Qin Chu’s mind moved his vision again, and he came to the nearest star. This is a flaming star, emitting exhausted light and flying hot surfaces. Each salamander is thousands of meters long and looks spectacular at close range.

"These things are very spectacular in close range, covering the sky. Every salamander can destroy an ordinary planet, but in the distance, it is like a small reptile, which can’t bring deterrence to people. This is the high vision." Qin Chu suddenly had an epiphany
"I’ve always been confined to the road of cultivation and followed the experience of my predecessors, but the road will always come to an end. But now I’m practicing and there is a big difference between Yuan Ying and Yuan Ying. It’s like Yuan Ying’s abdomen … Although I can control this god, I don’t have the kind of self-cultivation of Yuan Ying."
Theoretically, you can control the degree as you like. The five elements of the body are not as colorful as the fog, but the colorful fog is not as colorful as the baby. Because Qin Chu Yuanshen Yuanying is together, Yuanying is Qin Chu Qin Chu and Yuanying, and both the five elements of the body and the colorful fog need to be controlled by Yuanshen to make corresponding actions.
"No matter whether it’s a demon or a demon or a strange plant, we monks keep going our own way. Demons practice their own methods, and even we monks have their own methods, but monks practice different methods, which is the best. So that’s why it turns out. It’s no wonder that my realm is often shackled. It’s often said that some geniuses practice the realm very soon and have enough strength. How can it be that the monks have such a big gap in one year? It’s not the difference between a genius and a fool, but whether it’s suitable or not. If it’s suitable, it’s a genius and a fool and a mediocrity. I can save enough strength, but there will be shackles in the realm. This practice method has never been the best for me. So I don’t create my own practice method? "
Qin Chu thought of here, the fog that had covered her heart suddenly vanished and the pressure was removed, so she suddenly felt relaxed.
Qin Chu once again observed the vision in the field of vision at this moment, and after the original shackles were eliminated, there was no limit to seeing a thing, so he could understand it from different angles at the same time, which made his understanding more profound.
"Only by jumping out of these limitations can there be real hope."
All the sights are constantly giving Qin Chu a mysterious and mysterious feeling, which can’t be explained, but you can vaguely touch it. It seems to be around, everywhere you are.
"Are these strengths?" Qin Chu’s attention fell on a newly formed world in front of him. The whole world is a gray-black center, but there is a colorful smell spreading from the center and expanding rapidly everywhere. Several planets also appear in this world.
"This colorful breath is the fog in my body? ?” Qin Chu suddenly thought of this key, and his vision was closer to Qin Chu, only to find that the colorful atmosphere didn’t seem pure enough, and it was also mixed with a lot of gray fog, and there was chaos without feeling it.
"I heard that Pangu, an ancient great god, created heaven and earth by cutting chaos. Is that gray fog chaos?" Qin Chu’s heart movement "is the chaos that breeds everything, the so-called life, two, two, three, three, and three. Everything in this chaos contains HarmonyOS’s spirit, and there are more treasures of heaven and earth in everything, and the colorful power is to break the chaos and let everything in it emerge."
"What is this colorful power? Can you actually break chaos? " Qin Chu was astounded. He was shocked by his own speculation.
At this time, Qin Chu found that the scene in front of him became blurred, and then his sight changed and he returned to the real world again.
"Is the disappearance of the crystal absorbed by our refining and chemical department?" Qin Chu found that the crystal had disappeared, and Qin Chu hurriedly explored the changes in his body and found that the colorful fog in his body was more and more rich than before, and his godhead was very concise.
"Although this godhead is concise, it always feels that something is missing." Qin Chu observed his godhead of Yuanying, and now the godhead has completely revealed that its physical body and face patterns are staggered and exude a mysterious atmosphere.
"This breath is the same as when I just watched the beginning of heaven and earth …" Qin Chu discovered his godhead at this time.
"The godhead is condensed, but I always feel that something is missing. Now the godhead gives me a feeling like a doll. Although it has a shape, it is lifeless." Qin Chu suddenly thought that the key is himself. Although this godhead already has a shape, it still gives himself a lifeless feeling.
"Even this little tidal deity is more energetic than my deity." Qin Chu found this problem by comparing the tidal deity in his own baby with his own deity.
"I still don’t know enough about godhead. I’ll ask him when Reinhardt wakes up." Qin Chu made up his mind.
"What should I do if I want to take a new path of cultivation?" Qin Chu thought about the road to take after he thought about himself. "I used to practice then Avenue, and then I inexplicably became a deity. I practiced the demon Kunpeng method. Now there are three kinds of cultivation methods in my body, and it is definitely impossible to practice them at the same time. I can’t give up every one. All I have to do is to mix these cultivation methods and create them according to my actual situation."
"But I should be improved? These three kinds of cultivation methods are completely different roads. Then the road is the road of sympathy between heaven and man, but the road of demon race is against the sky. Although I am not very clear about the cultivation of gods, I also have a feeling of being in harmony with heaven. "
Qin Chu feels that it is so difficult to create a new cultivation method, but Qin Chu is not a quitter. "No, although the three cultivation methods are all in my body, they have never shown contradictions and conflicts … Can they be integrated with each other?"
Instantaneous Qin Chu thought of where the key was, and he only thought of several methods that might be opposite to each other, but he didn’t think that this opposition might be complementary.
"Maybe I can make colorful fog and forge the body with these three methods. I can use Li Kunpeng’s strength to refine the body, and Yuan Ying’s strength can also refine the body. These three forces can be borrowed from each other, no matter whether they rely on me or not, I am the dominant one."
Qin Chu thought of here and couldn’t help but want to try one.
"Godhead power and Yuanying power can be refined. I don’t know if Yuanying power can supplement godhead needs?"
Qin Chu immediately meditated and came to Yuanshen to enter the abdomen. Yuanying was in the abdomen. The abdomen part of Yuanying was Qin Chu’s godhead Yuanying, surrounded by five elements of force, and there were more colorful crystal walls burning with divine fire.
"Everything is running in order." Qin Chu’s heart suddenly thought of something. He absorbed some vitality from the outside world. After the vitality entered the abdomen that day, it automatically converged into Yuan Ying after being burned by the crystal wall, and then the vitality automatically differentiated into the source and the five elements of force converged into the five elements of force respectively.
Qin Chu carefully observed this process, and after continuously and carefully observing every key, Qin Chu repeatedly thought about it, and watched the formation process of that world in his mind, constantly and repeatedly appearing.
There is a feeling of enlightenment in my heart more and more, but it is still a little bit worse, just like a layer of window paper. If you want to burst, you can get what you want.
"What’s going on? What am I missing? This feeling is getting clearer and clearer, but it seems to be tangible, but it is the way to see clearly. "Qin Chu racked his brains and thought.
It’s just a layer of window paper. If you want to pierce it, you will think clearly about the key.
Qin Chu once again remembered the scene of the formation of the new world. I don’t know what this scene had the greatest impact on Qin Chu and left the deepest impression.
"At the beginning of the world, there was this colorful fog to disperse the chaos, which revealed the whole world." Qin Chu suddenly thought of a key. "This colorful fog attribute is different from the five elements, and then it will become chaos. This colorful fog attribute is different from the vitality of heaven and earth."
Qin Chu’s mind was suddenly enlightened.
"HarmonyOS gave birth to all things, but the colorful fog seemed to be driving chaos, which contained HarmonyOS gas. HarmonyOS gave birth to Yin and Yang and five elements, and then became hexagrams and five elements." Qin Chu suddenly figured it out.
"Yes, this colorful fog can control the five elements of power." Qin Chu raised his eyebrows. "Is my cultivation key the source of divine power?"
The source of Qin Chu’s power means that Qin Chu Yuanying’s power is no longer the five-element power, but this colorful power. If the three cultivation methods are to be unified, one must be dominant.
"I don’t know if it is possible to let colorful forces replace the five elements of cultivation?" Qin Chu feels as if he has found a way and is ready to try it.
Qin Chu runs the divine power and then enters Yuan Ying, so that Yuan Ying can control the colorful power in his divine power by controlling the five elements.
A strange feeling flooded Qin Chu’s mind at the moment.
Everything around you appears in Qin Chu’s mind, where Rhinehas transferred the power of soul imprint from the star core. Qin Chu can clearly see this process, and Qin Chu can also see clearly that he is now in a channel wrapped in turbulence. Obviously, this celestial body is moving rather than static, and the key to forming this channel is the star core in Rhinehas’s hand, which can be carved out here like a water drop.
"Reinhardt’s absorption of the power of soul imprint seems to be coming to an end." Qin Chu is particularly clear about everything around him.
Chapter 213
Chapter 213
"Good Xuanji feels that I didn’t make Yuan Shen probe or see with eyes, but I can clearly feel all the top novels around me." Qin Chu couldn’t help but marvel that he controlled his colorful power to run slowly. "Good, good, really can make this colorful power strong enough. It’s amazing that this colorful power doesn’t know how to practice? Is it to rely on devouring this crystal? And ….. My body seems to have consumed a lot of five elements. It seems that consuming this crystal to generate colorful power also needs to consume five elements. "
"This cultivation method should be further revised and improved. It is urgent."
At this time, Reinhardt opened his eyes and absorbed about one-fifth of the soul force. He was finally no longer in a weak state and his appearance was not as horrible as before, but became a thin, slim middle-aged man with two moustaches, turning around and flashing off, showing Reinhardt’s sly character.
"Have you absorbed the soul imprint in the stellar core?" Qin Chu know past ask.
Rhine Haas bowed their heads and said with great gratitude, "Thank God that the old slave has absorbed the soul force inside. Now the soul repair is only one-fifth of the original, but it is no big deal." In Rhine Haas’s view, it is particularly kind for Qin Chu to let him re-absorb the soul mark in this star core.
"I didn’t expect this servant’s soul mark to be so strong. Before Rhine Haas hated me to the extreme, but now he is completely respectful to me." Qin Chu was deeply impressed.
Qin Chu remembered that he had just absorbed the crystal and asked, "What’s your position in collecting that half-meter square crystal? Where did you get it? "
Rhine Haas respectfully said, "Report to God that the crystal was accidentally acquired by an old slave in the depths of the ruins of the crystal wall. The structure of this crystal material is very strange. It is extremely hard. The old slave has tried it, and even the old slave’s swallowing power can’t stand it."
"Crystal wall ruins?" Qin Chu slightly one leng, he remembered that algernon once said that he was Rhine Haas who went to explore the crystal wall ruins to find the crystal wall shenhuo, and then something happened that was countered by Rhine Haas. "Fortunately, this Rhine Haas is my servant, and because of the soul mark, he dare not plot against me like algernon. Otherwise, keeping him around is different from keeping a wolf who eats people and doesn’t spit bones."
"But God doesn’t know what material this crystal is made of, but many gods guess that the crystal wall has it," Rheinhas continued.
"What? Is there a crystal wall? " Qin Chu was surprised. It is no wonder that this crystal will have such magical changes after meeting the crystal wall fire. It may have been on the crystal wall.
"How much is this crystal? If you can find it? " Qin Chu felt an itch in his heart. If he could get more of this crystal, wouldn’t he be able to make himself more refined? This is the only way for Qin Chu to know that he can increase his colorful power.
"This crystal was found in the depths of the ruins of the crystal wall, and some gods got this crystal in the depths. According to the research of the old slave, this crystal should still be in the depths of the ruins of the crystal wall. The piece that the old slave got is just a fragment, but the depths of the ruins of the crystal wall are full of crises, where there is a dangerous energy vortex. If it is accidentally involved, it will be wiped out. The more dangerous it is, the more it depends on luck."
Rhine Haas is very interesting. The ruins of Baijing Wall are full of dangers. If Qin Chu’s strength is not strong enough, it will also fall into a dead body.
"Since it is so dangerous, how did you get this crystal?" Qin Chu couldn’t help but wonder that he believed that Rhine Haas was absolutely impossible to deceive himself.
"I dare not hide that this crystal was also obtained by an old slave by chance." Rheinhas looks a little ugly and seems to think of the past. "The old slave went to the ruins of the crystal wall with a friend a long time ago to explore the mystery of the crystal wall shenhuo, but he was unexpectedly betrayed by a friend. He attacked the old slave with the intention of obtaining the crystal wall shenhuo. The old slave was seriously injured and almost fell into the energy vortex, but just next to a vortex, the old slave happened to get such a piece."
Qin Chu was surprised when he heard Reinhardt’s words. "You said you were ambushed by your friend?"
Rhine Haas don’t know what god would be so surprised when he heard this. He nodded heavily and gnashed his teeth. "It was the old slave who believed him like that, but he didn’t expect to betray him."
"Er … what’s your friend’s name?"