Instead of retreating, Chen Senran pushed into the palm of his hand and made a move to throw it out. At this time, he didn’t see clearly that it was a long mantis creature, but its claws were as ferocious as a tomahawk. Even if all his strength was exhausted, its blood-red eyes were still full of violence.

"It’s so ugly …" Little Annie also poked her head out to look at the creature and quickly shrank back.
Chen Senran then safely approached the creature with one hand holding the creature’s ferocious claws and lifting it up. This fierce creature here also tried to attack Chen Senran with a disgusting green liquid splashing his fangs.
"Alien creatures ….." Chen Senran felt that this guy was very much like an alien in a world and a movie.
"Kazik … wants to eat you …" The creature struggled for a long time and made a hoarse and ugly sound angrily.
Chen Senran played with great interest. This self-proclaimed Kazak alien green skin suddenly made a drumming sound, which was obviously a rather hard shell.
"Tut tut … girl, how about catching this thing and giving it to you as a pet?" Chen Senran wowed and teased the little girl.
"No, I don’t want it. Bos is much cuter than it is …" Little Annie frowned and her nose refused.
"Kazik … wants to … eat … you know creatures …" Mr. Alien, who is going to be treated as a pet, made a strong threat.
Snow and snow all over the sky, one big and one small, plus an alien creature disappeared into the pale earth.
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Page 27 Catch a big fish with a long line
"The great Kazik will eat all of you one day." After repeating his determination to eat these hateful and despicable human beings, the great Kazik wolfed down the raw meat that was fed into the cage.
After this amazing alien creature was brought back, it was directly put into a cell made of magical metal, and the cell was covered with thunder. If you try to escape near the edge, it will be completely destroyed.
Our great Mr. Kazik finally settled down after being hit four times and the dark green shell turned black.
From the outside, it seems miserable, but Chen Senran can tell from its smooth breathing that it has suffered a little flesh wound.
Terrible anti-beating ability and resilience Chen Senran thought like this, and picked up a piece of raw meat in his hand and played with it for a while to tempt Kazik to cross his mouth.
"Where are you from?"
Kazik’s scarlet eyes rolled to reveal a sly-looking expression and said, "Give me the meat first."
Chen Senran tore his hands and threw half a piece in, leaving the other half in his hand to continue playing.
Kazik picked up the half piece of meat like a mad dog and swallowed it instantly like he hadn’t eaten for a hundred years. Looking at Chen Senran’s remaining half meat, he hesitated for a long time. After all, he couldn’t stop the hunger and muttered a despicable human. "I come from a virtual and great virtual race. You can call me … What a wonderful name for the virtual predator, Mr. Kazik."
Chen Senran threw the remaining piece of meat in no matter where the alien amused himself. "How did you come here and what are you doing here?"
Kazik glanced at the seemingly inexhaustible iron drum beside Chen Senran, proudly saying, "Of course, it was through my great divine power that I forcibly tore the emptiness. Why did I come here? Of course, I ate up your weak creatures and evolved to a higher class for a higher class." Kazik said and amused himself. Even the scarlet eyes that had been staring at the iron drum were removed.
Chen Senran didn’t interrupt Kazik, but he carefully observed the whole body change of Kazik.
The original charred skin has recovered a little, and it can be seen from the naked eye that its carapace is slightly stronger.
Chen Senran’s pupil is miniature. I didn’t expect it to be about the same as I expected. This guy and his distant relative alien have similar abilities and terrible evolutionary abilities.
Just a few pieces of desert lizard meat make its carapace a little stronger. If it eats more powerful lizard elders and other creatures, isn’t this guy going against the sky?
Chen Senran quietly withdrew from the cell and didn’t care about Kazak’s eager eyes.
There was a faint oil lamp in the dark cell, and the pungent smell of lizard oil made Chen Senran a little allergic. He couldn’t help sneezing.
Hastali looked at Chen Senran’s various temptations outside his cell. "Is there a conclusion?"
"Terrible resilience, anti-strike ability, the most important thing is strong adaptability and terror evolution ability. It is evolving almost every second of magic." Chen Senran obviously appreciated the meaning of giving Hasta the test to himself. hasta still had doubts about Chen Senran’s murder before. He did not make a biased conclusion but said something objective.
"How sure do you think it is?" Hasta threw out the second question.
"If there are mature control methods, the chances are very high," Chen Senran later added, "Because it seems not very good here." He then pointed to his head.
Hasta took a look at Chen Senran and said after a while, "Don’t blame me for being suspicious. I want to make sure that I am going to trust my daughter enough."
Chen Senran nodded his head. He believed hasta’s half-truths
"But I suggest that no matter whether we can control it or not, we should clean it up in a short time and at least not stay in the gray order." Chen Senran said in a scared tone. "You know how smart the mad dogs in the parliament are. Now the gray order can’t get the second Anne in exchange for the forgiveness of the parliamentary bosses."