"I depend! Why don’t you die! " Bai She cursed in her heart and said it was simple. The little red eyebrow and the ancient fairy were all kinds of strong hands. Just now, the two of them started work, which seemed to be calm. In fact, the crisis was so dangerous that they could kill themselves. The little girl was just her child’s mind unguarded, and that little injury was afraid that she would have recovered by now.

Even if six feathers join hands to keep one of them, it is still possible that if you want to keep two white feathers and six feathers, it must be a serious injury field.
"Mom always said you along while you pretend to be crazy and sell silly until now you want to start work? Don’t look at the limelight, both of them will not be afraid to flash their tongues … "White picked sarcastically.
In fact, 6 Feathers also know that they are abrupt, but one of these two goblins is an ancient fairy, and the other means 6 Can’s daughter. If these two people join hands, they are afraid that they will have a hard time in the future.
"Elder sister, what do you do or not! You also know that my teleport requires you to help me stop the old man’s blow and I will be sure to take my sister away! " See the ancient fairy girl seems to have no response little red eyebrow some anxious.
"Do I believe you?" The first accent of an ancient fairy girl is as cold as her expression.
"Don’t believe me, don’t you believe which old man? If the old man gets this baby, he will never give it to you … I will be different. We are all girls. I can lend you to play … "The little red eyebrow seems to be tempted by seeing the ancient fairy girl, and she quickly stepped up her offensive to lend you to play.
The ancient fairy shook her head secretly. This little girl with red eyebrows is so naive that children play to seduce themselves. Although she looks like a little girl, she is old enough to be her ancestor.
"Sister! Do you promise or not! " The little girl pursed her mouth.
"Well, I believe you once. If you dare to lie to me, I will kill you after chasing you to the ends of the earth!" The ancient fairy said in a cold voice, this is the best choice now. If it doesn’t fit this little girl with red eyebrows, it’s doomed to be both hands.
"good! That red eyebrow doesn’t matter! That ancient fairy must stay! "
At the same time, the two little girls reached an alliance, and the six feathers also regressed. The descendants of six can are more important than the news of ancient immortals.
"I want that reincarnation!" White picked to turn over their eyes.
6 Feathers are silent for a moment. Little Red Eyebrow seems to have 6 winks. If you let him go today, it will be difficult to catch her. Although the ancient fairy is strong, she will not be able to leave this big six in a month. With the help of the local strongman Bai Wei, I am not afraid that the ancient fairy will run away. "I will deal with that little red Eyebrow first, but you must promise to help me catch that ancient fairy after I clean up the little red Eyebrow!"
"Deal!" A white smile
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Chapter 45 Small red eyebrow ability
I knew that my sister was good … "I was indifferent to the ancient fairy girl, and my little red eyebrow seemed to be e-sweet, so I called my sister and was ready to climb up from the ground to get a professional mobile phone.
"Look out!"
At this moment, the ancient fairy sang softly and stood in front of the little red eyebrow.
Even behind the ancient immortal, the surging breath was blown down again, and Xiao Chi-mei saw the ancient immortal’s body shaking in front of her.
Kaba kaba
In front of the ancient fairy, it was like glass breaking in succession. Soon, in all people’s frightened eyes, the ancient fairy exploded like a fountain, and her red blood instantly turned her white clothes into purple. The ancient fairy stumbled and almost fell.
Little red eyebrow screamed and was shocked by the present situation. Up to now, she has not given birth to anything in vain, but just as she exclaimed, she felt that she had lost the opportunity to teleport and escape when she was tight around her body.
"Hey hey two little girls have a collar so naive! We are overrated … "
Just now, it was the old fox Bai Wei and the old fox 6 feathers that attacked at the same time. Bai Wei’s thoughts attacked the soul and then attacked by the 6-feather fairy aura.
Energy attack synergy soul attack two people to attack immediately doubled.
They had to attack the target is the little red eyebrow this little guy can’t understand the world even in the enemy’s current mortal posture.
This flaw is just a short flash, but for veterans such as Bai Jie and 6 feather, this flash is enough to make them make a fatal attack.
But I didn’t expect that when they moved to attack, the ancient fairy who had been hostile to Little Red Eyebrow was flagrantly blocked in front of the two people’s attack.
It is not that this ancient fairy girl is not afraid of death, but that the ancient fairy is a noble and noble race. It is because of this kind of enthusiasm that the ancient fairy was involved in the war between the celestial world and the boundary, which led to the extinction of the ancient fairy.
Now, thousands of years later, despite the tragic past, the ancient immortal’s courage and integrity still lie in the ancient immortal’s heart to reach an alliance with Xiao Chimei, and at the same time, in the ancient immortal’s mind, his allies can die! !
Even if she is afraid of death, the little ancient fairy girl must stand in the front, otherwise she will be expelled from the ancient fairy family as a coward by her people, which is more terrible to the ancient fairy than death.
But flagrantly resisted the attack of two masters, and the ancient fairy girl was still seriously injured and almost lost her fighting capacity.
The two original Bai She and Six Feathers have a fighting ability that can seriously hurt them. Because of innocence and stubbornness, they were completely controlled for a while.
This shows that strength can’t say everything.
See Bai She and 6 feather eyes proud of the ancient fairy girl with an unnatural flush on her face. She murmured in her mouth, "My heart is blessed by my ancient fairy god, and I wish my blood to awaken your glory …"
"Not good! That’s the ancient immortal blood curse! Stop her! " 6 Feather’s face changed. Thousands of years ago, the horror scene of the war clan’s fierce blood curse appeared in his mind.
But he woke up too late. Almost at the same time when he called, the ancient fairy girl’s body suddenly released four bloody auras, which made her become a little ferocious.
And the little red eyebrow was suppressed by two masters at the same time, and the unique ability became a spectator. Seeing the ancient fairy sister, the little girl’s eyes were red and crying. "Sister, we don’t want this baby, we don’t want it …"
The ancient immortal’s bitter heart said, "silly sister is not a question of whether we want it now. These two monsters obviously want our lives."
"Go!" The ancient fairy girl waved her hand and a bloody halo maser came out like a sickle and swept to the floor with six feathers.
The master is almost perfect for energy control, or if such people release the two old foxes and attack like that, they may not be able to protect not only the Horqin headquarters from collapse, but also this big six.
However, Bai She and Six Feathers were able to control the energy without any leakage, but they were just shattered, but this strength is also called peerless master.
The original ancient fairy girl is also a master of energy control, and there is almost no energy leakage in her practice of ancient fairy techniques. But now the blood curse is different. The original blood curse is an ancient fairy’s desperate blow. Like this ancient fairy girl, if the four blood rings are not released, it is when she dies.
The blood ring shook suddenly, and then it broke like a domino wave. In the ancient fairy and Bai Yan 6 feather, they collapsed like black holes.
"Damn it!" Bai Wei’s eyes are red. He and Six Feathers are naturally not afraid of this blood ring attack, but if they take this blow hard, they are afraid that the whole Big Six will be broken. Even if he is immortal, how can his immature reincarnation die?
Bai She bit the tip of her tongue and spat out a mouthful of JingXie, which made her feel bitter in her heart. This JingXie was his last bite. Now his body is just a Promethean, and the root method produces JingXie. This JingXie was prepared by him for thousands of years to prevent the accident of devouring the reincarnation soul. Unexpectedly, it is here today.
"Three-point aura cover!"
Bai She drank several waves in anger, and finally a layer of shield was cyclized in the blood to stop the blood.
The ancient fairy girl is also car-scrapping to listen to the big cold hum, waving two blood rings in one hand and leaving the body again.
Let the force stop the blood ring from exploding, and the cold sweat will drop.
Six feathers also spelled a life, and one of them spit out a magic weapon, which is exactly the magic weapon of his cultivation life, and this magic weapon is made according to the chaotic gas that is far away from the statue. Now it is still in the unfinished stage, but now it is also ignorant.
If this blood ring explodes, this big six will be finished, and when the time comes, I will enter the turbulent flow, and I will suppress that equally terrible little red eyebrow.
Once the little red eyebrow moves the teleport skill, it will be both human and financial and poor in future.
"Never let this blood ring explode!"
She didn’t love this unfinished magic weapon, the fairy tactic in the hand of 6 feathers. The magic weapon grew up like the wind, and an instant magic weapon actually formed a colorful one, trapping the two blood rings in it.
This also coincides with the miscalculation of these two old foxes. They haven’t seen the ancient immortals for so long, and they have almost forgotten the toughness and bloodiness of the ancient immortals.
If it is in other places, although these three blood rings are tough, it is almost easy and hard to shake the white scorpion and the 6-feather collar together.
However, hard shaking is different from preventing the blood ring from exploding. These two aging ghosts are very miscalculated and chose the battle of Xuancheng. The ten layers of strength of the two men are ninety percent to defend the blood ring from being broken.
"Ha ha ha!"
Just then, the ancient fairy girl, whose body was crumbling with blood, suddenly burst out laughing and looked ferocious and shouted, "Bai Yi! Mo Li! I am honored to be able to fight against the clan chiefs and the fifteenth emperor at the same time! "