smiled. "Well, brother, there are still some things to discuss with your father. Why don’t you go and play with Princess Yun first? When things are done, my brother will come to play with you. "
"Really? Brother Mayer won’t leave secretly, will he? " Ling naively said
"Brother Lazer" Princess Yun quickly corrected it.
"I just want to call brother Mayer. He came to be brother Mayer, although he looks different." Ling stubbornly insisted on calling himself.
"Call it whatever Ling likes."
Chen’s cold face is full of warmth, just like his father’s impurity to his daughter and brother’s impurity to his sister, which warms Princess Yun’s heart but fills Hughes with guilt. Can anyone see that his love for Ling is true?
Hughes coughed lightly and said, "What you saw today must be kept a secret. If anyone dares to reveal it, they will be dealt with according to the clan rules!"
Hughes, a member of the Magic Feather Tenglong, was present. He was not only in charge of the king of the country, but also the head of the clan. His family rules made this statement more deterrent than the king’s order, and everyone solemnly promised.
Wait until a bunch of ladies such as Princess Yun left the look awkward. Hughes pointed to the doctor who was lying on the ground. "Mr. Razer, do you think … can you …"
"All right, let’s go."
The dark osteotome just gently strokes the cold and walks in the direction of the discussion hall.
Hughes originally wanted to say that these people should be cured before leaving, but he found that their skin color returned to normal at an alarming rate, and their quarrelling and breath recovered rapidly. However, it was normal in a blink of an eye, but it was no big deal to leave the conventional injuries. It was only a matter of a few days’ self-cultivation and pranayama.
This time, he was afraid of Chen’s cold for a few minutes, and the teleport in the battle period was so strange that it was impossible to prevent it. I didn’t expect detoxification to be simple and outrageous, and I didn’t see any energy fluctuations with a wave of my hand.
A group of important officials followed with trepidation, but not all of them were cold in the middle of the back. For example, Princess Xu was very upset.
She followed Hughes with her head down, her head almost buried in her chest. She didn’t lose all her face just now when she confessed in front of everyone.
Quietly looked up and took a glance. Walking in front, the back seemed to be afraid of being discovered. I hurriedly bowed my head and my heart almost jumped out of my mouth.
It is a constant law that women worship the strong, and she is no exception.
Just today, after 40 years of separation, she has already felt something. She witnessed the heroic attitude of her beloved man, who was always regarded by the royal family as a guardian. In just one minute, she was cleaned up by him, and even her father was intimidated by him. How many secrets does this man have?
Forty years …
Shocked, she was the only one, and everyone was filled with horror. In just 40 years, did he rise to this level?
More importantly, in addition to his powerful fighting capacity, he still has endless secrets that they have never seen before. It’s just that these strange abilities are amazing in the battle. Otherwise, how dare he threaten to wipe out the whole palace by his personal strength?
"I won’t say much if I don’t. I won’t stay long and I have to solve the problem as soon as possible."
In the discussion hall, I just took a seat, the screen retired, and Chen Han said directly, "The first thing was that Princess Flocculant asked me to do. It took me a long time to finally find those dragon eggs in Longyuan Hall. Now I am not a magic feather Tenglong clan. This credit is naturally a flocculant princess, so I won’t say anything else."
"Dragon eggs?"
They couldn’t help but be frightened. The magic feather Teng Dragon who lost nearly 20,000 dragon eggs didn’t have less time, but today it doesn’t even have a clue.
Chen cold took out a bracelet with a whisking ring floating in front of the flocculant.
Flocculant hurriedly grabbed the spirit into it, and then the breathing became shortness. The little face was red with excitement. "It’s really a dragon egg … almost all of them found their father …"
She quickly presented the bracelet to Hughes, who looked excited. Hughes immediately infiltrated the spirit and counted the number in the shortest time.
"Two Mr. Razer … How did you do it?"
He didn’t expect to recover all the dragon eggs, nearly 20 thousand dragon eggs, and two of them were not recovered, which exceeded his expectation
Chen Han shrugged his shoulders and continued without much explanation. "The second thing is that the Magic Feather Tenglong lacks two things at present. After all, there is a Kangpas cluster. If I guess correctly, the resource problem has greatly limited the development of the Magic Feather Tenglong, right?"
"That’s right!"
Hughes nodded and said with a wry smile, "Campa Empire probably has more than 10,000 clusters, and only one of them is occupied. Although Campas cluster is relatively rich, it is a pity that the resources of a cluster are very limited, which greatly limits the development of the cluster."
Handily put a bracelet to Xu Chen’s cold and said lightly, "It’s not only the resources that you are poor, but also the sacristy and the sacred heart method. I can’t help you for the time being. I can’t practice my own heart method and martial arts. I was ordered to see the situation later."
"Father …"
Flocculent excitement breathing suffering chest ups and downs to see will faint on the spot, fortunately, was held by two kings aside.
After a while, she finally recovered some stammered exclamations, "Magic crystals … are all magic crystals … extremely magic crystals … and hallows!"
"Here is one trillion pieces of magic crystal, which is my initial investment in the magic feather Teng dragon. I hope you can use these magic crystals to speed up the development and cultivate as many masters as possible. With the magic crystal, you can purchase a large number of resources and directly accelerate the ascension of the magic crystal, which indicates more troops."
Chen’s cold seems to be so-called, but after saying this, everyone present was scared to death.
One million magic crystals are a piece of cake. One hundred trillion pieces of magic crystals are a lot of wealth for such a behemoth as Kanpa Empire, but they are not bone-crushing. However, they are a huge number for running a cluster of magic feather dragons, and their annual national treasury income is the highest. Most of the ten trillion magic crystals.
This is not one million nor one hundred trillion, but one trillion. Even if the magic feather Teng Dragon clan doesn’t consume half a piece of magic crystal and the army doesn’t pay, it will take at least twenty thousand years for the treasury revenue department to accumulate such a huge wealth every year.
With this batch of magic crystals, they can purchase a lot of resources, medicinal materials, refine all kinds of healing, recovery, treatment, and speed up the ascension. Dan medicine materials, refining supporting systems, magic weapons, and magic crystals can be cultivated. If the whole army can physically make the magic crystals cultivate ten times faster.
Don’t look at those nobles who often have a banquet. Tens of thousands are hundreds of thousands of magic crystals, but the salary of junior soldiers is very low. There are usually dozens of extremely magic crystals a year.
If you have been practicing magic crystal, even it will be gone in ten days. Now what will happen with this one trillion magic crystal?
Chapter 14 or so difficult
A silver glow rose into the sky and looked at the sword in his hand in a daze///
This is a sacred object!
The whole magic feather Teng dragon doesn’t have a hallows. This thing can’t be bought with money unless it is a massive magic crystal like Chen Han just now, so it is possible to buy a holy treasure.
But do they?