Song anqiao sat on the ground and said nothing.

Shame on you. She’s a good girl, not a crazy girl.
"Are you going to keep covering the sheets like this?" Chu Fei’s distant sound is clear and harmonious
An Sok shook his head and said softly, "Go out first and wait for me to pack before you come in."
"I said no?" Chufei teased her far away.
"Ah?" Song Anqiao sends out a pitiful audio-visual kitten like "Please get out"
It’s too humiliating to face him.
Chu Fei didn’t move his Adam’s apple. She said, please, that soft, poor little voice stimulated his nerves.
The man smiled gently and clapped his hands on the back of her head and leaned over to press her against the carpet, tearing the sheets and getting in.
In the gray line of sight, Song Anqiao looked at him with a face of staying cute and a pair of clear eyes in shock.
White sheets cover two people ChuFei far gently exhale slowly hot air spray in her face Song Anqiao licked his lips hot and dry.
His whole body was half suspended and pressed against her body, and his slender fingers caressed her, showing her eyebrows, moving her eyes and nose slowly and carefully, and finally staying in her mouth with her mouth slightly open and gently rubbing.
Song Anqiao’s lips moved, and his long fingers gently pinched his thin lips across her white cheeks and came to the corner of his mouth, touching her lips gently …
Song anqiao blinked and looked at his eyes. He was so stupid that he didn’t dare to move after being bewitched.
The big palm supported the back of her head, and her fingers stretched out and ripped off. She wore a ponytail rope, and her long hair was scattered and fragrant and fresh.
"Qiao Mei An Qiao Song An Qiao …" He sang her name in his magnetic voice.
Song anqiao watched him swallow saliva and his lips were slightly dry.
Bow your head and hold a deep kiss again.
The sheets covered the big hands and came to her waist, slowly staying and gently stroking through the sweater.
"Well …"
Song anqiao surprised a low soft call.
When the hand is loose, it soothes her mood for a moment, and then the hand comes to the thigh slowly, slowly and slowly, and the fingers along the edge of the clothes are explored bit by bit.
In the lost world, Song Anqiao suddenly woke up with a small hand and pressed his big hand tightly to stop him from moving on.
Chu Fei is far from forcing her because she is 100% confident that one day she will beg him.
White sheets are far from being hard, and today they are still wrapped in gauze, so there is no dense sweat on their foreheads.
He pulled out and was stopped by Song Anqiao. He held her with one hand and let her close to himself. He zipped his trousers with the other hand …
Song anqiao didn’t dare to move the tip of his nose, and his body moved his eyes again, which was painful.
"Qiao Mei … close your eyes …"
He relieved himself of the pain and his voice rustled.
Song anqiao couldn’t bear to help him when he saw his pain for a moment, but …
I can’t get past my own psychology.
Listen to him, close your eyes, and there is his wheezing sound in your ear. Song Anqiao listens, and his heart beats faster inexplicably.
After waiting for a long time, she was suddenly blindfolded and the sheets were suddenly pulled by manpower. She could open her eyes.
"Don’t open! Close! "
Men seem to ease the sound without pain.
Song anqiao closed his eyes and heard the zipper sound of Sita Suola, and then the sheets were taken away.