Xia Qi casually made a cave in the hard rock next to him, then sealed the hole and brought the blood dragon directly to the front. He was ready to refine it immediately.
At this time, Xia Qi Zhenyuan was almost exhausted and planned to leave here to restore Zhenyuan before refining the blood dragon, but the essence of the blood dragon kept passing away, and Xia Qi had to refine the blood dragon first.
Four ignorance true fire surges out and wraps the blood dragon in it, and it will be refined immediately.
This blood dragon is bred by heaven and earth, which is very pure. Xia Qi needs to refine some grievances and so on, so that he can directly deify another point.
But it is not easy to finish refining.
After all, this blood dragon is bred by heaven and earth, and it is famous for being violent, bloodthirsty and resentful. It contains many smells, and it takes a lot of effort to refine it.
Fortunately, Xia Qi now understands that the four ignorance and true fire are raging. This place just suppresses the blood dragon, and the magma in the center of the earth is more convenient for Xia Qi refining.
For half an hour in the past, Xia Qi has been exhausted. This world breeds blood dragons. It was only after Xia Qi finished refining that a group of blood was brilliant red. Compared with it, there seems to be a tiny blood dragon shadow constantly roaming.
The blood dragon essence was refined by Xia Qi, and he did not hesitate to directly incorporate the blood dragon essence into the body, but he saw this mass of blood wandering in the body, and Xia Qi controlled the spine position behind Xia Qi.
This time, Xia Qi wants to deify Dazhui, a very important point.
It is very important that Dazhui point is located in the back spine, and this time it is just a blood dragon essence to deify Dazhui point.
Xia Qi, the apotheosis point, is already very familiar with the Baihui point and Yintang point in the temple. Every apotheosis point and apotheosis point will benefit Xia Qi and greatly increase his strength.
Xia Qi’s spine seems to explode. Generally, the whole spine is like a dragon at the Dazhui point at the top of the spine. The essence of the blood dragon suddenly sinks into Dazhui point at this opportunity.
Xia Qi ear as if to a loud noise and ache all over as if the spine is broken, but after the sharp pain, it is comfortable and refreshing, which makes Xia Qi feel Shu Tai all over!
At this time, there is a world in Dazhui point, and the world looks dark red, like blood dyed red, and a blood dragon swims in it very dexterously.
Xia Qi can feel this blood dragon as if it were connected by blood. It is definitely not just that a violent blood dragon is finished by his own mind.
"It’s a pity that I will display many visions in the acupoint orifices one after another, otherwise my strength will simply skyrocket." Xia Qi sighed lightly
After the apotheosis of acupoint orifices, it’s like a world, and there will be visions in this world, such as the fire lotus in Baihui acupoint and that * * day, etc., which are all powerful, but it’s a pity that Xia Qi’s method is now put into practice.
"These five elements of mind are very extraordinary. If you practice to deify 365 points behind you, it will be a great power!"
Now Xia Qi feels more and more powerless to the five elements of art. He can’t believe that if he deifies 365 points, then Xia Qi’s strength should be as tough as the earth.
"But for the time being, let’s not think about it in the future. Let’s collect the remaining half of Lingshi vein outside and then leave here."
After a little aftercare for a while, Xia Qi felt that it was too hot even in ice armor, and immediately wanted to collect the remaining lingshi from here.
I have collected half a lingshi vein. There are already a lot of lingshi in Xia Qi’s mystery and bag, but even so, Xia Qi doesn’t want to give up the remaining half lingshi vein Lingshi.
Crack heavenly sword in hand to pick LingShi again.
Open day order magic weapon crack heavenly sword in the hands of Xia Qi seems to have almost lost its power. Many times, fighting power is insufficient, but it is quite good to pick Lingshi at the moment.
A large piece of lingshi was collected by Xia Qi. Xia Qi was not too boring but quite excited.
However, this leisurely state did not last long before it was alarmed by a shocking roar.
Roaring like thunder, even in this cave full of magma, it is deafening and shocking, and the magma keeps rolling like waves, which is frightening.
"nian beast!"
Hear this roar Xia Qi is a facial expression in alarm.
This roar is exactly the same as that of the young beast that was beheaded in the valley before, which is more dignified than full of gas.
"No, I’m afraid it’s the parents of that young beast!"
Xia Qi face a change at once, no matter there are many hidden breath that have not been picked LingShi, and they leave quickly towards the party.
At this time, Xia Qi can’t consider whether there will be many sects monks waiting to leave here first, and it is most important not to encounter angry Nian Beasts.
Roaring and full of anger, Xia Qi dare not stop swimming quickly, and at the same time try to hide his breath and dare not leak it out for fear of attracting Nian beast.
However, Xia Qi underestimated the adult beast of the earth. Although Xia Qi used the stone embryo technique to hide his breath for only a moment, the young beast seemed to have discovered that Xia Qi’s general roar was getting closer and closer to Xia Qi’s shock, and the magma waves behind Xia Qi surged.
Chapter one hundred and thirty Crazy ideas
Chapter one hundred and thirty Crazy ideas