Fingernails across the middle finger sparked a spark. In the eyes of the wind, he was surprised and happy. He shouted, "I am really cold here and vowed that the wind will treat me like a brother without hurting my heart. I will never join his brother in this life. If there is any violation, everyone will be angry!"

This oath means nothing to him at all, but to take refuge in his brothers, which is not binding.
However, in Feng Yan’s view, Chen Han became the embodiment of friendship, and when he needed it most, so many people were excited.
On the spot, I made a blood oath of heaven, and in this life, I will treat Chen Han as a brother and never betray him. What benefits I will get in the future will be shared with him. This oath is much bigger than Chen Han’s oath, but Chen Han didn’t care. As far as he is concerned, his achievements in this generation are limited
Then explain the situation of the fix true boundary in the small wind, and gradually take shape in Chen Han’s mind.
It’s completely different from his universe. There is no such thing as a planet. The whole world is an extremely vast continent. ideal city has hundreds of places, and there are 36 cities under the jurisdiction of Taiyi Xianmen in Wan Li, which does not include other places outside the city.
Taiyi Xianmen belongs to Terran Xiuzhen Xuanmen. There are ten super powers like this, and there are also demon gates and five GREAT GHOST gates with considerable strength.
A total of 23 superpowers have carved up most of the territory. In addition, there are some small forces dotted with many remote mountains and forests. Those places pass through some natural hazards, but usually no one dares to go, but the superpowers sometimes organize a large number of people to join in, because some extremely precious natural materials and treasures can be found there.
It is the general situation of the world in which they live, but not the whole realm of the fix-true is only half of it.
There is a special natural barrier in this land that spans hundreds of millions of miles. It is called the sacred wall of the mysterious magic, which divides the whole realm of repairing truth into two parts. On one side, it is the realm of terran repairing truth, demon clan and ghost cultivation, and on the other side, it is the realm of inferno, spiritual cultivation and fierce beast. Every thousand years, the sacred wall of the mysterious magic will naturally open for three years, that is, when the war breaks out, the two areas will be connected.
"How is the master of Taiyi Xianmen?" Chen cold asked
"The strength of the top ten Xuanmen is not much different, the strongest is the weakest in the temple, and the strength of Taiyi Xianmen in Kunlun Daomeng ranks seventh."
"Kunlun Daomeng?" Chen cold heart is not a clot.
Feng Yan has been carefully explaining and didn’t notice his strangeness. "This is a new rising power. Seventy thousand years ago, a large group of experts from outside the domain jointly formed it, and in a very short time, it wiped out the top ten Xuanmen ranked at that time. By the way, there is another thing that I forgot to tell you. The number of the top ten Xuanmen, the big demon gate and the five GREAT GHOST gates are all fixed. The only way for other forces to squeeze in is to defeat one of them and replace it. However, these super powers have strong control over other small forces, and they will not be given the opportunity to grow. Only when there are experts from outside
Kunlun …
Extraterritorial …
Seventy thousand years ago, the rising power was called the new rising power, and Chen Han suddenly found that many things were different from what he had imagined.
Before, he thought that his world was abandoned, and then a new fix-true realm and celestial realm appeared. This new fix-true realm and celestial realm were established for the loss of celestial practitioners, but now it seems that the fix-true realm and celestial realm changed 70,000 years ago, and the fix-true realm had already spent many years before the practitioners came. People from another universe were just a small part of it.
According to Feng Yan, it is not unusual for the so-called foreign master to be not only in his universe, but also in many similar situations.
"How long has that … fix true boundary appeared?"
"It’s been a long time, and I’m not sure about it. Anyway, I heard from my father that Taiyi Xianmen was in front of Taiyi Xianmen for hundreds of thousands of years, and it’s still the current pattern. In fact, Taiyi Xianmen was also from outside the country hundreds of thousands of years ago, and the specific situation is not what I can know."
"Well …"
Chen Han’s mouth responded casually, and his heart suddenly gave birth to an idea that made him feel strange. Only after receiving high-tech social education could he have such a strange guess.
He thought of two possibilities.
First, the core of this realm is the fix-the-true realm and the celestial realm. In addition, many universes will face the same changes as their own universe. After the practitioners of the universe have developed to a certain extent, they will be brought to this core fix-the-true realm and the original world of the celestial realm, and they will be abandoned.
Another possibility is that there is still one universe, but it will continue to develop like reincarnation.
First, it developed from scratch to a very high level, and then it was abandoned by the so-called heavenly decree, where practitioners came to the core of the realm of repair and celestial beings, as if they were reborn after the great collapse. The abandoned world continued to decline, completing a rebirth in the fire and re-developing to a very high level, and once again transferring practitioners to rest again and again.
Chapter 294 Scattered Fairy Secrets
70,000 years ago, a foreign expert established a powerful name Kunlun Daomeng, almost certainly a practitioner who came from that universe before the war between Xuanyuan Huangdi and Magic Human-God.
How strong is Taiyi Xianmen?
When Feng Yan gave an answer that was not very accurate, Chen Han knew clearly that he was no longer an extremely strong person in this world.
In fact, there are not many younger brothers directly under the Xuanmen’s influence, and there are less than 300,000 younger brothers and less than 10,000 real brothers. In addition, the core members of the Palm Sect, the Elders and the Dharma Protector add up to dozens of people. However, it is not that simple to want to be a younger brother of Taiyixian.
It’s as if Feng Yan’s family has a deep foundation in the sect, and others don’t belong to Xianmen precisely because he didn’t meet the pre-entry conditions.
If you want to be Taiyi Xianmen’s younger brother, you must have a talent increase of more than one step in Du Jie’s initial stage, while the younger brother is promoted from the younger brother’s talent increase condition to the initial stage of Mahayana.