"Yeah, I didn’t expect us to have this skill. Marshal Pei is too good."

Everyone looked at Yang Wen’s eyes together and showed strange worship.
They don’t know these cards at all.
Chapter 74 Rolling
The humanoid Titan could not help but clap his chest and roar angrily when he saw that his figure was not equal to that of Lux.
"Oh …"
One by one, the roaring sound made air billow roll up.
Then they came on the rampage like mad cows against Lux.
"hunting array"
Someone in the enemy lux shout at top of voice.
All Lux fast fuels form a defensive circle one by one.
"Boom …"
The humanoid Titan rushed to the defensive circle as if it were hit by an iron plate and its skull was broken.
More and more humanoid titans crashed into each other and fell to the ground.
They’re rushing after each other.
However, it is a mess.
"Kill …"
The first wave of impact did not affect the enemy lux, and they immediately became an attack potential.
"Boom …"
Two lux jumped up and landed firmly beside a humanoid Titan, one raising his hand and the other lifting his foot.
Then there is a roar.
The humanoid Titan uttered a shrill scream and was ripped off by living limbs and turned into a stick and died on the spot.
The whole enemy lux legion two teams together to form a siege.
Two-to-one humanoid titan roots are torn apart one by one without resistance.
Horror scenes were played throughout the battlefield.
The humanoid Titan is much smaller than the enemy lux, and they are all crazy and independent, which is the opponent?
This is a crushing massacre.
In just a few minutes, half of the humanoid Titan died tragically on the spot.
The people in the City Wall Secret Service College don’t stare big when they see this, and their eyes are full of poverty and happiness.
In this world war I, there was no accident. All the humanoid titans were killed, and no one was left.
"Yang Wen, don’t be complacent. Don’t just end this war. I will definitely take it in the small world of the Secret Service Academy."
I don’t want to roar from afar.