There is a terrible sense of destruction that pervades the whole world in an instant.

The dark cocoon suddenly swelled up, and the lines were like blood. I never knew where it was, and it was covered with the whole cocoon in an instant.
At that moment, the whole cocoon was like an egg about to crack.
No one knows what will come out of it.
The wind is still blowing.
The fortress fight is still going on. Galen gasped and waved a big sword again to cut a head. Olaf, not to be outdone, also cut a head. Ash shot a barbarian king knife
Fort svin suddenly waved his hand.
Exhausted black armor warrior they nest
No one knows. No one knows what terrible things are waiting for them at a moment.
A moment …
"Kara-"a slight fracture rang in the windy high school.
The dark cocoon cracked a crack.
There was a strong flame as dark as darkness, and a little bit emerged from those cracks.
A little flame fell.
At the moment when a little flame falls, it seems to be completely composed of frost, even the blood is frost, and the arm stretches out from the darkness without warning towards that dark cocoon.
It’s like picking a ripe fruit
That skill is faster than that, and it is almost a yard before the cocoon in the blink of an eye.
You don’t need to calculate the root, even if you don’t breathe for half a breath, you can easily pick that fruit with one hand
At this moment, General burnham has been standing in the sky like a sculpture.
Move the same milli sign a breath appeared in front of the hand.
He still leans on his sword and hangs his head. The snow on his shoulders is still there.
It’s like standing there forever and never moving.
The hand banged against the scabbard of General shuriken of burnham.
No light is emitted
No heat is emitted.
Nothing else.
It’s a cross score
"Jean" Lissandra withdrew her frosty arm and looked at General burnham with a sword. His words were as cold as her body.
"What do you want?" General burnham remained motionless and his words were calm.
The cocoon behind him cracked again, and it was not far away when it broke.
"I said let" Lissandra held the girl who was still sleeping and the bright frost floated.
"Tell me what you want." General burnham was not frightened by the gradually devouring frost, and darkness floated around him at the same time.
More pure darkness than those behind him.
Breaking the shell is louder and hatching in a moment.
"burnham, I don’t have anything now and you are different." Lissandra suddenly withdrew those surging frost and looked at burnham and said so calmly.
Although she didn’t finish, the meaning of this sentence was obvious.
She has nothing to finish, and General burnham, you have everything. Are you willing to give it up?
Is it worth it?
"Just because I have everything, I won’t give you something, you can’t take it." General burnham still said calmly.
But calmly like the truth of this world.
If the shell is broken, some things are fleeting.
"You won’t let me?"
"I won’t let"
The stroke whistling in the sky is absolutely dark and absolutely frosty.
The scene was silent for a moment.
The silence lasted for a moment
a moment
"burnham-"Lissandra suddenly LiXiao up.
As she LiXiao exhausted the frost in a moment, the darkness flooded toward burnham and that moment.
And at this moment—
The fire is too dark to be continued
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Page 210 can stop fate
"Kara-"I don’t know what the crackling sound broke some kind of night silence.
Exhausted plain full moon
Four people stopped running like a wind horse.
"why?" Ritz looked at Suo Laka who ran at the end.
The sound just came out of her body.
Suo Laka didn’t answer, but looked at the palm of his hand. A piece of purple crystal that had broken into powder was stupefied.
"What’s that?" Ritz asked him if he could feel that Suo Laka’s mood was slipping towards the limit.
Suo Laka still didn’t answer. She still looked at the pile of crushed crystals in her hand, and the palm of her hand showed unnatural tremor.
"I think we’d better hurry," Hudson interrupted this inexplicable stagnation. He glanced at the north and said in a low voice, "I felt it just now …"
"A terrible smell" Piero took his words and looked at the north in the dark. "We must go or else …"