I just left, so I was stared at by the self-protection so soon

Damn it. No, don’t.
He panicked and shouted, don’t let the door go. Do you hear me? Don’t let the car go. That’s a bad guy, not a good thing. Damn it.
Cann’t hide my nervousness
There’s no way to keep his wits about him. He ran frantically upstairs.
So urgent, so anxious
The fear that swept through my heart was
Never do anything.
The parking lot is really not a safe place, especially where is a single woman?
Gao Lang, Gao Lang, you are such an idiot.
Mu Xin doesn’t want a door or anything.
He’s going crazy. He hit a lot of people on the road and didn’t care if he was scolded by others.
However, just two or three minutes is as long as a century.
Mu Xin Mu Xin
When I rushed to the parking lot, I really saw a tall man beside the car in the dark shadow.
Muxin don’t come. He rushed to drag the man, but suddenly he was dazed.
Xu Shao left his hand with indifference. Why are you playing for self-protection?
Gao Lang gasped for air and suddenly smiled with anger.
It’s this bastard who almost gave him a heart attack.
Gao Lang vigorously dumped and seized Xu Shao’s clothes.
The warning gave him a look.
What’s Xu Daxing doing? People wonder if he’s looking at my broken car.
Xu Shao looked proudly at Gao Lang’s slender fingers and played them like dirty things. Just now, Gao Lang touched her skirt and sneered that the broken car didn’t look, but it was a beautiful car. Section 1489 Who is the goblin? 16
Xu Shao looked proudly at Gao Lang, sneering that the broken car didn’t look at the beauty of the car.
So say
Suddenly, Gao Lang suddenly punched Xu Shao’s forehead in the past.
Xu Shao made a rash move in consternation.
I almost lost my footing and took two steps back to stabilize myself.
He didn’t take precautions. After all, he thought they were all people.
Identity people generally don’t do it themselves. I didn’t expect Gao Lang to be so grumpy.
Gao Lang is extremely angry.
I was so afraid and worried about that phone call just now that I wanted my life in exchange for being able to come to her instantly, and I never experienced it.
Now he has lost one thing.
This woman has already occupied a very important position.
Although he doesn’t know when.
Or a few days ago or a month ago or earlier.
But it’s already very important, very important.
At this time, Xu Shao glared at them but didn’t lose his wits. One reason was that the car door was at this time. Shen Suer hurriedly came from the car to hold the car door, worried and watching them with fear. It was very unbearable to show weakness in their form.