When they were about to step into the tenth hell, their feet suddenly shook violently as if there had been a magnitude 9 earthquake!

Nine heavy and sweet princess like a lake to hold each other glances "… they fight again! !”
Chapter one hundred and forty Giant Qing
Heavenly King Gonghe, the deliberation center of Heavenly King City in Holy Alliance Camp, is talking with six other players!
Each of these five players’ equipment is full of brilliance. At first glance, it is all high-grade goods, and the value of the first line is less than several hundred thousand! Look arrogant and arrogant, and everything looks condescending!
Heavenly King Gong smiled at the five-person arch. "Haha, I really want to thank you for coming to help me this time. I will deal with Fang Sheng and his hell-mad flowers together. I have thanked you for my sister here!"
One of these five people waved a hand and said, "Brother Huo, what are you talking about? Miss Shanshan asked us to come. That’s because we respect our only party. We will definitely let him die and regret entering this game!"
"hmm!" Tianwanggong nodded and his face was filled with a smile. "More than 50% of the people in Hell have been attacked by us, that is, 1.5 million people. I think Fang Sheng will soon be impatient and declare war on us! He has 3 million members in hellmania, but he is not easy to deal with. Do you have any good suggestions? !”
One of them laughed. "Hum, can’t you buy NPC soldiers from Jiumendufu after directly killing him with money?" We can directly flatten the misty city without blowing off dust by buying his 10 million NPC corps! "
"Ha ha, this is a simple and effective way!" Another man asked the king for justice. "But what does Miss Huo Xiong Shanshan mean? !”
The heavenly king is fair. "Oh, my sister means to continue to provoke the hell to spend money while waiting for Fang Sheng to declare war on our sacred alliance. We will lay heavy troops and defend the land for three days, and we will not win the war without fighting! However, I think this kind of play is really boring, which does not reflect our strength! If you want to do it, you should do it with great fanfare, flatten the ethereal city, kill Fang Sheng and his hell, and leave no one behind. Only in this way can I get rid of my hatred! !”
"My brother Bai Huo’s party is a sacred holiday, but I still think Miss Shanshan’s method is safer. Let’s do what Miss Shanshan wants!"
The man said a word and the other four nodded, "Yes, let’s do as Miss Shanshan says!"
The Heavenly King disagreed in his heart, but it was hard to say anything when he saw that all five people agreed. "… well, let’s do what my sister wants!"
The ground at the entrance to the tenth floor of hell suddenly shook violently like a magnitude 9 earthquake. Princess Jiu Chong and Xiang Xiang knew that it must be that three super strongmen, Lu Bu, Xiang Yu, the fierce god and the earth treasure king, were fighting again!
"Hey, hey … walk in and see the excitement ~!" Jiuchong stopped Princess Xiangxiang from stepping on the waist and breaking the virtual self into the entrance to the tenth floor of hell!
Sleep in the sight of the raven flash moment two people have appeared in the tenth floor of hell!
"Boomed … boomed! !” I haven’t come to observe the environment in the tenth floor of hell. It explodes like thunder in the dry land. First of all, I hear it! At the same time, I feel that the ground tremor is ten times stronger than that in the seventeenth floor of hell, and more than one hundred times more than the ground can’t stand people. As soon as they came in, they stumbled and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, the nine weights can be crushed, and the princess Xiang Xiang was quickly held off the ground and came to the middle school to stabilize her body!
Although hiding in the middle school is not so very safe, there are thick and fierce air billow coming head-on and blowing them into a virtual sway, but fortunately, they are much better than the ground!
While trying to keep their bodies steady, the two men looked at the environment of the tenth floor of hell and found that the environment of the seventeenth floor in front of the tenth floor of hell was very different. Here is actually a spar world. When you look around, there are colorful spars everywhere. There is no half of hell, but it adds a dreamy feeling!
This is really unexpected for two people!
And in the depths of the heavy spar, there is a crystal mountain. At this time, there are three giants fighting in a melee!
The giants are no longer in shape. They are huge. They are really giants!
One of these three colossal objects is a Buddha’s treasure, and its golden body is magnificent, and thousands of golden rays shine like the sun, as if to make the whole hell bright! A statue of golden body is as tall as a mountain!
If you don’t say this giant, you must mean the Tibetan king bodhisattva in "Hell will never swear to become a Buddha"!
In addition to the earth treasure king, there are two other giant * object-type earth treasure kings, which are equally matched and equally touching! These two behemoths, one black and one red, look fierce, crazy and evil, and kill the whole body in darkness. This behemoth is armed with a square super-large sky painting halberd to split Liuhe to sweep away the famine; And the other one with a crimson color is holding an extra-large overlord gun to split the mountains and tear the sky apart!
History has described these two men’s weapons. It is natural to know that the giant thing that made Fang Tian paint a halberd should be Lu Bu, the ghost, and the one that made the overlord gun must be Xiang Yu!
The two giants fought fiercely together to besiege the king of earth and treasure!
The three super strongmen were in full swing there, and every attack was torn apart, and every collision was destroyed. The scene was extremely huge and shocking. Princess Jiu Chong and Xiang Xiang also saw similar scenes in the TV play, but they didn’t think so at that time, but now they have seen their eyes straight and their hearts are shocked to an even greater extent!
Staring at the three giants fighting in the distance, Princess Xiang asked, "Holy … can you persuade this plane?"? !”
"It’s a nice day today … let’s go on a date!"
"Ah …? !”
"Yan Luowang have fun with me? How can this old man persuade me? !” Facing these three super fierce people is like ants facing elephants. For others, he is negligible. Can people notice that he is a problem? There is no room for him to intervene!
Princess Xiang Xiang said, "It seems that you volunteered to come to stop the fight and mediate, right? !”
"This … seems to be!"
"Then do you want to try to persuade? !”
"Er … don’t worry about it!"
So Jiuzhong hid in the distance with Princess Xiangxiang, watching this epic war!
In the distance, the three super strongmen in Jingshan fought fiercely with ghosts and gods, and Lu Bu and Xiang Yu, the fierce gods, launched a series of attacks on the earth treasure king, and the shadows of guns flooded the earth treasure king!
One enemy and two enemies face the ghosts and gods Lu Bu and the demon Xiang Yu’s monstrous offensive, and the Tibetan king Yiran is fearless. His expression flies from shaking a pair of Buddha’s palms as big as a canopy, and the wind and rain are impenetrable. Stop all the attacks!
After the round of onslaught of the ghosts and gods Lu Bu and the evil spirit Xiang Yu ended, it was the turn of the earth treasure king to dance back and dance all over the sky, overwhelming the ghosts and gods Lu Bu and the evil spirit Xiang Yu!
The two men broke down, blocked, sealed and framed, and tried their best to solve the attack of the King of Earth-treasure. But the King of Earth-treasure just solved the two attacks. Compared with the ghosts and gods Lu Bu and Xiang Yu, it is obviously not as embarrassing as the King of Earth-treasure to block from left to right!
However, in the end, it was quite enough to stop the king of earth and treasure from a round of onslaught, and then show a counterattack and counterattack the king of earth and treasure!
It’s a great pleasure for both sides to play with each other!
Looking at the three strongmen fighting Xiangxiang Princess Rou asked, "Holy, which side do you think they win more?" !” Through these days, Jiuzhong gets along with others. Princess Xiangxiang has long seen that Jiuzhong is a master of Gu Wu in reality!
Jiuzhong said, "This ghost Lu Bu and the evil god Xiang Yu are worse than the King of Earth Treasure after all. If there is no accident, the final victory will definitely be the King of Earth Treasure!"
"That how long will it take them to play the tie? !”
Nine heavy shook his head. "This is unclear! If it is a real battle, it will be won or lost within half an hour, but here is the game. Who knows how the orthodoxy is set or random? Didn’t you listen to Yan Luowang? The three of them have been fighting here for more than a hundred years. Maybe they will keep fighting like this! "
"Then what shall we do? Should we wait for them to decide? !”
"This …!" Jiuzhong thought for a moment and said, "Let’s wait. Since I can receive this concealment, it means that their battle should not last forever. There must be a result!"
"Well, I’ll wait!" Princess Xiang Xiang feels nine times holding her posture and twisting her body uncomfortable!
Just now, two people were too busy watching the Big Three’s epic war. I didn’t notice that Princess Xiang twisted her body, and they suddenly realized that they were so ambiguous at this time!
"Cough …!" The two men looked at each other awkwardly, but it’s okay that Jiuzhong’s face is thicker than the wall, and there is no response. Princess Xiangxiang’s face is as red as a bright red apple, and people can’t help but have an impulse to bite!
Nine heavy some gawk at arms shy beauty can’t help but heart beat faster! Princess Xiangxiang stepped on the instep of nine heavy feet and was held in her arms by nine heavy bodies. Princess Xiangxiang could feel the nine heavy acceleration and her heart beat faster.
"… you are so beautiful!" Nine heavy loving looking at her arms Xiang Xiang princess heartfelt shout
"… and then? !” Xiang Xiang princess asked, with her head down, not daring to look at her eyes with nine eyes, almost invisible.
Chapter one hundred and forty-nine Pull the slant frame
"Er … I already have a girlfriend!"