"More?" Wei Zhi asked.

Xiaoqi shook his head "no"
Wei Zhi, um, wiped Xiaoqi’s mouth with a tissue, and Xiaoqi quickly took over her own wiping and feeding. Given that it is inconvenient to hang water with your hands, it is unreasonable to let others do this little thing.
"Thank you yesterday …"
Xiaoqi hangs his eyes. Sometimes he really doesn’t know how to communicate with Wei Zhi. Wei Zhi either doesn’t talk or his words are short and he can’t pick up after saying a sentence.
Mom, how can an egg look like this? Xiaoqi, a wooden man, doesn’t even know himself.
After a silence, Wei Zhi took an apple from the table and peeled it.
Wei Zhi?’ Xiaoqi gently calls for fear that the quiet environment will scare the person who is holding the knife.
Chapter 12 buying a house and enclosure!
Wei Zhi looked up and moved in his hand but did not stop.
"Didn’t you say something happened at home yesterday?" If Xiaoqi remembers correctly, Wei Zhi said he wouldn’t come back to the dormitory late if he had something at home.
After a deep look at Wei Zhi, it took him a long time to "hmm" and then he bowed his head and continued to peel his apples
See, it’s cold again
Some people say that when netizens meet and die in Wei Zhi, they just talk and die. No wonder they don’t look like Lan Chen, but women’s fate is not one in ten thousand.
Xiaoqi took a few bites of apples peeled from Wei Zhi, and she didn’t have any appetite, so she stopped eating them.
At this time, it happened that the salt water was about to be hung up. Xiaoqi didn’t like to stay in the hospital. He wanted to go back to school while it was dark, but he was strangled by the nurse who came to pull out the needle without thinking.
"When hanging water for the second time, take a temperature measurement every two hours later, pay attention to the wound and drink more water."
Xiao qi’s face suddenly shriveled. He really doesn’t like sleeping in the hospital.
Wei Zhi seemed to see that Xiao Qi was depressed and said "I am with you" as soon as the nurse left.
Xiaoqinai can nod.
Wei Zhi sat aside and poured out a few walnuts from the bag brought by Chen Hua. He took them out and put them aside lightly.
Xiao Qi looked at Wei Zhi with a slant head and felt a warm feeling when he was familiar with it.
Xiaoqi doesn’t know much about Wei Zhi, but every time he has an accident, he can see that Wei Zhi has a habitual dependence.
Habit is really a terrible thing. Once you form a habit and change it, you won’t know how dependent you are on weekdays.
I don’t know when this feeling began, and it’s not so rare in retrospect. For example, Wei Zhi and Xiaoqi naturally know how much they lack in this subject every time they have an anatomical experiment class. Every time they have an anatomical class, he is always habitually with Wei Zhi, while Wei Zheng is very careful to give Xiaoqi a slow-motion analysis.
Xiaoqiyi once listened to the teachers chatting and said that Wei Zhi’s surgical operation ability was not as good as that of a professional surgeon, but Xiaoqi learned from Wei Tong that his brother had started to learn basic anatomy when he was as old as him.
Medicine is like eating and drinking water for Wei Zhi, whether it is medicine or surgery, gynecology and children’s department or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular department is no stranger to him.
Wei Zhi’s enlightenment cognition is that he got a newborn gift on the day he was born as a medical student, that is, a scalpel and all kinds of rare medicines. Everyone says that this is because he is in a medical family. Who is lucky? Has he thought about whether he is lucky or sad to be arranged in this way?
On that day, the child also took Xiaoqi to visit the personal laboratory in Wei Zhi. The child said that this laboratory is his thing now, and the child proudly showed Xiaoqi the experimental record before Wei Zheng, that is, a muscle tissue was stripped to leave a nerve and blood vessel rabbit.
Xiaoqi opened his mouth on the spot. Later, the child showed Xiaoqi the contrast in Wei Zhi’s laboratory. Xiaoqi realized that the anatomy experiment class in the school is simply killing the chicken for Wei Zhi.
Xiaoqi slept too long during the day, and now she is not sleepy at all. So they are silent, and the atmosphere is hard to say. The wound behind her is beginning to ache again.
Finally, Xiaoqi first broke the deadlock and led the topic to the child.
Sure enough, when talking about children, Wei Zhi’s unchanging face softened, and many Wei Zhi ate nuts with walnut Xiaoqi, but also had a good talk.
Xiaoqi is also the first time to talk to Wei Zhi so much without ice.
While chatting with Xiaoqi, I asked him about the fight in the bar that day. Although I didn’t hear clearly what the reason was, Xiaoqi could always tell the cause from the words of the group.
It wasn’t Wei Zhi who offended one of them, which led to the man being sent somewhere, and then he got a bunch of brothers and called a bunch of people to clean up Wei Zhi.
Wei Zhi hesitated for a long time or spoke, but just refused.
"It’s nothing personal. I’m sorry I got you into trouble."
Xiao qiyi choked and replied "nothing"
It seems that friendship has not arrived. He is abrupt!
Xiaoqi’s hand was injured and it was inconvenient to grab things with bandages. Later, Wei Zhi put walnut meat in Xiaoqi’s mouth and fed Xiaoqi like a hamster full of food.
"I’m sorry to trouble you," Wei Zhi said suddenly.
Xiao Qi Zheng knew that Wei Zhi misunderstood the cause of his injury and quickly chewed off a mouthful of walnuts. "It’s not … I did it myself." It’s none of your business.
Wei Zhi didn’t speak. Obviously, Xiaoqi was shirking, and Xiaoqi didn’t want to continue to discuss the source of the injury. After that, they hardly talked again.
Everyone doesn’t want to tell secrets and they haven’t reached the time to be honest with each other.
In a blink of an eye, the school will have a winter vacation, and in this period Xiaoqi bought a large suite in the East District.
The design of the three-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment is not good. From a forward-looking point of view, it is really substandard. The reason why Xiaoqi chose to stay here is that this is the most prosperous area in this area after about three years.
This suite used to be a family of three. Later, when the family developed their business, they rented out the house when they went abroad. Now the family has settled abroad and there are no elderly people at home. They just want to sell this suite.
Xiaoqi saw the news on the internet just as the man was returning to China for business, so Xiaoqi came to see the house.
The owner’s surname is Deng, an uncle in his fifties, and he looks very kind. Xiaoqi said that his elderly parents bought this apartment and will live with their parents in the future after marriage. The old house has been sold, but they really can’t afford a lot of good houses before they come to this remote place to find housing.
When the homeowner saw that Xiaoqi was still a child and a medical student at B University, he suddenly became more kind to this filial and independent child. His own child was several years older than him, but he knew all the time that eating, drinking, and playing was not a good job. Compared with this child, he knew that he was diligent and good at getting into the homeowner at an early age, which was even more commendable.
I want to consider that my room is the most unloved first floor, and the public security in this area has been in a mess in the past two years. There are not a few people who have moved. He is not bad at business, and he really likes this kid’s price, which is almost half for sale and half for Xiaoqi.
Xiaoqi didn’t expect that she could get Xiaoqi at such a preferential price, and she wanted to ask the homeowner to help bridge the gap and get the land on the periphery of the first floor. If it could be bridged by the original owner, it would be terrible.
After thinking about it, Xiaoqi said, "Uncle Deng, can you please do me a favor?"
Chapter 13 Decorate your new home!
"What do you say?" Mr. Deng is also frank