There is a white jade stone platform in the heart of Fiona Fang, and a jade slip is displayed on the square stone platform.

When his figure flashed like a flash, he immediately came to the white jade stone platform and looked at it for a moment. After finding that there was no mistake, he reached out and picked up the jade slip.
It was only when the consciousness swept out and leaned into Yujianqiu that I realized that Yujian had recorded some information about this virtual pagoda.
In ancient times, there was a great magical monk named Jade Sanren. Although his name was not obvious, he was not weak, and he was very strong in the later period of the virtual period.
In those days, a large number of ancient underworld came with the strongest strength, but the demon king level, but there were also some demon ancestors who fell in two places at once, which was much worse than the general demon king.
Jade scattered people are met by a demon ancestor. After a great war, although the two places were destroyed, jade scattered people also suffered heavy losses, and their lives will soon be over.
Before the fall, the jade scattered people left all their treasures to the virtual pagoda town in the depths of the East China Sea.
The spirit beads of the five elements of the virtual pagoda are generally the same as the spirit treasures of the sky, and it feels even worse than the spirit beads of the five elements to see the jade slips introducing autumn.
From Yu Jianqiu, I also know that there are jade scattered figures hidden in this white jade stone stage in front of me, and there are treasures and achievements he has collected all over his body.
"That’s good luck."
After reviewing all the jade slips, Qiu immediately revealed an ecstatic smile on his big face, filled with excitement and lamented his good luck.
It’s true that autumn’s luck is not bad. After visiting a virtual pagoda three hundred years ago, now I have the intention to come and have a look. I didn’t expect such a great harvest.
Tongtian Lingbao theory is a precious treasure in ancient times and in the spiritual world. Autumn has felt quite lucky to have a five-element Lingzhu, but I didn’t expect to get an empty pagoda today.
Actually speaking of autumn luck, it’s not necessarily true. If he doesn’t have strong strength to repel the distracted puppet, he can’t enter the tenth floor of the virtual pagoda and finally get all the treasures left by the jade scattered people
Putting the jade slips into the bag in autumn, the hands change as beautiful as wearing a Hua Hudie. A Taoist tactic flows out of his hands and finally hits the square jade platform.
Numerous dharma tactics infiltrated into the stone stage, and immediately a milky light shone from the stone stage, followed by a sudden hole in the center of the stone stage, where there was a thing.
Put your right hand on the mouth of the cave, and the magic will be lifted in the autumn. When you suck it out of the stone platform, it looks like a belt.
"This is the belt?"
My hands slowly touched the whole belt, and my eyes flashed off in autumn, full of curiosity and doubts.
From the jade Jian Qiu, we know that in ancient times, there was a belt in addition to the bag. The jade scattered man was an ancient top monk and naturally had a belt.
When the consciousness is swept out and poked into the belt in autumn, it can be found that the belt is a hundred times larger than the large bag.
The material belt is filled with all kinds of rare materials for cultivating immortals, which may be precious and common in ancient times, but now all these materials for cultivating immortals are relatively precious and rare.
There are so many things in the belt that the roots of the belt can’t be put in it, and there are still many bags to put them in, which are also full.
"Refine this virtual pagoda."
You’re welcome to put that belt around your waist. Qiu Fu will look at the stone platform in front of you and mumble.
Now this virtual pagoda is in a semi-urging state, and the jade is scattered. I don’t know what means it has made the virtual pagoda in this huge state under the urging of people.
In this state, it is too difficult to refine the virtual pagoda. Only when it is in a normal state can Lingbao be sacrificed and refined by monks in Yuan infant period.
Previously, the jade slip also had a three-layer spiritual treasure tactic of the virtual pagoda, and it was ready to practice in the autumn.
Sitting cross-legged beside the stone stage, Qiu’s brain recalled three layers of Lingbao tactic one by one, and he tried to figure it out from his heart.
Three days passed by in a flash, and now it is enough for him to make the three-layer Lingbao tactic transparent when he deeply practices these in the later stage of the deification period.
At a certain moment, Qiu suddenly opened his eyes two times and passed away. Then Qiu bit the tip of his tongue and sprayed JingXie on the stone platform in front of him. His hands printed the tactic, and he kept making a formal sacrifice to refine the virtual pagoda.
There are three layers of Lingbao in Tongtian Lingbao. If you want to completely control the virtual pagoda, you need one layer and one layer to sacrifice it.
It took more than a month for the three-layer Lingbao tactic to sacrifice the virtual pagoda, even if it was powerful in autumn.
Make a list of tactics and hit the stone platform. Autumn figure moves on the stone platform and shines on it. After a flash of light, Autumn figure has disappeared.
In the depths of the East China Sea, near the gate of the virtual pagoda, the shape of autumn suddenly appeared in a slight fluctuation