I changed my voice and wrote "twice …"

Immediately, Wang Rui stared at me and said, "Our team has played so many games twice, and it has lost three times in total, including you. The reason why our team lost this time is that many of our games were tied with the opposite side. Even if we lost the first one, the second one often won through effective tactical changes and targeting, but this time, your AD core tactics were abused by the opposite side, and many sponsors wanted to cancel the contract. Can you tell me that our team lost its ranking position and lost fans again?"
I sighed and said, "I don’t know if I can afford it, but I am willing to bear it."
Wang Rui also got up and said, "Ok! Then you don’t need to stay at the headquarters from today. Go back and fuck off. "
Wang Rui spoke without mercy, and I was furious, but I couldn’t refute a word.
"Well, I’m leaving today," I said calmly.
Feng Shanze and Zhong Yi gave me a look at this time, with complicated eyes.
And I have a glimpse of Tang Honghao and Li Dong in the corner of my eye, and my face is lit up and I can’t say how relaxed I am.
I saved my fist tightly and my heart was wronged to the extreme.
At the end of the meeting, it was like a critical meeting. No one was lucky, but the worst one was me, and I was directly eliminated.
I walked out of the meeting room with an expression on my face, but my mind was as clear as a mirror. One day I will come back.
But I will definitely not come back as a player.
After the Myh team finished fighting, they mocked me, and then Zhong Yi’s unknown attitude gave me a double blow, which was the heaviest blow I’ve ever suffered in my life.
I don’t want to think about anything now.
What girlfriend?
Make money?
I don’t even think about it. I want to strengthen my ability to a position I love in AD, a peak, and the whole professional circle is invincible.
"Brother Wang Tong"
Suddenly someone patted me on the shoulder.
I turned my head and it was Dong Hai YG home team AD.
"Brother Wang Tong, can you let me talk to you sometimes?" Dong Hai said seriously
For this Dong Hai, my impression of him is that he is very kind, cheerful and unpretentious. After their competition, he also saw that Li Dong and Tang Honghao were actors and gave them a cynical speech, showing that they were not the same.
I nodded and said, "What? It’s time to have more idle people now, but what does Brother Hai have to say to me?"
Dong Hai looked behind him and then said, "Go to my room and say."
I nodded and took the ladder to accompany him into the room.
Dong Haijin immediately poured me a glass of juice and said, "Are the Wang Tong brothers thirsty? Drink a glass of juice first to reduce the fire. "
After thanking him, I took the glass of juice and drank it slowly.
"Brother Wang Tong, I can feel the depression in your heart now" Dong Hai wry smile way.
"oh? What did Brother Hai bring me here today to say to me? " I asked flatly
Dong Hai said, "I think you look wrong and want to comfort you."
I laughed frankly. "Haha, well, there is no man who can’t stand a little setback. What kind of man is that?"
Dong Hai looked appreciative and said, "Yes, from the first day I saw you, I knew that your appetite for me was different from that of other players. Those players lost a few games, but there were not many people like Wang Tong."
I laughed. "Don’t look up to me so much. Maybe I’ll cry with my pillow when I get home."
Dong Haixiao shook his head and then said, "Brother Wang Tong, do you know how I climbed to the starting AD position of this home team?"
Why did Dong Hai suddenly tell me this?
I shook my head and said, "I don’t know if I want to hear more."
Dong Hai lit a cigarette and said, "At that time, I was also a member of S3 in S3 season. At that time, I was discovered in YG youth training team because of my good AD skills. Because of my good performance, I was transferred to Headquarters Team 3 to play AD, and then I changed from here."
I asked curiously, "Oh? What change? "
Dong Hai frowned and took a drag on his cigarette and said, "When I was in the third team, I wanted to have strength, but all the scum in those professional teams would try their best to step on you and make you have no chance to climb. After several times of suppression, I finally realized that since they wanted to play, I would play with them, so I also conspired with them to make a trip to the present position."
I didn’t expect Hai Ge’s experience to be quite rich. Indeed, which professional player really made it through strength?
Dong Hai said, "When I first played with you, I saw that your team, Li Dong and Tang Honghao, were playing you in my heart. You were very aggrieved. Frankly speaking, your skills are already very good. There is nothing to say about the details of the line. The disadvantage is that you don’t have enough experience in the professional arena. Many routines are not white, but these things should be practiced diligently. You must be a rising star in Ran Ran in the AD professional circle. I can see all these."
I looked at Dong Hai Dong Hai and seemed to realize something. Then I smiled wryly. "I didn’t come here to tell you that these people are selfish. If you weren’t excluded, my starting position would be a great threat. But I was going to take you as an opponent and make a good effort to see who is qualified for this starting position. Now that you are like this … I am also sorry and treat you as a friend."
I said from my heart, "Thank you, Brother Hai! You are a real strength AD! "
Dong Hai laughed and then said, "What’s the power? Now there is still disharmony in the home team. Do you know the auxiliary and single in our team? "
I thought about it in my mind. At that time, after I finished playing against the home team in the reserve team, the auxiliary team and the single team were always encouraging us as good people. I was somewhat impressed.
Dong Hai’s eyes were deep, but he didn’t know where he was. He said, "The home team’s auxiliary team is in collusion with your substitute team. Your team will play wild, and you will let you or another player enter the home team, and then they will take the place of the home team by themselves. Now everyone in the wild position is in cahoots. Don’t be shameless."
Chapter 266 Hang up across the street.
I bowed my head and was silent. Dong Hai seemed to realize something, patted me on the shoulder and said, "Today, I felt a lot. Brother Wang Tong hoped that you wouldn’t mind and that talking would help you a little. It’s also a mystery why you suddenly went to the home court from a substitute. I don’t understand why you were arranged by the head to play a game instead of me and then inexplicably removed …"
I looked up and smiled. "Actually, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m lucky, but I didn’t seize the opportunity of turning the tables. I have nothing to say."
Dong Hai said, "Stop it, brother Wang Tong. Go back and practice hard this time. I hope you can come back one day. I want to compete with you again."