"Good talk, good talk," the Jade Emperor said with a smile, "Call Taibai to inform you after negotiating the date of the war."

"Good" nine nodded. "Then I have something to do and I’ll leave first."
"I’m sorry to send you not far away."
Jiuzhong directly started the ring-sending function and left Lingxiao Hall in a flash.
From heaven, I went back to the misty city and dealt with some trivial matters. After dealing with these things, the day almost passed.
Although it’s not too late, Jiuzhong left early. I can’t help it.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four Pick up the plane
In the private residence of the president of Youth Soul City, the main city of Youth Soul Club Guild in Game World _
The prince of Yan was listening to the report of the arrow saint when the voice call rang to see if the Great God of Jiugong was connected. "Has the date of the general attack been decided?"
"It is reliable that the Holy Alliance will end when the map of Mahatma in Vietnam is counterattacked on the third day, that is, it will invade the exhibition area of Baling, the last map in Vietnam, and I will lead players from four districts except Sirius to attack the exhibition area of Vague City at the headquarters of the Holy Alliance half an hour after the decisive battle in Baling. What you have to do is to make Fang Sheng disappear before the point and not let him have a chance to enter the game. Can you do that?"
"Hum, it’s no problem. I have already deployed tight encirclement." The prince is confident. "So is my great brother with 75% reward ready?"
"Be ready to wait an hour before the game appears. I’ll take it as if you’ve finished and I’ll pay the rest of the money."
"Hey, hey, well, I wish us a happy time, but …" The prince said, "I want to wake Brother Great God in good faith and say it’s best not to think about letting me pigeon when the time comes, because I won’t kill Fang Sheng immediately after I catch him. If Brother Great God dares to let me pigeon, I’m sure Fang Sheng will reappear in the game."
"Ha ha how can? Yan Nanfei Jun, you worry too much. "
"Hum, I hope I worry too much." The prince hung up the voice communication with a cold hum.
Long Yu long tou mansion
Line Luan ‘er and Feng Dance agreed to pick up the plane when the day came, and immediately sent someone to buy a plane ticket to meet the future father-in-law.
"Don’t you really need me to go with you?" Shen Yue looked at the plane ticket in his hand and asked Jiuzhong.
"What do you think you went with me …" Nine heavy with Shen Yue sweet shoulder. "Let Luan’s father see me with such a big beauty to follow him?"
"Of course you are a playboy." Shen Yue hit the nail on the head.
"Ahem, you said so. This is my first time to see my future father-in-law. How can I not leave this impression? Otherwise, Luan’s father will turn into an angry south wall to stand between Luan and me. "
"It’s not a matter of time."
"Let’s put it off, and his father will be helpless after I cook raw rice with Luan."
"… bad guy"
"am I a likable bad guy?"
the next day
Get up in the morning, eat breakfast, get dressed, go out and drive slowly away from Longyu.
Li Tang in the front seat turned around and asked, "Boss, why don’t you just ask our car to escort you there? Not only does it save trouble, but it’s also enough to go to Luan’s sister-in-law’s house and have a pie? "
Jiuchong shrugged his nose. "You are dressed up and murderous. Even fools know that we are underworld. Do you want to scare my father-in-law?"
"Well … that’s true, but there should always be a few people around you, not to mention protecting you. At least I can give you a hand or carry a bag. Why can’t you just go and see your future father-in-law?"
"Oh," Jiuzhong exclaimed and scratched his head. "What should I do if I forget this?"
"… what else can I do? Buy it now. Anyway, there are still times when I have to catch a plane."
"Well, buy it now."
The two chatted and the car drove out of Longyuguai Avenue and headed for the airport.
In a guest room of a hotel opposite Longyu.
"There are five cars coming out in Tinggelong." In front of a telescope in front of the window, a rogue youth turned around and reported to a middle-aged man who had just finished eating and was picking his teeth with a toothpick with his legs crossed. "I wonder if he was from the Kowloon Club?"
"Oh?" The man who was called to the elder brother came to the window to look out through the telescope at the motorcade that Jiuchong was driving along the road. "Longyu is the dragon club’s leading nine-fold private mansion, and people come out in one car. Two cars are rare, and now they come out in five cars … It seems that the identity of people in the car is definitely not low. It is probably the dragon club’s leading nine-fold team, and maybe the fast horse will call people and monitor."
"Bai", the younger brother, informed the brothers of the exhibition on his mobile phone.
In the parking space outside the hotel, a car went out into the road and hung behind the Jiuzhong motorcade and followed it out.
"Hmm …?" Is chatting in Li Tang nine heavy eyebrows suddenly a wrinkly.
"What’s the matter, boss?" Li Tang asked.
"Someone is spying on me."
"Peeking at you?" Li Tangchao looked around the endless road outside the car for a long time and didn’t see anything. "Ahem, boss, why didn’t I find it?"
"That’s because you haven’t practiced ancient martial arts yet," Jiu Zhong explained to Li Tang. "A person will gradually reach a certain range of my current realm with the increasing improvement of his own abilities, even if others are watching me, I can’t escape my perception."
"Wow, it’s amazing." Li Tang listened with envy. "When can I reach the state like the boss?"
"You practice dragon and magic fighting spirit, and you have an absolute chance to practice hard and not compose."
"Ha ha, then borrow the boss’s auspicious words." Li Tang laughed and said, "Where is the boss spying on you?"
"Behind" Nine Thumbs Point Behind.
"Got it." Li Tangma picked up the pager in his hand and said to the last car, "Pay close attention to the back and see if anyone is following us."