There are more and more reporter coming outside Partner Sports City to try to interview Changsheng.

After each training class, the largest number of reporters is not Ibrahimovic, Vicente, albelda or canizares, but … winning.
Everyone is very interested in this mysterious oriental coach.
In addition, the media who have been staying in China have also found that they can interview the winners, which makes them very happy.
Many people interview Chang Sheng and want to know why he achieved so much at such a young age.
The standard answer to winning is that his many years of study experience in Europe has given him a lot of accumulation, and at the same time, he has an excellent team, Rudy Gonzalez and Guardiola … These people have given him a lot of help and support.
This is Chang Sheng’s answer when accepting the cold season, and now it has become his standard answer to deal with those reporters.
It’s also convenient to say so, because it’s reasonable and picky
Even if you ask questions, the reporter can’t find out what the problem is. All the experiences are true and well documented, but who would have thought that in this person’s body is a soul from 212 years?
Besides, what he said can also attract many people to think that he is a modest and good coach who attaches great importance to his team without taking all the credit to himself.
Changsheng’s name and photos frequently appear in mainstream European media.
As these media broadcast reports, more and more people know about Chang Sheng.
Changsheng’s popularity has increased greatly.
After the game against Basel, Valencia played Certa at home in the fifth round of the league.
In this game, the team insisted on a large rotation because of its constant victory, and finally shook hands with Certa at home 11.
Three wins, two draws and eleven points in five rounds of league matches.
Valencia dropped one place in the league table from third to fourth.
Because Real Madrid have performed very well in these rounds of the league, they have the same three wins and two draws with eleven points as Valencia, but their goal difference is more than Valencia’s, and they have forced Valencia to sit in the third place in the league.
When this scene appeared, the Madrid media excitedly said that Real Madrid finally completed the reversal in the league standings in Valencia.
This is something that has never happened in the season-Real Madrid’s league ranking is even better than Valencia’s!
However, in the face of high spirits, Madrid people always win, and the answer is simple, but there is definitely a burst of blood.
He said.
Valencia’s performance in the season is actually excellent, so far unbeaten, but their league ranking is not very high.
This is because many teams in Yiduo have performed well in the new season, and everyone has a tight score.
After the second round of the league, the teams that won two consecutive victories, big or small, can temporarily distinguish the high and low by goal difference in the standings.
With the progress of the league, the level has been gradually pulled, but there are also some teams whose points have always been very close.
For example, after three rounds, the first place turned out to be Certa, and their three victories accumulated nine points.
Valencia can rank third with seven points, and there are as many as five teams with seven points on goal difference.
Now Valencia ranks fourth after five rounds of war, and they have accumulated eleven points.
Certa have fallen from the top of the league because they have come to a two-game draw.
At present, the first place in the league is not Valencia, nor La Coruna, nor Real Madrid and Barcelona, but Real Society.
After five rounds, they topped the list with four wins, one draw and thirteen points.
This surprised many people.
You know, in the past few seasons, the Royal Society ranking has been in the middle of the stream and almost downgraded.
Now the unbeaten record ranks first in the league, surpassing the defending champion Valencia and the giants Real Madrid and Barcelona.
Many people believe that Real Sociedad will be a strong contender for the La Liga title this season.
Real Sociedad has proved how difficult it is to defend the title-did Valencia perform well enough? Three wins and two draws remain unbeaten, but this performance can also rank fourth in the league!
Royal Society’s outstanding performance is due to the outstanding performance of a young player.
He is xabi alonso.
Xabi alonso is the kind of player who wants to be on the court so that his teammates will behave better than usual.
To put it bluntly, it is the team engine.
In the historical season, the real society also performed very well, and finally won the runner-up in the league, second only to the champion Real Madrid.
Real Madrid is the arch-rival in the season, but Valencia’s competitor is not Real Madrid, but La Coruna, which has been ranked second in the league.
The situation of the season is very similar to that of the season. Valencia is going to die with Real Society.
Valencia away to Atletico Madrid in the sixth round of the league after the national team match.
In the second division of the season, Atletico Madrid led a successful upgrade in Aragons, and it was a huge advantage upgrade
Although they have been upgraded, Atletico Madrid will never forget that they stayed in Serie B for an extra season.
That is constant victory.
Ever-victorious Hertha kicked Atletico Madrid back to Serie B after they had upgraded, causing Atletico Madrid to wave in Serie B for another season.
This time, I finally got promoted to Atletico Madrid. The first thing I did was to find revenge for winning.
It’s only six rounds in the league, and this scene is coming.