Pa a big iron hand landed heavily on the mecha’s head.

Mecha waved the will fall to the ground.
Lei Sheng remembered that the type iron number went in from the chest of the mecha, so he quickly came to the chest position of the mecha and studied it for a while, then punched it at the probably heart position.
Mecha chest was dented.
Leisheng exultation mecha weakness indeed as expected in other places here are solid, because here to hold the driver is all the mecha thickness is naturally weak.
But even if it is not as thick as other places, it is not something that ordinary people can break.
It took Lei Sheng three punches to make a big hole.
He went in and the mecha also fell to the ground with HuTong.
Leisheng looked at the fainted iron number and ignored him in the cockpit. After a little research, he found that he mastered scientific and technological knowledge on the earth and could not study the mecha control structure
The mecha cockpit is too complicated. Lei Sheng said to himself, "Forget it. If you can’t study it thoroughly, you won’t study it. Now you know where the mecha’s weakness is."
He walked beside the type iron number and woke him up. The type iron number waved its head and fainted, and the mecha followed.
Type war number inadvertently pressed an arm controller, and when he was good, he suddenly kicked Lei Sheng out with a sharp foot.
Outside the mecha didn’t move.
Leisheng sensed the abnormality. He leaned out in situ and caught the Type Iron. He kicked it out and sneered, "You are driving a mecha, but it is not my opponent."
Leisheng hand type iron stuffy hum a head of instantaneous was full of sweat.
"It was a Chinese leg bone that I crushed, but I couldn’t help shouting."
LeiShengSong hand iron number one leg touchdown coldly stared at LeiShengSong face muscles kept twitching because of pain.
"Who the hell are you?" Type iron number asked after endure pain.
"This mecha seems that you are disconnected. How did you do that?"
"Are you one of the six schools?"
Speaking of it, Leisheng is really a middleman in the Wutong School.
Lei Sheng looked at Type Iron with great interest and asked, "What am I to be a middleman in the six schools?"
T-iron didn’t say, but said, "You’d better kill me."
"Do you think I’ll let you die happily if you don’t tell me this method?"
"No matter what you do, I won’t say you’re dead. Someone will avenge me."
Leisheng eyes slightly cold walked to the front type iron, flash to knead to the type iron, scapula.
The T-shaped iron is painful to eat, and the other hand that is not hurt can bomb Lei Sheng.
Leisheng came to a head and directly punched the iron number.
T-iron felt that his fist was just like the hardest iron, which made his proud fist directly broken.
This time, the iron number failed to hold back and let out a scream.
"No one can avenge you except General Wolf."
T-Iron sat down in pain and growled, "It won’t be long before you six sects will disappear from this world, and General Wolf will avenge me."
After saying this sentence, the iron number bit its tongue and left the world with a miserable smile.
"Not the kui is a soldier" LeiSheng praise one.
He checked the body of Type I Iron, and there was nothing except the wristband around his arm.
Lei Sheng probably guessed what this wristband was. He wanted to take it, but he couldn’t get it, so he studied it.
The wrist is a display screen, and now it is in a black screen state. Lei Sheng gently touched the screen, and it lit up and made a sound, "Please enter the correct instruction when a stranger intrudes."
Where does Lei Sheng know what the correct instruction is? See the screen. Countdown.
Count backwards, and bam, the controller blew itself up.
Leishengnai chose to give up. He dragged the body of Type Iron out of the cockpit and came to the ground. After that, he dug a hole and buried Type Iron in it.
Lei Sheng wanted to leave, but he had to stay because of the iron number.
At least he wants to get the white iron number. Why are you so sure that he is one of the six factions?
Leisheng looked at the south and said to himself, "I don’t know if the duke of Huitong City will make track for it."
He looked up at the tall mecha waiting quietly.