"I’m coming back now to pay you!" Get back to business "How is the money ready? !”

Butterfly love hua charming smile "say how much do you need? !”
"Let’s have one billion and one hundred million first!"
"You are really dark enough!" Although Ximen is constantly complaining, she still doesn’t hesitate to fall in love with Butterfly hua. Everyone quickly crossed over a billion gold coins to Jiuchong.
Butterfly loves hua, not to mention that she is a super rich woman. A billion dollars is nothing to her. While Ximen’s blood is soaring, he really can’t take out one billion gold coins at a time before the war. After all, although he has some background in reality, he is not as rich as Butterfly Love hua, and it seems that he takes out one billion and one hundred million to play with.
However, after a period of national war, especially after the crusade against the Philippines, Ximen’s pockets suddenly swelled. In the process of invading the Philippines, the plunder income was added, and the profits from the operation of various mineral resources and materials were beyond imagination, which was enough for him to pay for the current war funds.
Although war burns money, it can also make huge profits and make money at the same time, which is why players are so crazy in reality and games. I have to admit that war is indeed a shortcut to get rich
"Wait a minute!" Jiuzhong Lao you’re welcome to accept the huge sum of money that they gave him, and they moved directly to the Lingxiao Hall of Heaven again to meet yu Emperor.
"Buddha money with you? !” See nine heavy back yu emperor grinning that expression let nine heavy looked very uncomfortable, this yindanglang laugh points not rush to him but rush to his pocket money.
"Of course!" Nine nodded "before it’s too late, then let’s hurry up and get the menu!" "
As soon as yu Di’s big sleeve was thrown, a mountain soldier respectfully presented the menu to Jiuchong.
Playing the menu in heaven, all kinds of arms in heaven are dazzling. While browsing the menu, I pay attention to the price. "Tut tut … it’s so fucking expensive!"
Having said that, it’s not surprising. After all, the level of arms produced in heaven is not the same as that of the unified arms purchase department and the nine-men prefect office. It’s understandable that the price of arms sold by men in the basic arms purchase department is on the high side.
Because most players in Huaxia are in Japan this time, players in Japan are building an absolute line of defense, and they have no intention of making np arms crash with them, which is too expensive and unnecessary.
This time, Jiuzhong doesn’t need to compare with the Japanese area to buy too many np arms. It needs to buy some jing soldiers, so the players in Huaxia area can make up for the shortage of troops. This is not only to save money and combat effectiveness, but also to be sure that it will not be worse than the Japanese area
After all, hundreds of millions of np troops buy too many advanced arms, which is too expensive. Japanese players may not be able to afford it even if they have more money. Therefore, although they claim to be hundreds of millions of np soldiers this time, they are actually just paper tigers with cheap goods.
All the arms produced in heaven have been screened, and finally nine arms with outstanding comprehensive ability have been selected, and some of them have been bought. The number of np soldiers has been set at 20 million, which just gives him a total of two billion gold coins, hua, and puts them in.
The total price of 20 million soldiers is about 2 billion, and one soldier is 100 gold coins, which is already a very high price if yu Emperor gave a nine-fold and 50% discount.
In the world, even if a fairly advanced unit, that is, dozens of gold coins, is dead, there are rarely hundreds of gold coins, unless the level exceeds 90 top units.
"Ten million …!" After Jiuzhong chose to buy arms and determined the purchase quantity, Emperor yu looked at the list of Jiuzhong’s soldiers. "Why are there so few? Didn’t you say you had to buy less than 100 million? !”
"I wanted to buy more, but who would have thought that all the arms in the heaven were 50% off and you were still so expensive!" Nine pie pie way "can buy these first! Don’t look at this little soldier, 2 billion! Your uncle is simply robbing money! !”
"Two billion! Hmm ~! " Hearing this number, Emperor yu was quite satisfied and nodded. "This number is still good!"
Although it’s not my own money, the book is missing 2.9 billion in an instant, and the center of gravity still can’t help but drop blood.
"all right, that’s it. I’ll come back at any time if I need it again!" Nine heavy clutching a drop of blood heart with two billion for more than a dozen magic army card turned and left the hall of dedicated.
"Tianzun is always welcome to come again!" Later, yu Di’s melodious and friendly voice came.
"Shit …!" Jiu Chong spat out a sentence and moved directly back to the ethereal imperial palace during the golden period.
"Come back!" See nine heavy back butterfly love hua smiling way "np soldiers bought it? !”
"Of course!" Jiuchong fished out more than a dozen magic army cards and divided them into three equal parts.
Before the purchase, Jiuzhong specially divided several arms into three magic army cards to facilitate the distribution now.
"How can you have such a little strength?" West men soaring blood look at the hands of only three million troops, "this is enough to do? !”
"Be content. Heaven is so expensive. It’s good to buy so many things!" Jiuchong said, "I haven’t bought the top arms yet. If I buy the top arms, I can’t reach 10 million troops now!"
"But how can we compete with the Japanese area of over 100 million np troops with such a few troops? !” West men soaring blood suspicion asked.
"Don’t we still have players? That’s what I’m going to do next!" With that, the payment of 500 gold coins by Datong Channel made an announcement to players in the whole Huaxia area, begging for sharing.
Chapter six hundred and thirty-seven One hundred and thirty-seven.
"The fact that the Holy Alliance, All Saints Alliance and Hongwu Alliance are invading the Japanese area must be known to everyone. Now the Japanese area has stopped the invasion of the three major alliance forces and bought np soldiers crazily to build an absolute defense line on our way forward. We have bought some np arms with the three major alliances, but it is not enough. I need some people to report to the central square of the ethereal city!"
Jiuzhong told the truth in the announcement and didn’t hide it.
In fact, players in Huaxia District are generally lazy, or more seriously, they are more lazy. If it is a general situation, there will definitely be a lot of people who are willing to participate in it, but there are very few.
But that’s what the score is, just like the attack on the Japanese area now, the players have shown unusual enthusiasm, which is definitely a response from the players in the whole Huaxia area in one word
Less than ten minutes after the announcement was made, the central square of the misty city was once again full of people, and the excitement was higher than that of the former holy alliance combat troops at this time, but of course, the army said otherwise
After the announcement, Jiuzhong, Die Lian Hua and Simon Biao Xue left the Imperial Palace and went to the central square to wait.
"That’s about it!" Nine eyes swept through the crowd in the square, roughly estimated the number of people’s heads, and felt that it was almost the same. I said a sentence with recent flowers and Simon, and then waved to the players in the square to signal silence.
Jiuzhong’s prestige in Huaxia District is definitely not to change others, but it’s not easy to shout through the horn, but Jiuzhong is posing, and the original noisy crowd in the square suddenly becomes quiet.
"I won’t say more nonsense. I emphasize one point!" Nine index fingers than the way, "I know that everyone hates those kids in the Japanese area, and they can’t wait to cut them to pieces!" But you don’t need to fight each other this time. You’re not cannon fodder, but we have to contain each other’s important forces. You just need to stall each other’s np troops! How to fight? When you get to the place, someone will give you guidance. When you get to the front, you must listen to the instructions and don’t do it yourself. Doing so will not only disrupt the war situation, but also waste your life! Are they all white? !”
"white! !”
"Very good!" Jiuzhong said with a snap of his fingers, calling out the virtual door to let the player department of the square temporarily enter it.
It’s another hour to gather a large number of players in the square, and just ahead, when these people are stationed, the square is already full of people, and they all come later.
At first glance, the number of people is almost the same. Although the square is still crowded with people, Jiuzhong still decisively closed the virtual door.
"Holy leader, what shall we do? ! We also want to go to the bloodbath area and rape and plunder Tokyo! !” See nine closed virtual door no longer accept players square players can’t help but ask a way.
"Rest assured that this event is absolutely everyone can’t run you! However! " Jiuchong changed his words and said, "Although this area is tiny, it is not so fast to call in a day or two. We should be prepared for long-term fighting! In this case, naturally, we can’t all go at once. We must leave some people on standby and wait for the first batch of battlefield people to get tired. Then you can change, so that when the shaft turns long, we can maintain our super-strong strike force and let the kids have no breathing space! Even if they can’t be killed in a short time, they are dead tired. * * *! What do you say? !”
"Well, then we’ll wait for the shift!" Early and late, players are so-called as long as they can.
"Well, then you should break up and rest now!" Jiuchongchong Square gathers players and waves "Wait for my call at any time!"
"Follow the orders of the sacred leader!" The players gathered in the square dispersed in succession.
"Many people are good!" Looking at the square to disperse the players, Simon Biao blood beside Jiuchong could not help but sigh.
"So the two together should be enough to compete with Japanese np forces? !” Nine heavy turn walked over to ask Simon soaring blood.
"Ha ha!" Simon smirked. "More than enough! More than enough!"
"Then it’s time for us to return to the front!" Jiuchong said a sentence: roll up Simon’s blood and send the ring directly, and the fixed-point delivery function was moved to the Japanese area.
When the three returned to the Japanese zone, there was no horse to arrange it, because there was still a long way to go before the players in the Japanese zone built that absolute line of defense. They needed to continue to push the map forward before they could be deployed for the battle.
In Japan, I also want to pull up the absolute defense line under the noses of the three major leagues, but I find that this is somewhat unrealistic. First, the offensive and propulsion firepower of the three major leagues is too strong, and they may have been crushed into slag before they can pull up the defense line; In addition, because of the terrain, some players’ cities are located in relatively two places, the most typical of which is to build the cities in the vast expanse and the Ma Pingchuan Plain, so that players’ cities can’t keep the meeting for nothing.
Weighing the pros and cons, do Japanese players make overall arrangements at the Great God’s Club or choose to retreat strategically for a certain distance and then pull up the absolute defense line?
Although the Japanese player established an absolute defense line in a relatively land place, it does not mean that the Japanese player city gave up resistance outside the absolute defense line or made a rather tenacious resistance.
However, this kind of resistance is not a dead end, but a posterior wave of resistance can cause as much consumption to the three major alliance forces as it can, and it can be delayed as long as it can. Finally, if it is really unbearable, it will decisively start the resurrection point, preset the destruction device, destroy the resurrection point and other cities, and do not give the three major alliance forces a chance to be wiped out.
For this reason, it takes some effort for the three major leagues to move quickly to reach the Japanese area before players can build an absolute defense line.